The Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Dec 26th 2018

The Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Dec 26th 2018

Muffin top: it’s one of the most common and most dreaded wardrobe malfunctions you can have.

It happens when you put on your pants, a skirt, or even panties, and your flesh at the midsection is shaped into a muffin-like shape above the waistband. It’s annoying because no matter what type of top you wear, it’s very difficult to conceal the bumps underneath.

That is, unless you use shapewear.

Fortunately, there are a variety of styles that are proven to be best shapewear for muffin top. Whether you needs some light smoothing of lumps and bumps, or if you need some powerful waist-sculpting, there’s an anti-muffin top shaping solution that will meet your needs.

Shaping Panties

One type of shapewear that everyone should have in their wardrobe is shaping panties. These garments are comfortable enough to wear all day and are versatile under a variety of styles, from casual clothes to office attire.

You’re going to be wearing panties anyway, so why not use some that you can feel confident in? We have a couple of favorites that you can rotate through your wardrobe.

High Waist Control Panties by Spanx 2746 smooths your silhouette and prevents muffin top underneath skirts, dresses, work attire or your everyday outfits. Constructed with a lightweight synthetic fabric blend, they feel light and comfortable, even in warmer weather. A no-slip strip keeps the waistband in place all day. And with a seamless design, you’ll enjoy flexibility and invisible under your clothes.

We also love High Waisted Boy Shorts by Slim Me SM-105 for their tummy-taming power. Support panels across the abdomen keep muffin top in check, while a seamless design makes this garment invisible under clothes. You’ll also get the added benefit of a firmer butt!


Another shapewear style that is a simple solution for muffin top is camisoles. Shaping camis are incredibly versatile for layering under casual and business styles. Many have an open-bust design that you can pair with your favorite bra, for a customized fit and a smooth foundation under many types of outfits.

Camis are also easy to grab and throw on when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to fuss about your outfit. We have a couple of favorites.

The Thermal Control Tank by Dianne 2205 is much more than a simple tank top. It uses a tummy control panel and a seamless design to prevent muffin top and keep your whole midsection in check—even your sides and your back. So you can feel confident that muffin top won’t pop up even in tight pants. Simply tuck this cami in, and you’ll be covered.

Another favorite cami is the V-Neck Slimming Tank by TrueShapers 1370. This tank look great on several different body types. It can also be worn on its own, and the V-neck top flatters the bustline. With adjustable straps and a seamless design, it lays beautifully as a bottom layer under many styles of tops, including sheer. And with its smoothing power, it will naturally keep muffin top in check so that you will have a smooth midsection from bust to hip.

Waist Cinchers

If you want more targeted waist-slimming power along with your muffin top prevent, you’ll want to have a waist cincher in your wardrobe (also known as a waist trainer). This style of garment will dramatically pull in your waist and create an hourglass figure, while preventing the dreaded muffin top effect.

Waist cinchers are one of our most popular styles of shapewear, so we have many to choose from! We recommend several for everyday wear.

The highly rated Clasica Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2021 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to waist-slimming power. It uses high compression to slim your waist into a smaller size. As one of our longer waist trainers, it will provide coverage all the way to your hips, effectively preventing muffin top no matter what you’re wearing.

Some people prefer a vest-style cincher, which provides additional support for the breasts and coverage for the upper back. The Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel HA103 effectively slims the whole midsection and slims around the lower abdomen, sides and back, effectively preventing muffin top and helping your clothes to lie smoothly over hourglass curves.


Some occasions require you to get out the big guns with shapewear that sculpts and holds everything in place with maximum compression. Bodysuits will firmly smooth out any lumps or bumps and prevent muffin top no matter what you’re wearing.

We recommend bodysuits for when you’re wearing a really tight cut or need some powerful figure sculpting underneath styles that reveal your figure.

The Thermal Body Suit Plus Size, Rose 4505 by Co’Coon is an ideal solution for full-figured women. It uses a wide elastic band and two rows of flexible plastic garment in the bodice to keep it in place on top, while silicone-lined leg openings keep it in place on the bottom. You’ll get slimming for the whole midsection, and you won’t have to worry about parts of the garment sticking out or rolling up. It’s a truly fool-proof way to prevent muffin top.

If you want something that you can step right into, the Compression Garment Bodysuit by Vedette 134 brings the wow factor to your wardrobe. The bodysuit smooths back bulges and hips while flattening the abdomen. Say goodbye to any worry about muffin top, no matter what you’re wearing on top. Firm compression reshapes your whole figure from bust to hip and keeps it smooth under figure-revealing clothing.


Don’t forget—you can fight the battle against muffin top in your workout wardrobe as well! Women often make the mistake of wearing leggings that make muffin top worse. Or they just give up on flattering activewear altogether and opt for baggy gym clothes that just drag them down.

You can get a great workout and look great doing it! There are a couple of ways to prevent muffin top in your workout clothes.

First, get some leggings that not only enhance your workout but also enhance your figure. Butt Lifting Leggings by Bon Bon Up use an internal girdle to firm and lift your butt, while a high waist cut keeps your midsection tight and tucked in. Not even your hardest workouts will cause any flesh to peek out and created the dreaded muffin top.

If you want some extra waist-slimming, with the added benefit of a sweatier and more intense workout, then consider at a waist trainer to your workout routine. The Latex Workout Band Curve Creator by Hourglass Angel HA101 goes on quickly with a double Velcro closure and stays put throughout your workout routine. Pair it with workout leggings for a great workout and a great look that keeps your midsection in check.

Other Wardrobe Tips for Preventing Muffin Top

While you shouldn’t be concerned if you’re wearing the best shapewear for muffin top, there are some additional styling tips that can help as well.

One of the easiest style solutions is to wear pants with a high waist. Hip-huggers are out. Smart, high waist pants and skirts are in, so take advantage of the trend, which effectively hides your lower abdomen and prevents muffin top.

Did you know that you can get jeans that enhance your figure, even without shapewear? Dark Skinny Butt-Lifting Jeans by Bon Bon Up 3807 use stretchy denim and Brazilian-style seaming to create enviable curves and a tiny waistline. They are cut with a wide waistband that stretched up to the natural waist. This design effectively hides any chance of muffin top and creates a more dramatic hourglass shape, complete with a fuller, firmer butt.

Shaping leggings can create a similar effect. The Booty Leggings with Waist Trainer by Bon Bon Up 1071 brings the best of shapewear styles together with a waist-slimming, butt-lifting garment that will be your go-to leggings under long sweaters and tops. The attached waist trainer ensures your slimmest waistline—and of course, there’s nowhere for a muffin to even emerge!

Lastly, it’s worth the effort to know how to dress for your figure and enhance your best features. Not everyone is built the same way, so different types of shapewear and outerwear styles are going to flatter some people more than others. Read more about How Shapewear Works and What’s Best for Your Body Type.

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We hope you’ve discovered the many solutions to muffin top in our wide selection of quality, curated shapewear, from the shapewear experts here at Hourglass Angel. For more shaping options that target the waist and help prevent muffin top, you can browse our shop by solution, including waist slimming garments and shapewear that targets the lower abs.

Is there a particular occasion you’re dressing for or do you need styling help? Our expert stylists are here to help you with exactly that. Contact our team today for advice about styles, fitting and more, so that you can find the perfect shaping solution that enhances all of your best features, no matter what the occasion.