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For Bras

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For Bras

The perfect bra is just a couple of small adjustments away. Unless you have a personal fashion consultant and tailor, you may have difficulty finding a bra that fits your unique figure just right. If you are constantly adjusting your bras, fidgeting with the straps, or rubbing your sore shoulders, even with bras in your size, you may need a little help from a bra accessory. The items in this section are small, but they provide big help when it comes to customizing your bras.

If you suffer from the common problem of your favorite bras digging into your shoulders, you need strap cushions. It's a simple solution that will open up a world of relief when it comes to the bras that can work for you. If you are having trouble with the fit of the band or the straps, we carry strap and band extenders so you can have a flawless custom fit. So don't throw out those bras that don't fit quite right – you might be able to use them more than you think.