How and When to Start Postpartum Belly Binding

Posted by by hourglass angel on Apr 13th 2016

How and When to Start Postpartum Belly Binding

Posted by by hourglass angel on Apr 13th 2016

Postpartum belly binding for new moms

How and When to Start Postpartum Belly Binding

If you're pregnant or you've recently had a baby, you're probably wondering: "When am I going to get my body back?"

Don't be misled by a few celebrities who appear to bounce back the next day. It took nine months for your body to change, so it will take time to go back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Fortunately, there is a way to get that pre-baby silhouette back after childbirth, while also ensuring your body is healing naturally and comfortably on its own. Whether you deliver naturally or by C-section, belly binding and waist training are time-tested ways to help you regain your tummy's shape.

Postpartum belly binding is often considered another form of waist training. It all depends on who you ask and which garments you're using. In general, we don't recommend using an ultra-high compression corset in the days immediately following childbirth. It can be very uncomfortable and put a lot of pressure on your abdomen. What's more, you will probably size down very quickly in the first few weeks as your body naturally flushes out the fluids it has been retaining, so you would need to get a smaller size garment relatively quickly.

Instead, we recommend that new moms use belly wraps and everyday waist trainers that are designed especially for the postpartum body. Here are the features of postpartum corsets that differ from waist trainers:

  • Gentle fit: you can adjust your girdle or waist trainer to a perfect and comfortable fit, whether you're one day or several weeks post delivery.
  • Gentle compression: A postpartum waist trainer provides enough pressure to support your weak abdominal muscles as they heal, without restricting your breathing or putting two much pressure on delicate areas. This is especially important if you are healing from a C-section.
  • Comfortable materials: Postpartum belly wraps and waist trainers are soft to touch and typically use a cotton so you'll enjoy maximum comfort.

Wondering how and when to start postpartum belly binding? You can do it from day one following your delivery. You may find that it provides immediate comfort and support during an otherwise uncomfortable time when your body is adjusting post-pregnancy.

In the weeks that follow, adjust your garment so that it is always providing compression as your belly shrinks. Speak to your doctor about when you should start working out again – in many cases, you don't want to do any abdominal exercises during those delicate weeks when your core muscles are healing and regaining your shape.

Not only will a postpartum belly binder support your body as you heal, you'll find that you start fitting in to non-maternity clothes much sooner! That can be a huge confidence boost during a period when you're probably going to feel exhausted taking care of a newborn.

Generally, once you get the go-ahead from you doctor, you can start exercising again at about six weeks after childbirth. We recommend that you continue wearing the garment until you're feeling more like yourself, about two or three months after childbirth. By then you might not have lost all of the baby weight, but the postpartum girdle will be looser. This is a great time to then switch to a high-compression waist trainer.

As with waist training, postpartum belly binding is most effective if you're eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and staying active—again, with the approval from your doctor.

Remember, after childbirth, the female body needs many months to get back to its pre-baby shape. But by wearing the right postpartum shapewear, you can create the appearance of an instantly slimmer waistline and increase your comfort, too.