What Our Customers Think of the New Hourglass Angel Collection

Posted by hourglass angel on May 8th 2017

What Our Customers Think of the New Hourglass Angel Collection

What Our Customers Think of the New Hourglass Angel Collection

Posted by hourglass angel on May 8th 2017

What customers think about Hourglass Angel collection

At Hourglass Angel, we strive to make our shop the ultimate waist training destination. We’ve carefully curated the best brands and we carry multiple sizes, styles, fabrics and even colors of waist trainers.

But we still felt that we could offer more, and that’s why we worked tirelessly to produce the perfect waist trainer.

The perfect waist trainer is designed to create your ideal curves. It provides firm compression all day, no matter what your body type is. It can withstand heavy workouts while being soft and comfortable enough to wear no matter what the occasion. It works effectively and fast. And it is built to last so that you can continue using it throughout your slim-down journey.

We held nothing back when designing the Hourglass Angel waist trainer collection. We wanted to create products that would help you meet your goals with comfort, durability and flair.

And now, we’ve gotten feedback to affirm what we had hoped. Check out what our customers are saying about the Hourglass Angel Collection of elite waist trainers.

Fast Results Workout Waist Trainer

The Curve Creator Latex Workout Band was designed with the busy woman in mind. We know that getting a good workout in can be a time-crunch, and that’s why we developed a Velcro closure workout band that you can put on in a snap.

Not only does it make waist training convenient and easy from the very first time you try it on, we think you’ll start seeing fast results because you can customize the workout band to the exact compression you need. But don’t take our word for it.

Check out what customer Lakimyon had to say:

“I love it! I have see results in less than a week!”

It just goes to show that with dedication, you can start seeing results from waist training very quickly.

Other features we love about this waist trainer are two layers of thick Velcro to provide a strong, secure fit. No matter how intense your workout is, this band is not going anywhere. It will cause you to sweat harder, so you can maximize your workout with less effort. It comes in four bright colors including lime green, blue and purple; or to stay discreet you can stick with classic black.

Real Waist Training Solutions for Petite Women

One of the struggles we hear frequently is how few options petite women have when it comes to waist trainers. If you’re 5’2” or shorter, you may find that many regular sized waist trainers just don’t fit quite right. Because of their length, they can jab into your hips, your ribs or both. Not only is it uncomfortable when you have this kind of fit, it’s not going to give you the results you want.

The solution for petite women is simple: wear a waist trainer with a shorter cut! And that’s exactly what the Petite Latex Waist Trainer does.

Here’s what Emma C. had to say:

“Love how it fits. Love how it snuggles my belly and still able to work out with trainer.”

We wanted to create a product that would fit petite women well without sacrificing effectiveness. Since it is cut shorter than most other waist trainers, this petite garment will hug to your waistline, creating and instant hourglass effect unlike what you might have been able to achieve before. This can create a stunning effect on women who have short waists because your curves will look very dramatic.

Like most of this product line, this waist trainer is constructed with flexible steel boning, providing the ultimate waist slimming experience. In combination with a latex high compression latex core, this garment will not only take inches off of your waist immediately, but it will help you sweat harder around your midsection. This results in more effective workouts, whether you’re in hard core training or just taking a brisk walk. It really benefits everyone!
Firm Compression for All Curves

So many of our customers have told us that they wanted a better waist trainer for their unique curves. You asked, and we listened! We’re proud of this signature product that is designed for durability, maximum effectiveness and comfort in your busy lifestyle.

The Hourglass Latex Waist Trainer is constructed with flexible steel boning for an unbeatable firm hold, but unlike a steel-boned corset, it is versatile enough to use during workouts. The boning, in combination with a latex core, will stimulate thermal activity around your abdomen for more effective exercise. You can also wear it around the clock as a part of your everyday waist training routine.

The perfect fusion of materials and design lead to fast results.

Listen to what our customer Yasmin had to say:

“It hold my core tightly throughout the day but flexible enough for exercise. Immediately saw results after 3 days of use. The rows of hooks are a perfect distance apart so you get the most out of your waist trainer. The overall integrity of this product is great and I don't go a day without using it!”

Thanks for sharing, Yasmin! It thrills us to hear how high-quality waist trainers can create a difference so quickly.

One of our favorite features in this product is the three rows of hooks, as Yasmin was referring to. As your waist slims down you can tighten it up for the custom fit that continues to create the “wow” factor in your figure. And while it provides firm compression and maximum results, the cotton lining absorbs moisture and provides all-day comfort.

These are just the beginning!

Check out our full Hourglass Angel Collection shapers and accessories – and be sure to leave your own review if you're already wearing one!

We hope that you fall in love with Hourglass Angel waist trainers as much as these customers have. These are ideal for use as part of an ongoing waist training regimen, so be sure you are following our tips for making it work. If you have any questions about finding your perfect product and perfect fit, be sure to contact our team of expert stylists who are eager to help you meet your goals and achieve the figure of your dreams.