The Emotional Benefits of Wearing a Corset

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Mar 22nd 2023

The Emotional Benefits of Wearing a Corset

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Mar 22nd 2023

For centuries, corsets have been used to slim waistlines and achieve an hourglass shape. In recent years, they have regained popularity as people rediscover the effectiveness of routine “corseting” and waist training.

The physical benefits of wearing a corset are obvious, as many people use them instantly reduce their body measurements and also supplement their fitness and health regimens. But wearing a corset also unique emotional benefits. Solaced, a book by Lucy Williams, provides fascinating insight into the ways in which a corset can improve your emotional well-being.

We've summarized a few of her findings, as well as ours as we see the positive outcomes of corseting in our customers. As you’ll discover, some of the greatest emotional benefits include a healthier body image, improved confidence, deep-pressure comfort, a sense of safety and protection, support during life transitions, and motivation for achieving healthy lifestyle goals.

Here’s a closer look at each of these.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of a physician or other licensed clinician. If you struggle with mental and emotional health, please seek guidance from a medical professional.

1. Healthier Body Image

If you've ever struggled with a negative body image, you're not alone. Many people who are trying to lose weight struggle with body dysmorphia, a condition in which you have a distorted view of your own body. You might feel that you're too big, or too small, or that your body is not attractive enough no matter what you do. This condition can result in low self-esteem, and in severe cases can lead to eating disorders.

Wearing a corset can help. Because of its compression on the body, you may experience a new sense of body awareness and proprioception (knowing where your body is in space). You can connect with your physical form in a new way.

The increased body awareness that comes with wearing a corset can help you celebrate your body's shape rather than fixate on your perceived flaws. When wearing a corset, the focus shifts to the shape of the corset and how it accentuates your natural curves. This can be a game-changer for those who have struggled with body image issues for years.

2. Improved Confidence

Self-worth goes hand-in-hand with the way you view your physical form. So naturally, with a healthier body image, you will have a healthier sense of self and be more confident in your own skin.

What's more, wearing a corset help you have straighter posture, which in turn has the psychological benefit of making you feel more confident, composed and in control of your surroundings. By standing up straight and taking up space, you send signals to your brain that you are in control.

Maintaining a "power posture" for even a couple of minutes can lead to a reduction in the chronic-stress hormone cortisol and an increase in testosterone, which is linked to boldness. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy presents her research about this in the book Presence as well as in her famous TED talk. Your body language can affect not only your personal psychology but also the perception and behavior of those around you.

Wearing a corset helps you maintain a "power posture," which may lead to a similar boost in confidence and self-worth. By standing up straight, you project an image of strength to yourself and those around you.

3. Deep Pressure Comfort

Many who struggle with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety benefit from sensory input called deep pressure therapy. Applying pressure to the body has been shown to be effective in regulating the nervous system. More specifically, bilateral deep pressure to the left and right sides of the body can help mitigate symptoms of anxiety, panic, and sensory overstimulation.

Wearing a corset is one way to apply consistent deep pressure to the body. It's like getting a constant hug, which can help you feel more grounded and secure. This can be especially helpful for those who experience triggers in crowded or public spaces. Because it calms the nervous system, deep pressure can also help you concentrate and be more focused on the task at hand if you struggle with hypersensitivity, ADHD, or other executive functioning issues. The structure and support provided by a corset can also be a source of comfort and control for those who feel lost or overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

Williams references studies that show the use of a machine that mimics the pressure applied by a corset can have a positive effect on the temperament of individuals with autism, ADHD, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and somatosensory disorders.

4. A Protective Barrier

Fascinatingly, a corset can also provide comfort by helping individuals feel safe and protected.

For those who have suffered abuse or trauma, human touch—even accidental—can be aggravating. Feeling safe is critical for functioning normally in social settings. A rigid garment like a corset, crafted with steel and multiple fabric layers, creates a sense of a "barrier" between the wearer and the outside world. In other words, a corset is a barrier that can help you feel protected and secure.

If someone bumps into you or touches you when wearing a corset, you're less likely to feel the impact. A corset-wearer can benefit from the feeling of a secure hug on their own terms, until they are ready to accept touch from other people.

5. Support During Life Transitions

Corsets are also able to offer support to individuals going through transitional periods in their lives. They have the added benefit of reducing body dysphoria in those who identify as trans or gender fluid, and can help with making peace with the aging process and easing through menopause.

6. Wellness Motivation

Corsets can also play a role in keeping you motivated with your health and fitness goals. By providing a visual representation of the desired body shape, wearing a corset can help you envision the end result and stay committed to your objectives. This realistic vision for yourself can enhance your determination and drive to achieve the goals you've set. Furthermore, consistently wearing a corset supports the development of healthy habits and encourages a more mindful approach to your overall well-being.

How Corsets and Waist Trainers Have Helped Our Customers

Wearing a corset doesn’t just provide emotional benefits in theory. These benefits are evident in the many experiences that our own customers have shared with us over the years.

Here are a few examples:

“If someone is thinking about trying waist training, I would tell them to absolutely go for it! If I can achieve the results I did, then I believe everyone can. I am so much more confident now and for the first time in my life, I love my body. Everyone deserves to feel that way, and if waist training helped me find that in myself, then I recommend others try it as well. My posture is improved, my clothes fit and look better, I walk with my head held higher, and when I get married I get to feel so beautiful in my wedding dress!” – Lillie H.

“These garments have given me so much encouragement! I feel great every day and they gave me the confidence to pursue my fitness goals further! I am now looking in to signing up for workout classes. I smile every day because of the changes I'm seeing in my body, thanks to my waist trainers.” – Suzie C.

“My entire life I struggled with weight-loss and fitness. I never was one to pay attention to portions or find a way to be active. My first garment mentally helped me feel better about myself. I started loving what I saw in the mirror when I had the garment on. It was like I couldn't go anywhere without my waist trainer on.” – Desire S.

“Every time I looked in the mirror I felt fabulous!... I just had a baby, so yes, I was having difficulty getting my body back. I’m still working on it, and this waist trainer has helped me become more confident while helping me reach my goal.” – Ana P.

“Purchasing a waist trainer made me feel beautiful again. It gave me the confidence I once had and showed me no matter what size I am, I am still the same beautiful woman I was before the weight. It motivated me to lose the weight because of what I thought about me, not anyone else’s opinion. Today I am still on that journey and I am WINNING! If you are thinking about waist training go ahead and try it! It can change your life like it has positively changed mine.” – Denice


To summarize, wearing a waist trainer can significantly impact your confidence, motivation, and overall self-image, as well as provide deep-pressure benefits. As our customers' testimonials have demonstrated, waist training can be a game-changer in your journey toward a healthier and happier life.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to empower yourself through this transformative practice. Browse our shop today to find the perfect corset or waist trainer for you and get started on a path toward wellness.