Can You Waist Train on Your Period?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Jul 24th 2019

Can You Waist Train on Your Period?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Jul 24th 2019

In order to get the best results from a waist training regimen, it’s beneficial to wear a waist training garment for at least eight hours a day, every day.

But what about when you’re on your period? Is it okay to wear a waist trainer during that time of the month?

The short answer that you absolutely can wear a waist trainer when on your period, but that decision is really to you, based on your body and your preferences. After all, everyone’s menstrual cycle is different, and everyone’s waist training experiences are different.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding to give the green light to waist training while on your period.

Concerns about Comfort

The most obvious concern is how comfortable waist training will be when you’re on your period. Some women feel bloated or very sensitive, and might find a waist trainer overly constrictive.

If you want to try waist training while on your period, experiment with wearing your garment on a looser setting. You might also try wearing a different waist training or other shapewear garment altogether, so that you can have a more comfortable experience.

Furthermore, when you wear your waist trainer over the course of a day could make a difference with your overall comfort. If you find it uncomfortable to wear at certain times of day, take it off. You can also experiment by wearing it for shorter time periods.

Benefits of Waist Training While on Your Period

On the other hand, some women like the feeling of wearing a waist trainer while on their period. If you get cramping, compression on your abdomen can actually help subdue the discomfort. In fact, having a longer waist trainer can be especially helpful during this time.

If you have breast sensitivity or back aches during your period, you may find comfort in the additional support that a waist trainer can provide. Keeping your torso tight and secure, maintaining a straight posture and extra support for the bust can all contribute to feeling supported.

Will Stopping Your Waist Training Routine During Your Period Affect Your Results?

If you experiment with waist training while on your period and decide that you’d rather not, you may be concerned about whether taking a break will affect your waist training results.

When you’re not wearing your waist trainer, you’re obviously not going to look the same as when you have it on. What is more, you may be retaining extra fluid during your period (hence feeling bloated). You may find that your waist measurements are actually a little higher during this time.

But don’t worry. If you take a break from waist training for a few days, your waist trainer isn’t going to fit any differently than before.

If you’re practicing a waist training regimen in preparation for a special event like a wedding and you want to take a break on the weeks you are on your period, you may want to consider that as you plan out a waist training calendar. But again, it shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Other Considerations

You know your body better than anyone, so it’s up to you to determine what is going to be most beneficial and comfortable when it comes to waist training and your period.

For example, your period may affect the types of workouts you do. If you normally HIIT and heavy lifting while wearing a waist trainer, you may want to go a little easier at that time of the month. If you feel bloated, loosen up your waist trainer a bit. Or forgo the waist trainer altogether during workouts (but again, this depends on how it makes your unique body feel).

Your diet may also shift when you’re on your period. You might crave sweets, salt and fat, or you might not have an appetite at all. How you eat is going to affect how you feel overall. You might feel especially bloated because of loosening up your diet. Or, you might find that wearing a waist trainer helps you curb your cravings. Keep all of this in mind when you’re deciding what to do about waist training during your period.

Wearing a Waist Trainer While on Your Period Is Up to You

As is hopefully clear by now, there isn’t a clear answer on what’s best when it comes to waist training on your period. Our advice is to listen to your body and do what feels good. Experiment with different types of waist trainers and wearing them at different times that you might not normally.

There are a few waist trainers that might be especially helpful at this time of the month:

Latex Workout Band Curve Creator by Hourglass Angel HA101: the Velcro closure on this waist trainers makes it quick to get on and take off. It can also be easily adjusted to your preferred comfort level. If you decide to wear it tightly, it will also provide maximum compression and support.

Faja Reductora 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery: the long design on this waist trainer ensures that you get compression on the lower abdomen, which is especially helpful if you are tall or have a long torso and want extra compression and support during your period. There are also three rows of hooks, making it easy to adjust your sizing when you feel bloated.

Latex Waist Trainer vest by Hourglass angel HA103: this waist trainer uses shoulder straps to provide extra support and coverage for the bust and back, which can be helpful if you’re particular sensitive in these areas during your period.

Defining Moment No Closure Waist Cincher by Leonisa 18450M: for lighter compression and a comfortable fit, this cincher will keep your torso smooth and supported without using any openings or hooks. Just step into it—it may just the alternative you’re looking for.