Firm Up Glute Exercise Band by Hourglass Angel HA1005


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Fire up your glutes and firm up your butt. This exercise band helps you target the muscles in your rear so you can eliminate sag and work towards a fuller, rounder backside. Constructed with durable fabric instead of rubber, this band provides firm resistance and won’t snap or warp with repeated use. Pair it with your favorite compression leggings and waist trainer for an unbeatable booty-busting workout!

You can do a variety of moves with the workout band to amplify your results. Simply step into the firm resistance band and keep the band taught around your thighs or ankles, depending on the exercise. Some of the best glute-busting include squats (any kind), hip bridges, donkey kicks, pelvic thrusts and side-kicks. You can also wear the band when you’re focusing on your core or upper body to build strength in your butt at the same time. You’ll have more efficient workouts that will result in a tighter, firmer butt. 


  • Targets glute muscles in a variety of strength training workouts
  • When used regularly with the right workouts, creates a fuller, firmer butt more efficiently
  • Helps create lean muscle and eliminate sagging


  • High quality weave fabric for consistent tension and durability
  • Firm tension for maximum results
  • Washable