How Long Does It Take to See Results from Waist Training?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Sep 5th 2018

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Waist Training?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Sep 5th 2018

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new customers is, "How long does it take to see results from waist training?"

It's a great question, and the short answer is: it depends on your goals.

Keep in mind, many women wear waist trainers for the instant slimming effect. As soon as you put it on, you're going to see results. That's because  high-compression latex waist trainers can slim your waistline by up to 4 inches or even more. Again, those results are instant when you wear the garment.

What about long-term results? If you're supplementing a workout routine and healthy eating with waist training, then you probably have separate, long-term slimming goals too, right?

We have seen waist training transform women’s figures, but there isn’t an exact formula to how long and how much a waist trainer can get results when supplementing with exercise and a balanced diet. Commitment, lifestyle and even genetics all play a role.

We understand, however, that having a general idea about when you’ll see results can be important, especially if you have specific goals or are trying to slim down for a big event like a wedding. Some of our customers have noticed small changes in just a few days, but for others it has taken a month or two before they noticed a difference in their waistline.

In order to have realistic goals for your own waist training journey, consider all of the factors that contribute to waist training results.

Understanding How Waist Training Works

To have some realistic goals with waist training, it’s first helpful to understand how it works.

As we define it, waist training is the practice of wearing a cincher or corset daily as part of a healthy lifestyle, with the intent to have a slimmer waist even when the waist trainer is off. Wearing a waist trainer will instantly drop up to several inches from your midsection, so when you’re wearing it, the results are immediate. If you’re like many people, you’ll like the way you look so much when you have a waist trainer on, that you’ll want to keep up the practice.

A waist training regimen works in several ways. Many beginners like to start wearing a waist trainer during workouts. This practice helps you sweat harder and intensify your training by stimulating heat in your core. More effective workouts will naturally lead you to burn calories and potentially lose weight, if you eat sensibly.

But you can go well beyond working out. Wearing a waist trainer all day has several benefits. You’ll continue to stimulate heat and perspiration in your core from basic physical activity, like walking. So it works even when you’re not working out. You may also experience a boost in confidence when you wear a waist trainer because it tucks in your tummy, supports your back and helps your clothes fit better. This boost in confidence can be a powerful motivator to stick with your fitness and nutrition plan.

Not only can waist training help you stay motivated with a healthy lifestyle, but it will also remind you to eat in smaller portions throughout the day, which is generally a healthier way to eat than with large meals.

Since there are multiple ways that a waist trainer can produce results, you can see why those results can vary from person to person.

Waist Training Consistency

One big factor when it comes to results is how frequently you wear your waist trainer. While you can certainly get results from wearing it for an hour a day (like during a workout), you’re not going to experience the same benefits that you would if you wore it for longer stretches.

Waist training isn’t something we recommend jumping into full-speed. Like any training program, it works best when you ease into it gradually.

It takes some time to grow accustomed to the way waist training feels and to feel comfortable wearing a compression garment all day. We recommend starting out by wearing a new waist trainer for just an hour or so a day.

Gradually add a half hour to an hour of wearing your waist trainer each day. You can break it up into two short sessions if you prefer, and have a break after a few days if desired.

After a couple of weeks, you should be accustomed to wearing your waist trainer for at least eight hours a day, up to about twelve. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel as part of your everyday wardrobe, whether under professional, fitness, casual or formal attire.

Your commitment to waist training on this kind of schedule will affect how quickly you see results. If you are prone to skip a lot of days or wear it for shorter periods, you’re obviously not going to see the same results as you would if you stick to a commitment.

Having said that, it’s also important to listen to your body. Don’t push yourself beyond what is comfortable. If you push yourself too much in the beginning of the journey, you may find yourself less motivated to keep up with it. Be patient, love your body and the results will come.

Weight Loss and Slimming Goals

How quickly you see waist training results also depends on where you’re starting from. If you are already at your weight goal and in good physical condition, you will still see results but they may not be very pronounced and can take longer to achieve.

Gina is an example of someone who had a fit figure to begin with and started waist training in order to tone up her midsection and support her posture. Here’s what she said about how long results took:

I started to feel results before I could see them. I felt my posture getting better by the second week, and I could see my stomach getting a little smaller and tighter by the 5th week. By the 7th week I was able to move the trainer to the middle closure. When I had first started I was only just able to close it on the 1st closure.

Another example is Ana, who started wearing a waist trainer to help her get her body back after pregnancy. She says started noticing results after just two days. After eight weeks, the changes to her figure were obvious, as you can see in her before-and-after pictures.


We can’t emphasize enough that waist training is just one piece of a healthy lifestyle. If you wear a waist trainer a lot but don’t exercise or eat well, you’re going to be disappointed with the results.

You may find that when you start waist training, you’ll be more motivated to stick with your diet and fitness goals. Suzie C. had always hated working out but found new inspiration when she started waist training. She told us, “ These garments have given me so much encouragement! I feel great every day and they gave me the confidence to pursue my fitness goals further! I am now looking in to signing up for workout classes. I smile every day because of the changes I'm seeing in my body, thanks to my waist trainers. ” After over six months of waist training, along with changes to her lifestyle, she dropped four inches more than her goal.

If you make drastic changes to your lifestyle at the same time that you're waist training, then you will naturally see the results of your efforts more quickly. Suzie’s friends started noticing how she had changed after she had been wearing her waist trainer for about a month.

Desire is another person who had always struggled with healthy eating and regular exercise. She found that she was able to exercise more portion control: “ I noticed when I first started this practice that I couldn't finish my food. After a few weeks of wearing the cincher my body started getting used to eating smaller amounts then I was used to. ” After she grew accustomed to waist training, she was inspired to work out every day and eat clean. Her friends started commenting on how different she looked after about five weeks.

Your Natural Body Shape

The other factor that affects your waist training results is your body shape. This is a genetic factor outside of your control. Generally, women who are naturally curvy tend to size down their waist trainers more quickly when they're actively working out. If you are of a petite build or narrow frame, your results may not be as pronounced.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t see results, however. If you are frustrated by your lack of curves, a waist trainer might be exactly what you need to create them. Be sure to choose a waist trainer designed for petite women, such as those that are cut shorter or that have just two rows of eyelets rather than three. You might also do very well in a steel-boned corset. Remember, "results" include not just waist size but posture correction and a boost in confidence as well.

Check Out More Real Results

In order to take your best guess about when you’ll see results with waist training, you may find it helpful to see others’ stories. Our Before and After Gallery features real women’s experiences, including photos and how long it took them to see results.

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