5 Ways to Increase Your Waist Training Results

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Feb 5th 2021

5 Ways to Increase Your Waist Training Results

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Feb 5th 2021

How do I increase my waist training results?

So you’ve started waist training…and you want to see results. One of the most common questions we hear is how long it takes to get those Kardashian-like curves.

While everyone’s results will be different, and it WILL take time and patience, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your waist training regimen. Below are five ways to increase your waist training results – these simple adjustments can make a big difference!

1. Consistency is key

How soon will I see waist training results?

As will any healthy lifestyle practice, waist training requires daily consistency if you want to see long-term results from your entire slim-down regimen. Just like working out sporadically won’t make you stronger or leaner, wearing a waist trainer sporadically won’t make you any slimmer (although it will still look great whenever you have it on!).

For the best results, we recommend wearing a waist trainer 8–12 hours daily. Since most people aren’t accustomed to the way it feels to have firm compression around their waist for long periods, it can be a bit of an adjustment to accomplish this.

To set yourself up for waist training success, start out by wearing your waist trainer for just an hour or two at a time, and then gradually keep it on longer each day. Try to add half an hour to an hour each time you wear it. If you need a break, take it off for a break in between longer sessions.

If you stick with a waist training routine, you should feel comfortable wearing your garment all day after 2–3 weeks, depending on how quickly you scale up. After that, you may start noticing your results!

When you can’t waist train during the day, due to your wardrobe, the weather or other factors, you can get creative. Try wearing a waist trainer at night, or at times when you’re just hanging out at home, to get those hours in.

2. Amplify your workouts

If you’re not wearing a workout waist trainer (also known as a workout band) whenever you’re getting exercise, you’re missing out on a huge potential benefit of waist training. Wearing one during physical activity ramps up the heat and perspiration around your core, which in turn amplifies the intensity of your workout. Whether you’re going for a brisk walk or participating in a high intensity routine, you can feel the benefit of a workout band whenever it’s on.

What kinds of workouts you do can also make a difference in your waist training results. While everyone should stick to an intensity level that is healthy for them, you’ll get the best results if you do a mixture of cardio, strength training, and stretching and balance exercises. Do routines that work out all of your major muscle groups, including your core, back, legs, butt and upper body.

High intensity interval training (HIIT), varying degrees of medium to high intensity cardio, and strength training are especially effective at burning excess fat and toning muscle. These will give you the fastest, most dramatic results when paired with your waist training regimen.

Check out some of our favorite waist training workout routines:

For the best results, try to do 5 half-hour workouts per week, at least. While you can do more if desired, that is generally enough to create noticeable results. Don’t skip out on resting and stretching so that your muscles can rebuild, and you don’t get injured. Talk to a certified personal trainer or fitness coach if you feel like you’d benefit from a personalized plan.

3. Try different styles

Which waist trainer is best?

One way to keep your waist training routine dynamic and to achieve more results is by rotating through different waist trainers. Having several styles in your wardrobe is a surefire way to keep all of your garments clean and to always have the perfect foundation no matter what you’re wearing.

To start, you’ll benefit from having at least one everyday waist trainer that you can wear at work or at home, and other workout waist trainer for your exercise routine. Workout bands are cut shorter and are designed to provide compression during rigorous movement for shorter periods of time, while everyday waist trainers usually are a bit longer and can be easily concealed underneath everyday attire. They can also be worn comfortably all day.

If you want to mix things up, you can try several other waist training styles and products:

Vest-style waist trainers: These function similarly to band-style waist trainers and sit under the bust, but they include shoulder straps and provide more coverage for the back. Vest waist trainers are ideal if you desire more support for the bust or more coverage for the upper back (an excellent way to conceal “bra bulge”). They come designed for everyday use or for workouts.

Steel-boned corsets: You can step up your waist training practice with firm compression that comes with this traditional, sexy style. Unlike other waist trainers, which keep their shape and compression using a firm latex core, steel-boned corsets use steel boning to keep your midsection in check. You tighten them using laces at the back of the garment, which can provide a firmer cinch and more dramatic results. You can enjoy the benefits of this style of garment whether you use it occasionally as part of your waist trainer rotation, or you want to commit to a higher compression routine every day.

Velcro closure workout bands:If you’re looking for a fast, convenient and effective way to step into your workout routine every day, you’ll love Velcro workout bands, which allow you to customize your fit in a snap. You’ll get maximum compression for your workouts, ensuring maximum results.

Maximum compression: Some waist trainers are designed with maximum compression, so you can really create the “wow” factor on special occasions. For dramatic results, go for a waist trainer that combines the power of latex with multiple strips of steel boning, like the Unbelievable Curves Maximum Compression Waist Trainer by Hourglass angel HA114.

4. Incorporate healthy lifestyle habits

What results can I expect from waist training?

No matter what waist trainer you use and how often you wear it, your results will either be limited or increased by your lifestyle. In addition to regular, fat-burning workouts, these lifestyle habits will amplify your waist training results.

Hydration: You are going to be sweating more, so drink lots of water—at least half and ounce to an ounce per pound of water weight. This will have a host of benefits, including keeping your appetite satiated, helping you stay alert and energized, regulating your digestion, and making your skin look more soft, smooth and glowing. Avoid the extra calories and the dehydration that can come with sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol.

Sleep: Not only should you sleep for your regular 8 or so hours, but try to keep on a consistent schedule each night. This helps you stay energized and on track with your goals, avoid bad habits, and even maintain a healthy metabolism.

Nutrition: This almost goes without saying, but you will not successfully slim down your waistline without a nutritious diet. Having said that, avoid “diets” that deprive you of nutrients, and stick to whole, unprocessed foods—and especially avoid added sugar! Eat 5–6 meals throughout the day (which will be more comfortable than large meals when you are waist training), and try to consume a good balance of healthy carbohydrates, protein and fats. Talk to a certified nutritionist if you need help creating a meal plan that works for your unique dietary needs.

Stress reduction: While stress in itself is unavoidable, do what you can to lessen its effects. Unmanaged stress can lead to weight gain and other physical health issues that can put a damper on your results. Working out is one powerful stressbuster, but there are many others, including calming hobbies, relaxation exercises, deep breathing and having adequate social support.

5. Track your progress

How long does it take for a waist trainer to show results?

One simple but powerful way to increase your waist training results is to track your progress as you go. When you see yourself in the mirror every day, it can be difficult to tell how your body is changing. But if you take photos and waist measurements, the progress becomes more obvious. Seeing how powerful waist training can be can help you stay motivated and inspired to stick with it for the long-term.

When you first start, take a waist measurement using vinyl or fabric measuring tape, just above your belly button. Also try taking a picture of yourself in the mirror, showing your bare midsection. (You don’t have to share it, but sometimes it’s more motivating if you do!) Take a photo and a waist measurement once a week for a couple of months, wearing the same clothes and standing in the same place, with the same lighting. You may be surprised at what you see!

For progress inspiration, be sure to check out our Waist Training Before and After Gallery, which showcases the results of women of every shape and size.

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