Corset Styles: How Will a Corset Look on You?

Posted by by hourglass angel on Mar 10th 2017

Corset Styles: How Will a Corset Look on You?

Posted by by hourglass angel on Mar 10th 2017

Wearing a corset is a classic, yet trendy way to slim your midsection and get an hourglass shape – and the results are truly stunning.

Some people like body shaper corsets for special occasions and for styling, while others use them as part of an ongoing waist training regimen. Not everyone’s results are the same. How you look in a corset can very quite a bit depending on a variety of factors including your body type, the type of corset you’re using, and how committed you are to wearing one.

Wondering how a corset will look on you? While you won’t know for sure unless you try it, here are a few factors that can affect your immediate and long-term results.

It's worth noting that this article primarily explores corsets, which are identified as lace-up garments, typically reinforced with steel boning. These aren’t to be confused with waist training cinchers, which typically fasten in the front with hook-and-eye closures. See this post for more information on how long to see waist training results when wearing a latex cincher.

Before we explore the differences between corset styles, it’s also important to note how different your results can be wearing a corset versus a latex cincher. Lace-up corsets can be fastened very tightly and therefore have more dramatic results. While wearing a latex waist trainer typically reduces your waistline by 1–3 inches, a steel-boned corset can instantly reduce it by at least 3 inches and more. You’ll notice more emphasis on the natural bend in your waist when wearing corset, and you may have varying results if you choose to wear a tightened corset every day.

Corset Styles on Different Body Types

 Your natural build, no matter what your weight, is a huge factor when it comes to how a corset is going to look on you. Corsets can be flattering on every body type; you just need to know what style is going to work best for your curves. Here are some common body types and what to look for when choosing your ideal corset style, plus some examples of what real people look like when they wear corsets. 


You have a petite figure if you’re shorter than about 5’2”. This could also apply to you if you have an unusually short torso for your height (do tops always hang longer on you?). You’ll get the best results in a corset with a shorter cut; the longer style can feel uncomfortable and may even look awkward. Overall, you can go a long way in emphasizing your curves to flatter the petite build. Check out these recommended corsets for short torsos.

Long Torso

If you’re taller than about 5’8”, or if you know you have an unusually long torso, you will probably prefer a corset designed for long torsos. This is to ensure that you get full coverage, particularly on your lower abdomen and back. Otherwise, even if you get cinching at the middle, you might not have the most flattering look from an ill-fitting garment that provides incomplete coverage. Check out these recommended corsets for taller women and long torsos. The results are stunning when you emphasize your curves on a longer silhouette.

Curvy Bust

If you have an especially curvy bust, you are going to love the extra support that you get from wearing an underbust corset. For special occasions or lingerie you might also enjoy the lift that an overbust corset provides, although this style isn’t as ideal for everyday waist training. Just remember when you pick out your outfits that you’re going to want styles that provide balance to your figure. Try not to wear too many embellishments on your top half. You might also enjoy some butt-lifting shapewear or jeans to create more curves to complete that hourglass look.

Straight Figure

If you have a long and lean body type, a corset can be a huge benefit because it creates curves that are otherwise lacking. There are a lot of great corset options for you—in fact, unless you have a short or long torso, you really can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous corsets. Plus, even if you’re already slim, you may be surprised to find just how much narrower your waist can get.

Naturally Curvy

A corset can be a curvy or plus-size girl’s best friend because it can help you emphasize what you’ve already got. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you want firm control for your figure, a corset helps you define your shape. As with any body type, it is very important to get the right size, and when applicable, the best torso length. Note that many corsets come in number sizes as opposed to "small, medium," etc. These numbers do not represent your waist measurement! Rather, the number is typically several inches less than your waist measurement to represent approximately what it will be once you’ve tightened the corset. Follow the size chart for the garment you want exactly to find the precision fit.

 “Average” Build and Proportions

If you don’t have any body type features that might make a difference in your corset choice—if you’re of average height, weight and measurement ratios—most corseting options are probably going to look great on you. Choosing which corset is best is going to depend mostly on your personally preferences and goals, which we explore in the next section.

Corset Shaping examples

Check out how our favorite steel-boned styles fit our lovely employees here at the office. Click on the pictures to shop their style. 

Corset shaping example claire_02 claire_03  

C. Hoffman

Measurements: Waist - 26" -Hip - 39" - Underbust - 30" -Height 5'3''

Shop her favorite styles: TUD-044 & TUB-210

Corset shaping examples Corset shaping examples Corset shaping examples

E. Salgado

Measurements: Waist - 33" -Hip - 38.5" - Underbust - 33.5" -Height 5'3''

Shop her favorite styles: BONI-035 & TUD-210

Steel-boned corset shaping Examples Steel-boned corset shaping Examples Steel-boned corset shaping Examples

G. Chavez

Measurements: Waist - 25" -Hip - 37" - Underbust - 29" -Height 5'4''

Shop her favorite styles: TUD-044 & TUB-210

 Corset shaping examples  Corset shaping examples  Corset shaping examples

J. Ruiz

Measurements: Waist - 34.5" -Hip - 38" - Underbust - 33" -Height 5'4''

Shop her favorite styles: TUD-210 & W-03

Steel-boned corset shaping Examples Steel-boned corset shaping Examples Steel-boned corset shaping Examples

M. Uriostegui

Measurements: Waist - Waist - 36.5" -Hip - 46.5" - Underbust - 37" -Height 5'2''

Shop her favorite styles: BONI-035TUD-033

Steel-boned corset shaping ExamplesSteel-boned corset shaping ExamplesSteel-boned corset shaping Examples

R. Uriostegui

Measurements: Waist - 39" -Hip - 50" - Underbust - 40" -Height 5'1''

Shop her favorite styles: TUB-210 & TUD-003

Steel-boned corset shaping ExamplesSteel-boned corset shaping ExamplesSteel-boned corset shaping Examples

Y. Lopez

Measurements: Waist - 27" -Hip - 33" - Underbust - 28" -Height 5'3''

Shop her favorite styles: TUB-210 & BONI-49

How to exercise with a waist trainer

Other Factors to Consider

While body type is a large factor when imagining your corseting results, you may also want to consider variables including your personal corseting goals, lifestyle and style preferences.

 Personal Style

Customers commonly ask us how difficult it is to conceal corsets under clothing. It really depends on what you’re wearing on top. While thicker materials look fine over the top of corsets, you might run into problems with tight-fitting or very thin fabrics. It can be a trial and error process when figuring out how to style your corset. For this reason, you might want to choose a corset based how you planning on dressing when wearing it. You may prefer a cincher style waist trainer or taking a day of from waist training with your corset whenever you want to wear a more revealing outfit.

On the other hand, many people love how stylish corsets can be as outerwear! Use a corset to create curves over a thin top, for a vintage or burlesque look. Imagining how different styles of corsets look in your favorite corseted styles can help you decide which style is ideal for you. 

What About Workouts?

Corsets are not designed for working out. You might be tempted to do it, especially considering that a lot of people use waist trainers during their workouts very effectively. But using a lace-up corset for this purpose will be very uncomfortable and could possible result in its damage. Go with a latex workout band instead.

Even if you primarily use a steel-boned corset for your waist training regimen, we highly recommend that you try using a workout band during your exercise routine.  This style of waist trainer is designed with the durability that can withstand heavy sweating and vigorous movement; it is also constructed so that it will provide more freedom of movement.

 Waist Training Goals

Steel-boned corsets can be very effective as part of an everyday waist training routine, and many women prefer them because of their sturdiness, durability and slimming power. Because of the laces, they can be customized every single day to the exact shape of your body. With dramatic slimming power around your waist every single day, you’re going to have dramatic waist-slimming results long-term.

Having said that, just how dramatic your results will be depends on other factors including your lifestyle, how much you wear your corset, your body shape and even your genetics.

We love corseting at Hourglass Angel and hope that this post inspires you to check it out! We encourage you to research your options thoroughly before you make a purchase to be sure that you’re getting the best garment for your body type, lifestyle and preferences. What’s fun about corsets is that once you start, you’ll most certainly want another. Our advice is to just try it, and once you get into a groove, you’ll have a better idea about what your personal preferences are.

And you don’t have to exclusively wear a corset; you can pair one with a latex waist trainer as a part of your ongoing routine depending on your personal style and your fitness routine.

Still have questions?

Contact our expert stylists, who are experienced not only in helping people with their waist training decisions but also do it themselves. They come in various shapes and sizes just like everyone else and can personally guide you to your ideal recommendations.  Call or email after you’ve browsed our collection of corsets and we’ll be happy to help you make a decision.