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Nude Sand Underbust Corset TUB-210

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Nude Sand Underbust Corset TUB-210

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Moderate Hold

This maximum compression item slims by 2-3 inches and aids in weight loss.

With its wasp waist and oh-so ladylike lacing, we can hardly think of a better way to pull his strings than our Nude Sand Underbust Corset. This is THE classic corset design, resting just beneath and lifting the bust while sculpting a more slender, seductive silhouette through maximum compression.

With 26 spiral steel stays, a steel busk closure and 6 flat steel bars, pull the lacing tight over the back and it supports the back drawing in the waistline. This garment has three layers of fabric: an outer layer of polyester, an inner layer of high quality cotton and a middle layer laminated to the outer layers for extra strength. Hide the Nude Sand Underbust Corset under a simple sweater or show it over something skintight to string him along.

Wear it 8-10 hours a day for 30 days and you should experience long term reduction of 1-4 inches. As you size down, simply tighten the laces. Whether you’re wearing this item under your clothes to support slimming or over them to get him hot under the collar, our Nude Sand Underbust Corset is one of the must-have miracles without which no collection is complete.


  • Lose 1-4 inches in 30 days!
  • Corrected, confident posture
  • Slimmed, shaped midsection
  • Raised bustline resulting in fuller looking breasts
  • Curvier, shaped silhouette


  • 3 layers of fabric
  • 20 Flexible spiral steel stays
  • Steel busk closure
  • 4 steel bars at the back grommets
  • 2 steel bars adjacent to busk
  • Laminated cotton twill
  • Cotton lining
  • Nude ribbon lacing
  • 4 garter belt loops


  • Center front: 11-12 inches with a 10 inch busk
  • Side length: 9 3/4 - 10 1/2 inches
  • Center back: 12 1/4 - 13 inches

Materials: Outer layer 100% polyester. Inner layer 100% cotton.


Lifetime Guarantee

These preferred tight-lacing, fashion corsets are built to last. We back each corset with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. While normal wear and tear is expected over time, the corset is designed to operate free of defects for years to come.



Measure your actual waist size from just above your navel and subtract 3 to 4 inches from it. For example, if your actual waist measurement is 30, you should consider a size 26 corset.