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At one time wire free bras were primarily the territory of teen, sports and maternity bras, but that has changed and now wireless bras (also called soft cup bras) are available to women who seek comfortable bras for a variety of reasons. Today’s bras without underwire can offer as much support as wired bras, are fashionable and serve many purposes. If you have struggled to find a bra that feels comfortable, a wire free bra may be a good place to start, as some women never become comfortable wearing an underwire and need a softer solution. Wire free bras are also manufactured in a large number of sizes, so this section isn’t just for small cups. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the wire free bras that we currently stock at Hourglass Angel.

If you’re an average wearer looking to add a wire free or soft cup bra to your lingerie drawer, a great place to start is the Ahh Divine Underwire Leisure Bra By Rhonda Shear 9299. This garment gets its support from a dense knit bottom band. Another great wire free bra for nursing moms is the Brilliant Blue Maternity & Nursing Bra By You! Lingerie 1000 1B.The Second Skin Laser Bra is a stylish wire free bra that offers a lot of support and a little extra coverage.