The Best Plus Size Shapewear of 2018

Posted by by hourglass angel on Feb 13th 2018

The Best Plus Size Shapewear of 2018

Posted by by hourglass angel on Feb 13th 2018

High Quality Plus Size Shapewear

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why we are big advocates of high-quality plus-size shapewear. One of the top expressed needs of our customers is shapewear that accommodates curvier figures. And we agree—you should expect waist slimming, thigh slimming, posture-support and all-over smoothing and contouring, no matter what your size.

While there were a few good options for plus size shapewear, we noticed that there was room for improvement, particularly with waist trainers. And that’s how the Hourglass Angel private label shapewear collection was conceived! Between our private label and the best options from other brands, you’re not going to find a better selection than our plus size shapewear collection.

What Makes the Hourglass Angel Plus Size Collection Different

If you have a plus size figure, your shaping needs are slightly different. While everyone benefits from slimming the waist, smoothing curves, support and enhancement, you will also want to be sure that your shapewear has:

  • A comfortable fit
  • Durability
  • Support in all the right places

Our plus size collection has been independently tested on countless real women to ensure a precise fit and optimal support. We made slight modifications in the material as well as the cut. The results are products that are constructed for fuller figures that will remain supportive and provide full coverage.

These accommodations make more effective shapewear garments than other plus-size shapers on the market!

We also wanted to provide our plus size customers with variety, because different women of different shapes on different occasions have different shaping needs! This plus size collection meets a variety of needs including targeting different areas and providing support.

Hourglass Angel Private Label Waist Trainers for Plus Sizes

To start, check out our newly released private label collection of waist trainers:

Latex Workout Band Curve Creator By Hourglass Angel HA101

When it comes to a plus size workout band, we wanted a product with the highest integrity and firm, customizable fit. A Velcro-closure is an ideal option for workouts because it is quick and easy to put on and can instantly adjust to your size. This fitband comes in sized up to 3X and provides full coverage for the torso.

We also took inspiration from steel-boned corsets to maximize the compression level and durability of this garment. Most workout bands are reinforced with plastic boning to maintain their shape, but this one uses flexible steel. In combination with the high-compression latex at the garment’s core, this waist trainer achieves unbeatable compression, ensuring that you get the most out of your workout each and every time. Maintaining firm compression is what stimulates perspiration and makes the waist training process effective.

Lastly, you won’t sacrifice comfort in this garment. While the compression is firm, you won’t have to worry about it digging in or causing discomfort in places it shouldn’t, since it has been tested on real women.

Customer Billie V. says, “I’m a taller girl (6ft) and this shaper still fit great! I wear it to the gym while running and lifting heavier weights, helps not only with holding my shape and sweating but with back support too!”

Best Waist Trainer By Hourglass Angel HA102

Hook and eye are some of our most popular products because they are versatile and virtually every body type benefits from them. They instantly create a slimmer, smoother waistline and an hourglass shape. They can also be used as an ongoing waist training regimen as a part of a smart waist slimming plan. This particular garment uses three rows of hooks, so it naturally sizes down with you, providing a snug, custom fit.

This Hourglass Angel waist trainer is ideal for workouts and comes in up to size 5XL. The latex core stimulates heat around your midsection and increases your perspiration. So you sweat harder during any exercise, whether it's a gentle walk or high-intensity physical activity.

Finally, this garment is also reinforced with flexible steel boning, giving it superior durability and maximum compression.

This review from a Guest customer (1/4/18) says it all: “I ordered 2 XL waist trainers to begin with and in a little over a month am needing the next size. I wear them alternating every 2 days and worked my way to 8 hours a day. I workout in them and man even just looking at the sweat made me feel like I was doing something and then to be able to see the results with the tape measure made me feel like gold! I would recommend these to ANYONE and EVERYONE.”

Latex Waist Trainer Vest By Hourglass Angel HA103

One of the biggest needs that plus size women express is having more support and coverage for the bust and back. A vest-style waist trainer is the way to go, so we had to include one in our private label collection.

You’ll instantly lose 1–3 inches off your waist when you put on this latex waist trainer. With thick support straps, you’ll also get optimal support for your breasts. And with a high back design, you can say goodbye to any concerns you have about bra bulge, not to mention love handles and muffin top. It also provides optimal posture support over a long day.

This vest waist trainer comes in up to size 5XL. Three rows of hook-and-eye closures ensures it’s going to provide a custom fit even as you slim down. And like our other signature waist trainers, this garment is reinforced with flexible steel boning for unbeatable durability and maximum compression—for the best results.

Hourglass-Effects Waist Trainer By Hourglass Angel HA105

We were giddy to introduce this stylish waist trainer to our plus size market because we know how you looooove to post selfies and feel confident and sexy during your workouts. Not only does the superior construction and cut provide the coverage and support ideal for curvier figures, but the curvy design of the color and fabric creates a slimmer hourglass appearance.

Like our other signature products, high quality latex is reinforced with flexible steel boning for maximum compression that will have your midsection sweating hard during your workouts. You can wear this waist trainer under your everyday clothes, or keep it exposed at the gym. It comes in up to size 5XL, so we’ve got you covered!

We see the word “love” a lot in this products reviews! Tara B. says, “I recently bought the Hourglass-Effects waist trainer and I am loving it. I have only worn it so far for about 7 days but can already see the difference!! I am looking forward to starting my intense work outs and really seeing a dramatic difference in the weeks to come!! Thank you Hourglass Angel!! I recommend to everyone :)”

Additional Recommended Plus Size Shapewear

 In addition to our private label collection, you can round out your wardrobe with other high-quality shapers for all occasions.

High Waist Spandex Shorts By Spanx 2745

When it comes to all-over coverage and support, no one does it better than Spanx. These high waist shorts come in up to size 3XL, providing smooth control without squeezing or causing discomfort. It controls the waist, butt, hips and thighs while providing flexibility and freedom of movement. This is an ideal choice for a night out or formal occasion.

Sculpt ActivWear Body Shaper By Shape And Slim

This innovative bodysuit slims and shapes the torso, back, tummy and upper thighs. It weaves natural ingredients, including shea butter, brown algae oil, and caffeine combined with Cedrol into the fabric to help your skin look and feel smooth and soft. It provides moderate compression and looks great under pretty much anything!

Squeem Waist Cincher 26PW

Squeem is one of our top recommended brands for plus sizes including this classic every waist cincher that comes in up to size 5XL. Include it in your everyday waist training regimen and wear it under most styles of clothing.

The Catwalk Firm Control High-Waist Long Leg Plus Size By Body Wrap 55821

If you’re looking for a lighter feel with a comfortable but effective slimming effect, this wrap provides coverage from below the bust to just above the knee. It comes in up to size 3XL and is one of our top recommendations if you’re looking to get smooth control of your hips and thighs.

Thermal Body Suit Plus Size, Rose 4505 By Co'Coon

Constructed exclusive for plus sizes 2XL–5XL, this body suit combines maximum compression with zipper closure for superb slimming power. You’ll also love the lingerie look and feel of the lacy leg openings that also provide slimming and control for the hips and thighs. Finally, it lifts and rounds the rear so you can enjoy full, firm curves in all the right places along with a slimmer, smoother waist and thighs.

We hope you learn to embrace your curves in 2018 no matter what your size! It’s a great time to have a curvy figure and we hope to offer even more of the best options in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact our shapewear specialists with your questions or recommendations about all of our plus size shapewear.

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