How to Stick to Waist Training

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Sep 17th 2020

How to Stick to Waist Training

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Sep 17th 2020

Waist training can be a great practice to supplement your weight-loss or slip-down strategy, whether you’re trying to lose the baby weight or want to focus on toning your waistline. But the practice of wearing a waist trainer every day is a serious commitment – which means that in order to see the best results, you’re going to need a plan for how to stick with it.

Like any healthy lifestyle habit or routine, there are things you can to do set yourself up for success with waist training.

Fortunately, waist training is a lot of fun and will help you LOVE the way you look. Following a few tips on how to stick to waist training -- and thinking through your plan – is essential for getting the slim waistline you’ve been dreaming of.

How Do I Make My Waist Trainer More Effective?

If you’re a beginner at waist training, the first step to success is finding a waist trainer or two that you love wearing every day.

Your waist trainer should fit perfectly and help your figure look stunning no matter what you’re wearing over it. This will help you want to wear it every day. Be sure to follow our sizing charts and take correct measurements before you order.

Here are a few questions you should consider when shopping for waist trainers:

Are you looking for a garment to wear under your everyday clothes, or a workout waist trainer? Workout bands and athletic waist trainers are constructed to be worn during vigorous activity, while everyday waist trainers are designed to be worn all day.

Do you want something colorful you can show off, or something discreet you can hide?There are many colorful prints available, particularly in workout waist trainers that are designed to draw attention. If you want to conceal your waist trainer, be sure to choose a black or beige one.

Do you want maximum slimming power and support, or something lighter or more breathable?There are varying degrees of compression available in waist trainers. The higher the compression, the more dramatic results you’ll get. The less compression, the more comfortable you’ll be wearing the garment all day.

Do you want additional support for your bust and coverage for your upper back?If so, you may want a vest-style waist trainer.

Are you hoping to slim down dramatically, or are you just wanting to enhance the curves you already have?If you have big slimming goals, then you may want a waist trainer with more adjustable space for slimming down.

Do you have an unusually long or short torso?
If so, you may want to consider waist trainers that either provide full abdomen coverage or are cut short for petite women.

Do you need a plus size?Then be sure to check out the options that are designed with the plus-size woman in mind.

Need a few options to get started? Here are some of our recommendations for beginners:

Best Waist Trainer by Hourglass Angel HA102

Curve Creator Workout Band by Hourglass Angel HA101

Hourglass-Effect Waist Trainer by Hourglass angel HA105

Getting Started with a Waist Training Regimen

Once you’ve got your perfect waist trainer, it’s time to start wearing it!

When you first start out, you’ll want to start waist training gradually. Wear your garment for just an hour or so to start. Then gradually add more time each day.

This process ensures that your waist trainer breaks in and also helps you grow accustomed to the way it feels. Sitting or standing for several hours with your back straight and your tummy tucked in can be an adjustment! It’s a bit like breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Your goal should ultimately aim to wear a waist trainer for 8–12 hours a day. If it helps, you can break up your time in the waist trainer into shorter sessions in one day when you’re getting started. But after a few weeks, you should feel pretty comfortable wearing it all day. You’ll forget it’s even there (except when you see your fabulously curvy self in the mirror).

For the best results, we recommend using both an everyday waist trainer and a workout band. The workout band will help you get more out of your workouts by stimulating heat in your core and helping you sweat harder. By alternating between your workout band and everyday waist trainer, you’ll ensure that you always have a fresh garment and are making the most of your time.

How Long Do You Have to Wear a Waist Trainer to Wear Results?

This is the million-dollar question! How long it takes to see results depends on several factors, including your goals, your lifestyle habits and how committed you are to waist training.

For example, someone who has big weight-loss goals and is fully dedicated to waist training along with a drastic change in lifestyle habits is going to see results very quickly. If you are just making minor tweaks to your lifestyle and habits, it will take longer.

In general, if you go from not waist training at all to an everyday commitment to waist training, you may start seeing results in a few weeks. The best way to tell is to track your progress with weekly photos and waist measurements.

To get an idea about your possible results, be sure to check out our before and after gallery, which tracks the progress of women of all shapes and sizes over eight weeks of waist training.

Tips for Sticking to Your Waist Training Habit

Just like any healthy lifestyle practice, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success on your waist training journey.

Track Your Progress

Seeing how you change can motivate you to stick with it, especially when you’re first starting out! Starting from day one, take weekly progress photos at the same place, in the same outfit, with the same lighting. For added motivation, share your progress on social media using #BeTheHourglass, and you’ll have a support community cheering you on!

Set Out Your Waist Trainer Ahead of Time

Visual cues to stick with new habits are powerful. Place your waist trainer somewhere where it will remind you to put it on when you get dressed. For example, you can hang your workout band next to your bed to remind and motivate yourself to get up and work out first thing the morning.

Waist Train with a Friend

Not only is it helpful to have some accountability, but it’s a lot more fun to do waist training with a friend! This is especially effective if you have an event like a wedding that you’d like to prepare for together. Check in with each other and see how it’s going, share your results, and encourage one another for the progress you make!

Incorporate Waist Training into a Healthy Routine

You’re more likely to stick with waist training for the long-term if you make it a habit that you don’t even have to think about. It works best when done in conjunction with other lifestyle habits including healthy eating and exercise. Stack your healthy habits together and watch the effects snowball. For example, you could create a morning routine that included putting on your workout band, drinking a glass of water, doing your workout, drinking a smoothie you prepped the night before, and then getting ready for the rest of the day—completing your outfit with your waist trainer as the foundation.

Reward Yourself

Once you start seeing progress with waist training, be sure to treat yourself! That doesn’t necessarily mean getting a giant milkshake…but it could mean that you order that next level waist trainer or corset you’ve been eyeing, or the workout gear you want. Be proud of yourself and keep yourself engaged with appropriate rewards.

What Should You NOT Do While Waist Training?

In addition to getting into some good habits and practices, there are a few things you should not do if you want to stick with waist training and get the best results.

Don’t compare your progress to other people’s: Remember, everyone is different when it comes to waist training results. Just because someone else sees quicker progress doesn’t mean that you’re not making any.

Don’t expect to see great results when you’re not living a healthy lifestyle: Waist training is not magic. It works best when you are also eating a balanced, nutritious diet and are exercising regularly.

Don’t quit when you get off track: everyone has a few bad days. If you skip a day, or even a few days, that won’t significantly derail your results—especially if you recommit yourself to your goals.

Don’t disrespect your body: appreciate it for the journey it’s on! Be patient and love your body at every stage of waist training you’re in. You’ll be much happier with your results if you love what you already have.

How to Stick to Waist Training, Starting Today

As experts in waist training, we want to see you succeed! Check out all of our waist training options and let our expert stylists know if you have any questions.