'Take Ten' to Tighten and Tone Your Waist with this Back and Ab Workout

Posted by hourglass angel on Oct 17th 2017

'Take Ten' to Tighten and Tone Your Waist with this Back and Ab Workout

Posted by hourglass angel on Oct 17th 2017

Think you don’t have time to get an effective workout in? What if we told you that all you needed was ten minutes?

You live a busy and full life, which means that you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your workouts. This means that you’ll want to select exercises that kick up your heart rate, fatigue your muscles quickly and make you sweat.

Here’s a quick workout that really only takes ten minutes! Do it the first thing in the morning, during a lunch break or at any other time you can squeeze it into your day.

All you need is an exercise mat, a workout waist trainer and some comfortable workout clothes (we recommend compression activewear for the best results).

And when you do have extra time, just run through this whole circuit two or three times—if you can handle it!

Ten-Minute Waist Trainer Workout

Go through each of these exercises for approximately 60 seconds each. Push yourself harder as your muscles warm up to get the most of the workout—it packs a powerful punch into a short period of time. Be sure to bring along a bottle of water as well, to keep yourself hydrated after you sweat.

  1. Side Stretches

Start out by warming up your torso with these feel-good stretches that will also get your heart pumping a little bit. Raise your arms directly above your head and pull your whole torso from side to side. Since this is a warm-up and the goal is to get the blood flowing, hold to each side for no more than a few seconds. After a minutes you should be feeling pretty warm throughout your abdominals. You can do this exercise standing or on your knees.

  1. Inch Worms

Continue to warm up that core. From a standing position, reach to the ground with your hands, keeping your knees as straight as is comfortable. “Walk” yourself down using your hands into a tall plank positions. Your arms should be locked and straight directly beneath your shoulders, while you are simultaneously holding your position on the balls of your feet. Keep your hips and back straight in a plank. After holding for one or two seconds, walk your hands back up until you can lift back into a standing position. Repeat.

  1. Superman

Lie face-down on the mat with your hands stretched out in front of you, as if a flying superhero. Lift your arms and your legs off the ground, creating an arch in your back (keep your legs straight). Bend your elbows and pull them back behind you as far as they will go, then lower back down into the starting position. Try not to touch down your hands and feet all the way to the ground, although you can if you need a short break. Another easier alteration is to just lift with your chest while keeping your legs on the floor.

  1. Child’s Pose

Stretch out your back and have a short break in the feel-good pose. Start on your hands and knees and then slowly sink back until you are almost sitting on your heels, while keeping your arms outstretched and palms flat on the ground. Once you’re all the way back, reach forward with your fingertips to deepen the stretch.

  1. Bridge Leg Lifts

From a sitting position, lift your torso into a bridge. Your shoulders should be directly above your hands and your elbows straight. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle and your back should be flat, parallel with the floor. Alternate lifting each leg so that it is straight, while keeping the rest of your body in the bridge position. This takes significant core strength and can also be a challenge on your shoulders. Focusing on keeping your hips up and engaging your core throughout the exercise.

  1. Bird Dog Pulls

Return to your hands and knees with a flat back. Reach forward and straighten one arm while lifting and straightening the opposite leg. Then crunch the same arm and leg underneath your torso, keeping your core tight. Straighten the arm and leg back out again and repeat for five reps, then do the same set on the other side. Do as many times as possible within one minute. If you need an easier alternative, you can keep your knees on the ground and just do the exercise with your arms.

  1. Plank

Hold yourself in a plank position for as long as you can. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. Your wrists should be directly underneath your shoulders. If your shoulders get tired you can drop to your elbows. If your core gets tired you can drop to your knees, but try to push back up into a full plank after a few seconds if you do decide to rest.

  1. Dead Bug

Lying flat on your back, lift your arms and your legs straight above your shoulders and your hips, bending your knees at 90 degrees. Keeping it straight, drop one arm so that it is reaching above your head, while simultaneously dropping the opposite leg until your toe taps the floor (don’t rest it). Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Keep a continuous motion going for the whole minute, engaging your core the whole time.

  1. Alternating Starfish Crunch

Lying flat on your back, lift one leg straight up above your hips, keeping the knee straight. Reach up into a crunch with your opposite arm and do five reps. Switch and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Complete as many sets as possible in a minute.

  1. Cobra and Full-Body Stretch

Let those muscles cool down and relax. Lying face-down, bend your arms and put your palms underneath your chest, fingers pointing forward. Push up from the hips into a cobra stretch, which should give you a nice stretch through the whole core. Once you’ve achieved a good stretch after about 30 seconds, lie down on the mat again and reach forward with your arms and back with your legs, giving you a nice stretch from head to toe that focuses on the back.

And that’s it! You’ve accomplished a great workout in just ten minutes.