Comfortable Shapewear Pieces Every New Mom Needs | 4 Gift Ideas for New Moms

Posted by Hourglass Angel on May 13th 2021

Comfortable Shapewear Pieces Every New Mom Needs | 4 Gift Ideas for New Moms

Posted by Hourglass Angel on May 13th 2021

When you’ve been through a pregnancy and childbirth, you may be wondering how and when your body will get back to “normal.” What that means can be different for everyone, but for most women it can take some time!

Pregnancy stretches your body out for about nine months, so it should be no surprise that it takes a while to recover. That’s why shapewear can be a big benefit to a new mom at any stage.

But not just any piece of shapewear will do. Moms want to feel confident and sexy, but with a newborn to care for, they also want to be comfortable! Fortunately, there are some effective shapewear options that are flattering, soft and breathable for postpartum women.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms or you’re a new mom yourself who wants to look and feel her best during the postpartum phase and beyond, we have four types of comfortable shapewear pieces every new mom needs.

How Soon After Birth Can I Wear Shapewear?

Before jumping into the gift ideas and suggestions for postpartum shapewear pieces, we’ll answer the FAQ about how soon after birth it’s okay to wear shapewear.

Depending on what piece you have, you can start wearing it as soon as you feel comfortable! In general, the more recent the birth, the gentler you’ll want to be with your garment’s compression level. But compression can be a good thing when you’re recovering and can provide some support and relief. A belly-binding garment’s compression helps you sweat more and release swelling and toxins, while holding your stretched-out muscles in place while they heal naturally. Some women also find that the compression feels soothing during this time. It can also support your back while your core strengthens and your posture improves.

Always listen to your body and don’t push yourself beyond what is comfortable. Be especially gentle if you have any stitching like from a C-section. When in doubt, ask your healthcare provider for advice about what’s best in your situation.

Gift Idea #1 - Adjustable Waist Trainer

When recovering from a pregnancy, your midsection may need some extra attention. Using a compression garment not only makes your waist look slimmer, but as discussed above, it can also aid in the recovery process. Compression around your core is a tried-and-true postpartum practice that stimulates heat in your core and holds it in place while it heals.

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To be comfortable in a postpartum waist trainer, you’ll want to be sure that it is adjustable. Most latex waist trainers are designed to “size down” with you as your midsection contracts. If you have a significant amount of weight you want to lose following a pregnancy, choose a garment with extra rows of hook-and-eye closures or a Velcro closure.

Our postpartum favorites include:

Curve Creator Workout Band by Hourglass Angel HA101: This workout band ramps up thermal activity and stimulates sweat around the sides, belly and back, so you can feel it working. It’s ideal to wear during exercise—even a brisk walk in the stroller. Get hourglass curves fast with the double Velcro closure; just pull the sides together and go. As you size down and get more comfortable in the waist trainer, adjust the level of compression and see the results.

Size Me Down Adjustable Waist Trainer by Hourglass Angel HA113: This adjustable waist trainer is made with four rows of large hooks, giving you the flexibility to wear it at the level you want it and size down with it as your waistline shrinks. We designed this as an ideal option for beginners and new moms who want to ease into a waist training practice.

Best Waist Trainer by Hourglass angel HA102: Designed for women of every shape and size from XXS to 5XL, this waist trainer instantly shrinks the midsection. Three rows of large hook-and-eye closures create a strong, secure fit that you can customize for your comfort and shaping goals. It sizes down over time, making it an ideal choice for moms in the postpartum period and beyond.

Gift Idea #2 - Tummy Control Panties

New moms want comfy panties and ways to keep their tummies in check, which is why tummy control panties are a must-have. With a high waist cut, they can provide gentle compression around the whole midsection, which eliminates love handles, muffin top and tummy pooch.

No matter what stage you’re at postpartum, you can always benefit from shaping panties, which smooth out the waist and help any outfit look more flattering. Here are some favorites that new moms love:

Peachy Soft Shapewear Brief by Bewicked 2008: The high waist design of this shaping panty provides full coverage for the midsection, front and back, as well as from just below the bust down to the hips. Mesh in the back of the brief makes it more breathable without sacrificing shape around the hips and butt. It’s an ideal shaper for everyday attire as well as for the office and special occasions.

High Waisted Boy Shorts by Slim Me MSM-105: Lightly shape and slim your figure with these comfortable boy shorts. The support panels across the midsection smooth your abdomen, while the seamless design creates a sleek look.

Convertible Panty Shaper by Vedette 210: This is a versatile panty shaper that creates curves comfortably and confidentially. The light but firm latex core ensures results and comfort. Coverage reaches from just beneath the bust through the panty area. Wear it with straps for extra support.

Gift Idea #3 - Butt-Lifting Leggings

Many new moms would be lost without their leggings! They’re comfortable, flattering and stylish when worn thoughtfully. Butt-lifting leggings are an easy way to firm up your shape and enjoy extra support while cozying up with your little one. Enjoy them with your most comfortable tops or use them to dress up. You can also benefit from wearing compression leggings as you start up your exercise routine.

Classic Black Butt-Lifting Leggings by Bon Bon Up 1062: These figure-lifting leggings are an essential wardrobe item for the postpartum period and beyond. Functioning like shapewear, they effortlessly lift and firm the butt without padding. They also smooth the legs and hips while providing slimming and coverage around the lower half of the waist.

Bon Bon Up Black and Blue Leggings 1067: Being active is an important part of slimming down your figure, which is why these workout leggings are a favorite among new moms and others. They offer multiple benefits, including reducing the appearance of love handles and muffin top while lifting and sculpting the rear. There’s no need to wear multiple garments when this one does it all.

And if you love the results you get with leggings, you may also want the benefits of butt-lifting jeans like the Flawless Butt-Lifting Jeans by Hourglass Angel 3810. Specially designed seaming lifts and rounds the butt, while a high waist eliminates trouble areas around the midsection. With stretchy, curve-creating denim, these jeans are the most flattering and comfortable you’ll find.

Gift Idea #4 - Bust & Back Support

You don’t just gain weight around your midsection when you’re pregnant; you get lots of extra curves in your breasts too! New moms may find that they need extra support in the bust and coverage for the upper back in order to feel most comfortable and eliminate any “bra bulge” they can experience, especially if breastfeeding.

Shapewear with back and bust support comes with straps and can be paired with your favorite bra (perfect for nursing). It also covers the upper back so that you’ll feel confident in tighter-fitting tops.

Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel HA103: If you love the idea of waist training and desire that extra support for the bust and back, this waist trainer is the ideal solution. It is designed with thin shoulder straps for added support. Like any good waist trainer, it instantly slims the midsection and is reinforced with flexible steel boning. Adjust the compression level with the hook-and-eye closures.

Firm Control Body Shaper Thong or Panty by Ann Chery 4012: This shaping garment does it all: with three slimming layers, it creates a firmed and flattened midsection and a visibly reduced waistline along with bust support and coverage for the back. You can choose a thong or panty back to customize your style and comfort.

Best Body Shaper by Vedette 104: This full-body shapewear provides all-over compression for a beautiful figure. It not only smooths and controls the abdomen and thighs, but also provides coverage and support for the back. The straps provide extra lift and support for the must, making this a must-have for anytime a new mom wants to dress to impress.

The Best Postpartum Shapewear

The postpartum stage is one where moms deserve to look and feel their best! For a full selection of curated, high quality shapewear, check out our postpartum waist trainers as well as other options designed with new moms in mind.