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    6 Exercises for Hourglass Figures


    If you naturally have an hourglass figure, you have a lot of great features but you might need some help in certain areas. Do you know how to target your workouts? Even if you exercise regularly, you can still struggle with the same stubborn problem areas.

    Typical trouble zones for hourglass figures include:

    • Thighs - Upper arms - Lower abdomen

    Combine Targeted Resistance Training and Fat-Burning Cardio

    If you want to transform your beach body, set aside two or three days a week to do the following exercises. Do the full set three times. Alternate this routine with two or three days a week of fat-blasting cardio for 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the results in only a few weeks!

    For these exercises you’ll need a low bench or high step and a pair of light dumbbells (less than 5 pounds). And, as with any workout routine, it’s best to speak to a physician first to ensure your health and capabilities before getting started.

    1. Lateral Step-Up Squat Press

    Bend your arms and hold your weights at shoulder height with your palms facing forward. Standing to the right side of the step, place your right foot flat on the step and lower into a squat. Then extend your legs and bring your left foot next to your right on top of the step while pressing your arms straight up overhead. Return to the starting position and repeat ten times. Do the same exercise on your left side.

    2. Rear Lunge Row Taps

    Stand behind the step holding your weights. Place your right foot on the step while holding the weights down in front of your shoulders with your palms facing in. Lower your legs into a squat. Extend your legs and bring the left foot up on the step while pulling your arms as if you’re rowing a boat, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position and repeat ten times. Do the same exercise starting with your left foot.

    3. Decline Pushups

    Start in a plank position with your feet up on the step and your hands on the ground, slightly wider than your shoulders. Perform a pushup while holding your abs tightly. Do 15 in a row. If this is too difficult, use a lower level step or start with your hands on the step and your feet on the ground. Try to avoid sagging your hips or pushing your neck forward.

    4. Alternating Skip-Ups

    Stand behind the step with your arms down at your sides. Put your right foot on the step and jump straight up, using your arms and left knee to propel you. This should all be one motion. Land back on the step with your right foot and step back down to the floor. Repeat with your left foot, and complete 15 times on each leg.

    5. Triceps Dip March

    Sit on the very edge of the stand, using your hands to keep your balance just outside your hips. Your knees should be bent at 90 degrees and your feet should be flexed so that just the heels are touching the ground. Pull your hips off the end and use small steps to move your feet out slightly farther. The farther away your feet are, the harder the exercise. Do a dip by bending your elbows and lowering your hips, while keeping your knees bent and your back close to the step. Return to the starting position by extending your arms and one leg. Repeat, alternating legs so that it looks like a march. Do 15 times for each leg.

    6. Single-Leg Bridge and Press

    Lie on your back holding your weights with your arms open to the sides of your shoulders, elbows bent at 90 degrees and palms facing down your body. Bend your left knee and place your heel on the step while extending your right leg straight up. Press down with your left foot and lift your hips into a bridge, while extending your arms straight above the middle of your chest and rotating your palms to face your head. Return to the starting position with control. Repeat ten times on your left side and then do ten on your right.

    Shop the best shapers for an Hourglass Shape!

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      Kim Kardashian’s Waist Training Secret Out

      The Trick to Being Shaped Like a Celebrity

      10617165_1538742499688162_293940569_nKim Kardashian made headlines last week on Instagram by endorsing waist training with an image of herself in shapewear! And she isn’t the only celebrity to rave about how much shapers can transform your body, which is why some news outlets are suddenly asking, “Are corsets making a big comeback?”

      While Kim Kardashian is famous (and certainly gorgeous), she’s also just a normal woman who’s had a baby and works hard to keep her weight down and her figure attractive. Women of her stature have access to world-class trainers and stylists, but guess what: they still need help! Luckily, waist training shapers, such as corsets, are an accessible solution for everyone.

      We’re thrilled that she and other celebrities have come clean about what makes them look fabulous, whether they’re on the red carpet or at the coffee shop. Waist training with quality shapewear isn’t something that should be a “secret” – it’s something exciting to share with all of your girlfriends!

      So does it really work? Absolutely! Women have been reshaping their midsections with corsets and other waist-training garments for centuries. These methods have stuck around because their effective. But unlike with old-fashioned corsets, you don’t have to worry about cutting off your circulation in something that your great-grandmother might have worn. Today’s waist trainers are comfortable, stylish and sexy. (Just look at the pic Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram!)

      There are several ways waist training works:

      1.  Instant Slimming: While sustainable weight loss takes time, you don’t have to wait to see the effects of a midsection shaper! You can drop a size or two the instant you put it on.

      2. Works Up a Sweat: With firm compression around your midsection, your skin will sweat in your target area!

      3. Corrected Posture: A midsection shaper helps to correct your posture so that you stand up straighter and more confident.

      4. Reduces Overeating: Do you know that feeling when you’ve eaten too much and you want to loosen your pants? When you’re wearing a midsection shaper, your stomach won’t be able to expand as much, so you’ll feel full and less likely to overeat.

      So now you’re in on Kim’s little secret! Take a look at our wide selection of midsection shapers and discover how you can transform your body to look like an hourglass.


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        8 Reasons to Own Leg Shapers


        Did you know your legs can be one of your most attractive assets? Even if you don’t naturally have long and slender legs, shapewear in combination with flattering attire can do wonders for your lower half! And if you do have long and slender legs, shapers can help you best emphasize that feature. So quit hiding behind baggy pants and feel confident and comfortable in fitted outfits.

        Here are eight reasons why you should have leg shapers in your wardrobe.

        Slenderize Your Legs

        When it comes to legs, you want to emphasize everything slender and trim. Shapers do just that, no matter what size or shape your legs are. You may even drop a size or two in an instant.

        Support and Sculpt Your Legs

        Not only do legs shapers make your legs look leaner, but they sculpt and support them as well. You’ll have a great shaped legs, and they’ll feel less fatigued at the end of a long day.

        Shape Your Silhouette

        When it comes to the figure of your silhouette, your legs make up about half of it! Your sexy figure wouldn’t be complete without sculpted legs at the base.

        Support Your Lower Abdomen, Thighs and Hips

        Most leg shapers have the added benefit of providing support and shape for these other essential parts of your figure. You’ll have an all-around shapelier look for your lower half.

        Be Long and Lean

        You don’t have to be a runway model to achieve that long and lean look for your legs. Use a legs shaper underneath high-waisted pants or skirts and immediately look like your legs and long and slender.

        Look Taller

        You don’t have to be tall to look tall. Use the slenderizing effects of leg shapers to create a longer, leaner figure. You’ll look inches taller and slimmer in an instant.

        Eliminate Muffin Top

        With most leg shapers, you won’t have to worry about what goes on above your waistline. Choose a shaper with midsection control, and enjoy a curvy and smooth look like an hourglass, without muffin top.

        Correct Your Skin

        Some leg shapers are designed to battle cellulite by increasing perspiration in target areas. So you can look great even when the shaper comes off, with improved appearance on the surface of the skin.

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          The Best Activewear for an Active Life

          Fashionable & Effective Apparel in the Gym and Out

          If you’re an active woman, what you wear during your workouts is just as important as your professional, dressy, or casual attire. Activewear that effectively enhances your performance is essential, and it’s all the better if it’s stylish and highlights your body’s best features.

          We’ve got what you need to be fashionable at the gym as well as at the park, on the trail, or anywhere else you want to show off a sporty look. Plus, you’ll be working your muscles to their fullest potential and targeting stubborn body fat.


          Sweat It Off Anti-Cellulite Tank by Delfin Spa paired with Ultimate Performance Racer Back Sports Bra by Game Gear HT260

          A good workout can turn into a great one when you have upper body support that aids with your form and posture. This anti-cellulite tank helps you amp up your perspiration so you can make the most out of your workout, while the sports bra keeps your chest area feeling dry and your back muscles uninhibited. Together they provide ultimate shaping and support for your torso so you’ll look hot no matter which way you move.


          Bio-Ceramic Calf Sleeves by Delfin

          Are you envious of women with great calves? These sleeves will help you maximize the effectiveness of your calf workouts by creating compression and thermal activity. These are a great option whether you’re an avid runner or gym-goer and you want to improve your performance.


          Curve Appeal Black Body Shaping Leggings by Bon Bon Up

          Your collection of activewear wouldn’t be complete without a pair of great leggings. These shaping leggings discreetly sculpt your waist, hips, butt and thighs so you’ll feel confident and attractive. They’re ideal whether you’re lifting, running, doing yoga, or even running errands.


          Mineral Motion High-Waisted Capris by Delfin Spa

          Boost your workout with mineral-infused fabric! The unique compression technology helps you sweat, which can improve circulation. You’ll also look smooth and shapely from above your waist down to mid-calf, making these capris ideal for casual wear as well.


          Toning Shorts by Amia

          Work out harder and increase your caloric burn with these cutting-edge compression shorts from Amia. You’ll feel the burn and look fantastic by shaping your waistline, butt, hips and thighs.


          Essentials Crop Shapewear Pants Plus Size by Miraclesuit

          If you’re tempted to go to the gym hiding your figure in baggy clothes, these pants were made for you! Enjoy a smoothly contoured body including your waist, butt, hips and thighs, while benefiting from compression fabric to increase caloric burn. The control waistband keeps everything in place so you’ve got no worries no matter which way you bend and twist.


          Weather Endurance Compression Pants by Game Gear

          If you’re inspired to work up a sweat when the outdoor elements aren’t so inviting, these compression pants are a must-have. They’ll keep you warm and dry while improving your circulation. Rain, snow or shine, you’ll be ready to gear up and enjoy the weather.

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            8 Reasons to Own a Rear Shaper


            No matter what your shape or size, chances are you have wrestled with your wardrobe to make your butt look it’s best. It’s difficult because everyone is shaped differently. Unless you have a personal tailor, few articles of clothing are naturally going to fit well.

            That’s why every woman can benefit from a rear shaper. If you don’t have one in your dresser, here are some reasons that may convince you that you’re missing out:

            Enhance Your Rear

            Even if you work out every day, it’s difficult if not impossible to change the shape of your butt. Since very few women are naturally endowed with a perfectly round and firm shape, a rear shaper can save you a lot of fuss and make your butt look perfect in an instant.

            Shape Your Silhouette

            Your hourglass figure wouldn’t be complete without a round and smooth bottom half! A rear shaper completes the shape of your feminine silhouette.

            Help Your Clothes Fit Best

            Have you ever had the perfect pair of jeans that was comfortable and also highlighted your best features? With a rear shaper, you might discover that a lot more of your clothes fit like that! Clothes are designed to look good on mannequins, and a shaper can help your body be smooth and contoured in the same way.

            Slim Your Lower Abdomen

            One of the peskier areas in women’s figures is the lower abdomen, even if you’ve been diligently going to the gym. With most rear shapers, you’ll get the added benefit of slimming for your front too. Instant results, without the workout.

            Shape Your Hips

            It’s all part of the same package. A shaper that creates a firm and round butt also creates firm and curvy hips.

            Trim Your Tummy

            To provide a lift for your butt, many rear shapers provide coverage all the way to your waistline. So you’ll also enjoy smooth control for your tummy and midsection, for an all-around sleeker figure.

            Support Your Rear

            Let’s face it, for many women the butt can droop simply because it’s made of fattier tissue. It may not matter how firm your glutes are. Use a rear shaper and put aside your insecurities.

            Eliminate Muffin Top

            Complete your look from top to bottom with a rear shaper that provides smooth shaping starting at your midsection. You’ll never worry about any unsightly muffin top above your pants’ waistline again.

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              8 Reasons to Own a Hip & Thigh Shaper


              Whether you’re already familiar with the benefits of shapewear or you’re just starting to discover them, make sure you’ve got your wardrobe stocked with hip and thigh shapers. These garments are an indispensable part of perfecting your figure, whether you’re going to the gym or you’re dressing up in a formal gown.

              Here are eight reasons why these shapers should be an essential part of your collection:

              Slim Your Silhouette

              Having trouble squeezing into that cute skirt or those tight pants? Watch your lower half shrink a size or more in an instant with a hip and thigh shaper. You’ll enjoy an overall slimming effect.

              Support Your Lower Body

              Whether you spend all day on your feet or sit in an office chair, you can put a lot of stress on your pelvis, thighs and lower back. Work to fix that problem with compression fabrics that can provide support all day long. You might end the day feeling more energized and able to do what you love.

              Shape Your Thighs and Hips

              As the name suggests, these shapers mold your thighs and hips into an ideal shape. So whether you need to size down and smoothen your thighs, or give your hips a little more curve, there’s a shaper that can meet your body’s specific needs.

              Contour Your Figure

              Your figure won’t be flattened in a quality hip and thigh shaper. On the contrary, with the right shaper you’ll achieve a contoured figure with curves in all the right places. Your silhouette will never look sexier.

              Put an End to Thigh Rubbing

              Nothing makes a workout or time spent on your feet worse than the misery of chafing thighs! The solution to your discomfort is as simple as a thigh shaper.

              Slim Your Lower Abdomen

              Many hip and thigh shapers provide benefits all the way up to your waistline. Unlike some midsection shapers, these lower body shapers provide ultimate slimming effects for that pesky area in the lower abdomen.

              Correct Visible Panty Lines

              Never worry about bending over again, because with a seamless hip and thigh shaper, there’s no panty line to reveal.

              Enhance Your Rear

              You give attention to your bustline with nice bras; so why not do the same for your backside? Many hip and thigh shapers are designed to give the rear a firm and round lift. You’ll enjoy a sculpted look you might not have thought possible, perfect for those fitted pants and skirts.

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                8 Reasons To Own a Midsection Shaper


                Every fashion-conscious woman knows that a midsection shaper is a key component to a tasteful wardrobe. But many don’t know that midsection shapers go way beyond just making you look slimmer around the midsection. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from a midsection shaper. Once you add this essential shapewear to your wardrobe collection, you may wonder why you ever went without one!

                Posture Correction

                Midsection shapers help your spine to stand straight and tall. Straight posture is essential to your short- and long-term back health! When standing with good posture, you’ll not only feel more energized, but you’ll look more poised. A midsection shaper may transform the way you look and feel with posture correction alone!

                Postpartum and Postsurgical Support

                Midsection compression can be an integral part of recovering from childbirth or abdominal surgery. It can reduce swelling and aid your abdomen in regaining its shape.

                Waistline Enhancement

                This may go without saying, but nothing works better than a midsection shaper in enhancing a feminine waistline and eliminating any problem spots like love handles and muffin top. You may drop a couple of sizes as well!

                Thermal Activity

                One of the primary benefits of compression technology in shapewear is that it stimulates thermal activity in your target areas. This in turn increases perspiration and can maximize the effectiveness of your workouts!

                Back Support

                Many modern women spend long hours every day in an office chair, on their feet, and/or carrying children around on their hips. While you might be tempted to just “tough it out” when you experience the back pain that naturally results from these activities, you can instantly ease some of the stress on your body with a midsection shaper.

                Reduction of Overeating

                When you have firm compression all the way around your midsection, your stomach isn’t going to expand the way it might otherwise when you eat a lot. That means that you will notice more easily when you are full, and you won’t want to overeat.

                Building Confidence

                You know how great it feels when you know you look good. When you’re not constantly worried about how your body looks, you can focus your attention on other things.

                The Perfect Foundation for Every Outfit

                Have you ever noticed that clothes in a department always look good on a mannequin but don’t fit quite the same way when you try them on? Shapewear turns your body into a smooth, almost mannequin-like shape, so you can look great in every outfit!

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                  Ten Coordinating Shapers for the Perfect Hourglass Figure


                  Surefire Combos for Your Ideal Shape

                  Sometimes, obtaining the ideal figure for that special dress or those form-fitting pants requires a little thoughtful preparation when it comes to your shapewear. While many garments are versatile and work well on their own, they work even better when paired with another body shaping product. Try some of these combos for the perfect look in your most flattering outfits. You can also mix and match for your own custom shaping solution!


                  High Waisted Panty by Amia with Vedette Ivana Torsette Waist Cincher

                  With these two garments you can enjoy moderate control and shaping for your lower abdomen, hips and butt, in addition to firm cinching at your waistline. This combination is ideal for creating a tight and toned look from below the bust down to your hips. Both pieces are seamless, so they’ll fit together without a problem.


                  Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts by Delfin with Body Slimming Anti-Cellulite Gel by Co’Coon 

                  For your smoothest, firmest skin, sometimes you need to take out the big guns. Delfin’s compression shorts will enhance your workouts by increasing perspiration in your cellulite target areas, while the body slimming gel firms and improves the appearance of the surface of your skin. You’ll enjoy the confidence of having tight and toned skinned in all of your leg-baring attire.


                  Dana Mid-Thigh Buttock Enhancer with Front Closure by Vedette with Strapless Longline Bra by Dominique

                  Want a full-body makeover without pulling on a whole suit? Vedette’s buttock enhancer does wonders for your lower half, resulting in a shapely bottom with smooth thighs and hips. When paired with this strapless longline bra, you’ll enjoy extra slimming and support for your waist and torso with a nice boost to the bust. It’s a perfect solution for the little black dress or any form-fitting attire.


                  Vedette Amelie Open Bottom Mid Thigh Shaper with B.Wowd Push Up Bra by Wacoal

                  Sexy perfection from top to bottom starts with an incredible bra like this push up bra by Wacoal. Flexible, seamless design creates a lovely lift in the cleavage. Pair that with this mid thigh shaper and you’ll get a smooth hourglass from the bust all the way to mid-thigh, including a head-turning lift in the rear.


                  Toning Shorts by Amia with Workout Band by Ann Cherry

                  Your workouts just got a huge boost with cutting-edge compression technology from Amia and Ann Cherry. These shorts with this waistband will maximize your perspiration in your target areas, ensuring that your workout is working for you!


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                    Getting in Shape & Staying in Shape

                    5 Ways Shapewear Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle



                    You already know that quality shapewear can make you look great, as it discreetly shapes your figure to look like an hourglass. But did you know that certain shapers can contribute to an all-around healthier lifestyle?

                    In fact, shapewear encourages a healthy lifestyle and promotes weight loss in five key ways! If you’re trying to eat better and get more active – while ensuring you look great at the same time – be sure to include shapewear in your routine. Here’s why:

                    1. Shapewear discourages overeating

                    You’ll notice that when you’re wearing a garment that provides firm compression around your midsection, your stomach can’t expand as much. And that means you’ll eat less. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be hungry, but it does mean that you can have a stronger handle on compulsion eating, which is key for healthy weight loss. You’ll be more likely to simply eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full. This is an essential component to long-term weight loss and lifestyle change.

                    2. Shapewear motivates you

                    One of the great benefits of compression technology is that it produces noticeable results instantly! If you’re using a midsection shaper, you’ll quickly notice a reduction in inches. Nothing motivates to keep you going like real results.

                    3. Shapewear boosts your confidence

                    Even if you haven’t met your fitness goals yet, shapewear helps your clothes fit better, so that you look great no matter what your current size is. Feeling positive about your self-image is key to sticking with your lifestyle changes. With the ongoing confidence boost that shapewear provides, you’ll want to stay on track and see your goals to the end.

                    4. Shapewear paves the way to permanent change

                    If you’re serious about transforming your lifestyle habits, lasting change takes a lot of time and patience. Shapewear helps you enhance whatever progress you’ve made, whether you’ve got one more size you want to drop or four. You might want to be in a size 6 someday, but in the meantime you can still look fabulous in a size 8, size 14 or higher.

                    5. Shapewear helps you measure your progress

                    Speaking of sizes, did you know that shapewear helps you drop a size or two instantly? So go ahead and buy those smaller size clothes. You’ll enjoy fitting into them more naturally as you progress with your fitness plan. And if you’re wearing your shaper on a regular basis, your weight loss will be even more obvious to you. Those “Wow!” moments are super motivating!

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                      Transform Yourself. Motivate Others

                      Inspire Other Women with Your Shapewear Success


                      Do you absolutely love what high-quality shapewear does to your body image? If you’re like most women, you could probably rave about the instant boost in self-confidence you experience when you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel sexy and feminine from every angle, with every movement.

                      Once you figure out the ways you can shape up your silhouette, it’s hard to imagine dressing without your favorite shapers! And sometimes it’s hard not to share about your little secret with your best friends. After all, doesn’t it feel great to help them out – so they can feel the way you feel?

                      Pay It Forward

                      Imagine sharing your shapewear success not just with your best friends, but with many women. Just like you, they might need a little midsection support, a little boost in the chest, or a little control in the thighs. Wouldn’t you feel great knowing that your transformation could help motivate other women to transform themselves too?

                      Now is your chance! The world wants to see your success!

                      -        For the month of July, we’re inviting you to motivate and inspire other women with your incredible before and after photos.

                      -        All you have to do is send photos of your transformation: your silhouette before shapewear and after.

                      -        We may share your inspiring images through our social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.

                      We can’t wait to see the way shapewear is transforming the way women look and feel!

                      How To Get Involved

                      Simply email your before and after photos to transformation@hourglassangel.com. Don’t be shy! We’re looking for submissions from lovely women of every size and background. We know you’ve got the curves; now flaunt them!

                      Bonus: Win Free Shapewear!

                      Just for participating, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free shaping garment from Hourglass Angel. We’ll draw five winners at random on August 5, 2014.

                      So what are you waiting for? Share your transformation with the world and inspire others to achieve their own!

                      See Official Rules

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                        Target Your Problem Areas



                        Finding Shapers Designed Just for Your Body

                        Every woman is beautifully different. You have diverse shaping needs, which is why you have hundreds of options in shapewear to choose from!

                        Here are some tips to help you find the ideal shaper depending on your goals and trouble areas.


                        The options for trimming your waistline are almost endless. For a basic start, try a cincher that provides compression all the way around your torso and a smooth silhouette between the bustline and hips. You can also try one of our many selections of waist-training garments that are designed for sustained slimming with regular use. Body shapers and corsets also effectively flatten your tummy and slim off inches. For more casual control, try shaping camis or high-waisted shaping pants and leggings.

                        Shop: Midsection Shapers


                        You don’t have to worry about a pesky muffin top or any other embarrassing bulges on your back with the right smoothing shapewear. Try a bodysuit, corset or cincher with a high back so you can look smooth all the way around your torso. If you’re choosing a below-the-bust or open bust shaper, make sure the back goes over your bra line for completely smooth coverage.

                        Shop: Back Shapers

                        Hips and Thighs

                        Curvy hips are something you should flaunt confidently with the right smoothing and control. Try a bodysuit that extends to the thighs. You can also try compression panties, shorts or pants/tights. For dressing up, a shaping slip can do just the trick! We also have a variety of anti-cellulite garments that use compression technology to visibly improve the appearance of your skin.

                        Shop: Hip and Thigh Shapers


                        Need a boost in the rear? Try a variety of butt-lifting products including jeans, shorts and panties with extra support and padding for that round and lifted look. Many of our bodysuits also have rear-enhancing features that will provide your natural curves with a lift. If you want to decrease the attention to your rear, choose a garment with full coverage compression around your rear.

                        Shop: Rear Shapers


                        Compression pants come in a variety of lengths so you’ll enjoy long and sexy legs. Choose from garments that go to mid-thigh, knee, calf, or ankle. Anti-cellulite shorts and pants can also do wonders. Finally, have your tried working out in compression pants? It’s a great way to provide your muscles and skin with some extra toning.

                        Shop: Leg Shapers


                        Yes, we have solutions for arms too! Try a bodysuit with arm coverage, or shaping sleeves or bands. We also carry anti-cellulite and body-firming products.

                        Shop: Arm Shapers

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                          Five Incredible Facts About Midsection Shapers

                          Compression Goes Beyond Just Helping You Look Great


                          Do you enjoy the benefits of wearing midsection shapers or are thinking about getting one? Midsection shapers are known to make you look even more stunning for a big event or help you lose a couple of inches from your waist. But did you know that compression technology does more than make your dress fit better?

                          The various definitions for midsection shapers can be confusing, so here are a few terms sorted out. Fajas and cinchers are waist-slimming bands with various levels of compression; they sit below the bust and certain designs may have shoulder straps. Girdles, while very similar, are generally longer than cinchers and provide shaping from your bust to your hips. Waist-trainer garments are designed to be worn regularly to sustain loss in the waistline.

                          Midsection Shaper Benefits

                          1. Improved Posture

                          One instant benefit you’ll notice any time you’re wearing a midsection shaper is that you’ll automatically be sitting and standing straighter. Not only will you look more poised, but you’ll alleviate back pain by stabilizing weak muscles in the lower back and abdomen. A shaper can be a life-changing garment if you experience a lot of pain in your occupation – particularly if you do a lot of static sitting or standing.

                          2. Semi-Permanent Reshaping

                          Many women don’t know that some shapers have the power to reshape their figures over time. With regular use in as little as 30 days, regular wearers have reported sustained losses of one to four inches in their waistlines!

                          3. Abdominal Strengthening

                          Midsection shapers give your abs a little workout all day long. Firm compression engages your core and helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles. This muscle building also contributes to benefits 1 and 2 listed above. This can be a huge benefit if you’re in postpartum recovery!

                          4. Fat Mobilization

                          Many compression shapers are designs with thermal panels that increase the flow of heat in your midsection. Boosting thermal activity in your core increases blood flow and helps eliminate toxins – which with regular use means less amassed fat.

                          5. Mental and Emotional Boost

                          Compression around the midsection feels like a constant hug and may provide the emotional benefit of decreased generalized anxiety, panic attacks and depression. This is called deep pressure therapy. Women who wear shapers and experience the physical benefits like better posture also enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem.

                          As you browse all of your midsection shaper options, consider all the surprising ways that you could benefit!


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                            How to Look a Size Smaller in an Instant

                            Using Firm Compression to Drop Several Inches from Your Waist


                            Sometimes we all need a little help looking our best, whether dressing up in a formal gown for the big event or dressing sharp for that big presentation. If you need a dramatic effect around your waistline, firm control shapewear is the surefire way to get that hourglass figure in an instant.

                            Not only will firm compression garments provide immediate results as foundation pieces, but with regular use they can target your weight loss! Firm compression stimulates thermal activity and perspiration, which is an effective way to mobilize the fat and toxins that are hanging around your midsection.


                            There are several approaches to slenderizing your silhouette with maximum control. The most basic option is to use a band or cincher, which wraps around your waist beneath your bust. The Shapeband by Squeem and the Almighty Cincher by AMIA are two customer favorites that have proven results. Wear them around your waist for eight to ten hours a day every day, and you may drop one to four inches from your waistline! These shapers are ideal following pregnancy and are effective for getting rid of the pesky “pooch!”


                            Another option is a vest style cincher like the Almighty Vest by AMIA and the SlimVest by Squeem. These foundations pieces effectively provide instant slimming while contributing to long-term weight loss through compression. They utilize shoulder straps for extra support and control through the bust.


                            For a full-body makeover, try a firm compression shaper with extended coverage such as the Love Your Body Slimming Shaper by Leonisa and the Ann Cherry High Compression Bodysuit. You’ll get that effectively slimming firm compression in your waist as well as around your hips, butt and thighs.


                            And of course, you can’t beat the classic look and effectiveness of a corset as a foundation piece. We have a wide selection of these sexy shapers, including practical pieces like the Vedette Valerie Firm Compression Girdle, as well as a sexy look like the Slimming Waist Cincher with Latex by Leonisa.

                            So whether you’re trying to lose weight or you need a dramatic instant fix for your figure, we have the perfect firm compression shaper for your needs. Browse our maximum control selection or talk to a representative for more information.

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                              Shapewear for the Expectant Mom

                              Maternity Shaping Options for Pre- and Post-Pregnancy


                              Relieving Discomfort and Looking Fabulous in Through Pregnancy

                              Congratulations, mom-to-be! Whether this is your first pregnancy or a later one, you’re undoubtedly full of a range of emotions as you anticipate the growth of your belly and your family.

                              One of the fun parts of pregnancy is deciding what you’re going to wear! Just because you’re going to be much rounder in the coming months doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable and sexy, while staying comfortable.

                              Before you go on a maternity shopping spree, consider that a huge factor in looking and feeling great during pregnancy is what you’re wearing underneath your maternity outerwear. Maternity shapewear and support garments are designed for maximum comfort and help your growing body look smooth and attractive. They can even do wonders relieving common aches and pains you may experience during the later months.


                              Maternity Bras: Giving the Ladies a Lift

                              One of the first things you may notice within days of discovering you’re pregnant is tenderness and swelling in your breasts. Supportive maternity bras are an investment worth making early in the pregnancy because your breasts are only going to get larger and heavier. In fact, they’re a major contributor to back and shoulder pain if you wear the wrong bra.

                              Good maternity bras have wide, comfortable straps and full, supportive cups. Whether or not you should use bras with underwires is a personal preference. If your breasts are particularly tender, you may want to do without them.

                              TCompression Tops: Supported and Smooth Torso

                              Camis can be your best friend when you’re layering your outfits during pregnancy. A quality top provides enough compression to give your bust and your belly a lift and smooth your bump, without sacrificing comfort. If a top is long enough, you may even be able to pull it over your unbuttoned non-maternity pants and provide shaping and support for your hips.

                              Compression tops are also a must-have during the postpartum period. They’ll pull in all of the stretched out areas of your belly and provide light abdominal support while you heal and regain your pre-pregnancy shape. And if you plan on breastfeeding, you’ll love wearing compression nursing tops around the clock!

                              SSupport Bands and Belts: For Support and Relief

                              As your belly grows, you’ll discover just how taxing a tiny baby can be on your body. Stretching ligaments and extra weight can cause a variety of aches and discomforts, including low and middle back pain, round ligament pain, pelvic pain, varicose veins and swelling in your legs.

                              Support bands and belts can provide instant relief to some of these common conditions, particularly if you’re on your feet a lot. These garments come in a wide range of designs and strengths. Strong support belts effectively redistribute the weight of your belly to lessen whatever strains you’re experiencing. Some bellybands function fashionably, enabling you to wear your unbuttoned non-maternity pants under them.

                              After pregnancy you might also benefit from a postpartum belt or cincher to help you regain a slender shape as your body heals.

                              BCompression Bottoms: Additional Support Down Below

                              Depending on the season and how much extra support you want, you may benefit from maternity compression panties or stockings. Most provide the same benefits as abdominal bands but go a step further with support around your pelvic area and thighs. Stockings will also provide instant relief for swelling and varicose veins in your lower extremities.

                              Like much maternity shapewear, compression bottoms additionally work well in the postpartum period, improving your circulation and providing support as your body regains its shape.



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                                It IS Possible To Regain Your Waistline after Pregnancy!

                                Mom Bloggers Share Personal Success with AMIA’s Almighty Cincher.


                                Are you among the ranks of moms who experience endless frustration trying to regain their pre-pregnancy bellies? Whether your child is six months or six years old and beyond, regaining your figure and your self-confidence after childbirth can be downright difficult.

                                Diet and exercise are essential, but sometimes you need a little boost. These mom bloggers tried on The Almighty Cincher by AMIA and experienced incredible results! Here are their stories:

                                Manhattan mom Bryce from The Luxury Spot writes in “New Mom Essential for Every Stage” lists the Almighty Cincher as an essential item for new moms:

                                “Consider it a mommy corset that you wear around the house, while grocery shopping, breast feeding, whatever… It requires no real effort, and doctors have long suggested corseting to help train the uterus to more rapidly return to its upright and original position (with its tray table also stowed).”
                                Read the full article

                                Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review shares her personal success in “The Corset Diet: Does it Work?”:

                                “OK, this is the part where I tell you how utterly smitten I am with the Cincher. As soon as I put it on, I looked MAD FOIN – seriously, I looked teeny tiny, and every piece of clothing I tried on while wearing it looked super flattering. It gave me a delicious hourglass shape, like va va voom to the max!”
                                Read the full article

                                Ilaria from AKAMom writes about every mom’s battle in “The Return of the Waistline!”

                                “Luckily, finding a corset that works for you doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. With a mission to promote self-esteem and a positive body image, HourglassAngel.com not only sells corsets and cinchers that are quality, they also help sustain weight loss, improve posture, and boost overall confidence.”
                                Read the full article

                                Thanks to these moms for sharing their success with others! Have you tried a cincher like The Almighty Cincher by Amia after pregnancy? Let us (and other moms) know in the comments how it helped you regain your pre-pregnancy silhouette.

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                                  Finding the Right Shapewear After Your Cosmetic Surgery



                                  Bikini season is around the corner, ladies. If you take the opportunity during the colder months to surgically fix up your midsection or backside, you’re going to need some compression shapewear to help your body heal and look its best.

                                  Don’t just grab any type of shapewear. You’ll find that many pieces on the market are designed for “stage one” and “stage two” after surgery. You will need both for the duration of your recovery.

                                  Initially after a cosmetic surgery like a liposuction, tummy tuck or buttocks lift, you’ll experience swelling and drainage, depending on the type of surgery done. During those tender first days post-op, a stage one compression garment will help your body drain the fluids that collect beneath your skin. This is important because it minimizes bruising and the chances of infection. Compression flushing will also reduce swelling as your tissues heal, reducing the amount of pain you feel and leading to a shorter recovery period. Stage one garments are different from stage two because they provide gentle pressure and are sized slightly larger.


                                  For stage one, we recommend the First Stage Marena Suit with Suspenders and No Leg by Comfortwear FBA. This comfortable garment provides the gentle compression you’ll need to recover immediately after surgery. It zips on and off easily and has a hook-and-eye closure gusset for bathroom convenience. Constructed from F5 certified (high quality compression) fabric, its durability will last through the duration of your early recovery.

                                  Once most of your post-op swelling has reduced, you can switch to a stage two compression garment. The stronger compression and tighter fit will contour and shape your body, helping your tissues to adhere properly in their new positions. As scar tissue forms, particularly following a liposuction, ongoing compression will help subcutaneous tunnels stay collapsed – maintaining a smooth contour on the surface of your skin.


                                  For stage two, we recommend our best-selling Contour Shaper by Leonisa. This comfortable shaper provides moderate control from under your bust to your hips. Since you’ll be returning to your normal lifestyle during this phase of your recovery, this garment goes on and off easily, is breathable, and provides smoothing and control in all the right places.

                                  Ask your doctor about any compression specifications you’ll need following your cosmetic procedure. After surgery and using the right shapewear, you’ll feel more confident than ever in your own skin.


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                                    Squeem Review: The Squeem Compression Panty Shaper Delivers on its Promises



                                    A few months ago, I began to think about my New Year’s resolution and how I would go about achieving my goals. I have never kept a resolution – so this year I started planning early and thought of practical and realistic methods to achieve what I want. Right around that time, I invested in my first shaper. My New Year’s resolutions include changing my eating habits, develop a fun and productive exercise regimen, and simply feel better!

                                    I stand at 5’3”,weigh 135 pounds, and consider my trouble area to be around my belly. I decided to incorporate an abdominal shaper into my plan simply because it provides instant results. Select shapers contribute to long-term weight loss results, and the only reason I didn’t have one yet was due to a ridiculous notion that it is for older women.

                                    I selected a best-selling garment from Hourglass Angel, the Squeem Compression Panty Shaper. This is a maximum compression shaper infused with latex, and the inside is lined with cotton so it makes the shaper very comfortable. It’s a step-through garment that I will say is difficult to get on the first time, and can even leave you feeling that you ordered a size too small a size. That feeling goes away quickly as you become accustomed to the compression.

                                    The Compression Panty Shaper really feels comfortable and fitted while you’re actually wearing it, snug like a glove. My first day of ever wearing a shaper was Thanksgiving Day while I ate a large meal with family. Best or worst day to try it? I cannot complain, I must say it did not interfere with my indulgences, but did help me control the amount that I ate. The compression of the garment helped me in that it left me feeling full once I had ate a sufficient amount.

                                    The Compression Panty Shaper by Squeem was designed with adjustable and removable straps for extra support, and the whole thing stays in place no matter what I did in it (cooking, working, cleaning, shopping, dancing, walking the dog, and everything else). The underbust design gently pushes up the bottom of my bra and gives me the lift of wearing a pointed bra without the pointy shape. Otherwise, it is completely invisible under clothes so the shaper is my little secret. I look naturally leaner and toner!

                                    Simply put, Squeem delivers on its promises! I wore the Compression Panty Shaper as instructed, about 8-10 hours a day and my waist has reduced by 1.75 inches. This is due to garment increasing your thermal activity that helps you burn off extra calories. I did not feel hot or sweaty what so ever, which was a concern of mine. The Compression Panty Shaper pulls in the waist and flattens the tummy, which helped me keep my abdomen engaged all day working my core muscles. It also corrected my posture, which is not only for appearances, but relieves back pain. I feel stronger and more confident, and it shows!

                                    I feel confident about my resolutions this time because I have already invested in a helping hand to get me where I want. – M. James

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                                      Are you a cincher or a vest-er? Tips on the right midsection shaper for you



                                      HourGlass Angel sells a large variety of shapewear and so many options can make it all confusing. What is the difference between these products, and which is best for you? If you’re looking for a slimmer waist and tighter tummy with posture support, try a cincher or vest (especially if you’re a postpartum mommy looking for extra support for a changing body).

                                      For women with long or short torsos, you should stick with a cincher. Although vests come with adjustable straps, most are unable to accommodate atypical torso sizes and can end up riding up and shifting. Cinchers are typically the more versatile choice. The Almighty Cincher by AMIA slims the tummy and waist while lifting the chest with its underbust design. Its FlexiBoning supports your back, improves posture, and elongates the torso. The Almighty Cincher by AMIA provides long-term results with customers reporting a one to four-inch waist reduction after wearing the shaper eight hours per day for 30 days.

                                      Vests can also provide instant slimming while delivering long-term results. Shaping vests provide extra support via its straps and gives your bust an extra lift. In addition to smoothing out any back or underarm bulges created by a bra, vests can prevent rolling or sliding. Vests are also a wonderful tool in supporting a large and back for the ultimate relief during a long day. However, vests cannot be worn with strapless or thin-strapped tops like the cincher.

                                      The Almighty Vest by AMIA uses PoweLatex and FlexiBoning to sculpt inches from your midsection by increasing thermal activity in your core. This also supports long-term results, as customers have reported dropping up to four inches from their waists after a month of wearing as instructed. The Almighty Vest has extra fabric at the armholes to prevent any spillage or bulge from the bra.


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                                        The Bombshell Burn: Shape up your workout!


                                        Mustering the desire to go to the gym is a workout in itself – too bad it’s not exercise. And you’re not helping your cause by utilizing old summer camp t-shirts. You go to the gym to feel great and look your best, so why not exercise in clothes that look good, feel good, and actually contribute to your effort? Hourglass Angel is your home for hot workout gear that will make you want to exercise just to wear it!

                                        The Workout Band by Ann Chery is an Hourglass Angel best seller. The workout band offers midsection control instantly via FlexiBoning while also promoting long-term results. The workout band is safe to wear during exercise in order to increase thermal activity in the core. This mobilizes fat cells and stimulates perspiration to whittle inches off your shape.

                                        The Tummy Tightener by Delfin Spa is also an exercise aid that tones the tummy. This adjustable workout band features bio-ceramic material and neoprene construction that reduces stretch marks and visibly minimizes the appearance of cellulite. It detoxifies the skin and increases thermal activity via infrared technology. The Tummy Tightener can help women heal after a c-section, and similarly supports a changing abdomen during weight fluctuation. Delfin also created matching Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Capris to extend these revolutionary results to the hips, rear, thighs, and legs for a fully effective gym session.

                                        Proper workout apparel is important to focus on the exercise and prevent discomfort. Just like you need proper athletic shoes to workout you need a quality exercise bra! The Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra by Panache was designed for the full figured athlete and therefore accommodates a larger bust for maximum bounce reduction. This clinically proven bra has wide non-stretch straps that won’t cut into your shoulders, and moisture wicking fabric so you can comfortably keep going, and going, and going!

                                        The Roll Down Layering Leggings by Hard Tail Forever are capri length leggings found in yoga studios and workout facilities across the globe. These leggings feature a roll down waist, which may be worn up or down. The close fitting shape hugs the silhouette perfectly, ideal for layering or stand-alone activewear. The soft stretch cotton is a joy for practicing yoga or running, and anything else you do to get healthy.


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                                          Taking shapewear to the next step this year!


                                          Confidence is a major factor in success, don’t overlook your outlook when you set out to achieve your goals. Whether you’re striving for weight loss or a job promotion, the right shaper can boost your confidence and support you physically.

                                          The Vedette Candice Double Layer Waist Cincher with Zipper provides maximum control and maximum curves as it slims the midsection, smooths the back, whittles the waist, and may even take you down a clothing size. Your phenomenal silhouette via this double layer waist cincher can do wonders for your attitude, but the real power comes from its rod boning and underbust design. This cincher supports the spine and improves posture while gently lifting the bust so you can take on the day looking tall, shoulders back, and best of all, at ease!

                                          Step in to the firm control of the Sophie Braless Long Leg Bodysuit also by Vedette for a helping hand from top to below the bottom. This all-body shaper lets you look your best by controlling the hips and lower tummy, eliminating love handles, and creating lean legs and thighs. The underbust design supports the chest, but still lets you wear the bra that you feel flaunts you best. Polish up and smoothen out your look to put the very best, toned foot forward.

                                          Revolutions succeed when you make a commitment and work for it each day with a positive attitude, confidence, and self-assurance. Slip into an Hourglass Angel shaper to go after what you want!


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                                            Hourglass Angel is the stop for a healthy new year!


                                            You have a plan to look good in 2014, but what are you doing to feel good? When considering how to slim down, don’t forget to tone up! Hourglass Angel has the tools you need to make this year your healthiest and happiest.

                                            The Space Dye Toning Resistance Pant by Fila are designed to give your workout a boost. The shaping pants instantly trim the lower abdomen, thighs, and legs via Resistance Poly Lycra compression panels. The idea behind the whole line is that supporting the confidence and comfort of the wearer of a high performance garment encourages activity, leading to an overall healthy lifestyle and body. Wear these toning pants to the gym or as you vacuum or go to the grocery store to get some secret resistance training, tone up your muscle, burn fat, and promote overall health.

                                            Slip into the Alana Seamless Bio-Crystals Dress by Co’Coon to improve your circulation and overall heart health. The shaping dress works with your body’s chemistry to create incredible results. The unique bio-crystals (built right into the fabric) reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve your circulation, which has a multitude of health and beauty benefits. In addition to tackling cellulite and circulation, the body shaping dress instantly trims your tummy and thighs, smoothes away love handles, and naturally lift your breasts.

                                            Stress is the primary cause behind health issues and weight gain so start at the root and make time for relaxation. The Summer in Tuscany Organic Soy Candle by Mambino has an aromatic blend of pomegranate, red grapefruit, and wild berries to calm and relax. The candle has a lead-free cotton wick that burns clean for approximately 50 hours. Originally designed for tense pregnant mothers, the Summer in Tuscany Organic Soy Candle was formulated with organic plant oils, herbs, and extracts, and it is paraffin and GMO-free.

                                            This season don’t just make resolutions to lose weight – revolutionize your lifestyle with help from Hourglass Angel!


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                                              HourGlass Angel Has Your New Year’s Revolution Arsenal!


                                              By far the most common New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. The hardest resolution to keep is to lose weight, as it is any time during the year. Instead of struggling for results, why not give yourself a hand up? This New Year, start a revolution with HourGlass Angel at your side (and tummy, and thighs…) every step of the way.

                                              In addition to implementing a balanced diet and exercise routine, reach your goals of a permanently trimmer physique with the Thermal Reducing Vest in Latex by Leonisa, a firm control shaping vest that promotes long-term weight loss. This thermal reducing vest instantly slims the midsection while activating thermal activity in your core in order to promote weight loss and remove toxins from the body. Wear the Thermal Reducing Vest in Latex by Leonisa for three hours per day for one month as you go to work, run errands, and step out for a night on the town, and instantly expedite the results of your slim-down plan.

                                              The iPant Anti-Cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal also provides midsection control while smoothing from the waist to mid-thigh. It reduces the appearance of muffin tops, bulges, and lumps. This high-waist thigh shaper is made with Novarel Slim microfibers and infused with caffeine microcapsules, vitamin E, Retinol, ceramides, and aloe vera to promote long-term weight loss, visibly reduce cellulite in the thighs and rear, detoxify skin, and mobilize fat cells.

                                              Stock up your arsenal at HourGlass Angel to achieve your New Year’s Revolution!


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                                                New Year’s Revolutions


                                                While everyone else is struggling with New Year’s Resolutions, this year you’re launching your New Year’s Revolution! The time has come to shake up your status quo and make 2014 unlike any other. Stay tuned to Hourglass Angel to discover how a quality shaper and other aids can help you achieve whatever goals you have set for the new year, and beyond. Who needs a resolution when you can have a revolution?

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                                                  Your guide to the new you in the new year! Shapewear for everyone!

                                                  It’s that time of year again when we renew goals for the future while trying not to get too discouraged about resolutions of the past. This year, give yourself a hand up in achieving your goals by pairing firm and comfortable shapewear with your diet and exercise plan for instant results. Hit the ground running this new year and get what you want with confidence inside and out.



                                                  For ultimate, carefree midsection control, invest in the Almighty Cincher or Almighty Vest by AMIA. AMIA midsection shapers instantly deliver the tummy control and back support that you need now and has lasting results. The Almighty Cincher and the Almighty Vest both visibly reduce the waistline by one to three inches, with many users reporting one to four inches of sustained loss after wearing the shaper for 30 days.


                                                  Lower Abdomen

                                                  The lower abdomen is one of the most difficult areas of the body to control and minimize, even with proper exercise and diet. Postpartum mommies and post-surgical patients especially struggle with getting adequate support for this area. Luckily, the Supreme Panty Shaper by AMIA utilizes a Supreme PowerLatex core to instantly smooth and reduce the midsection, while the tri-layer shaping technology lifts the bust and lengthens the spine for an overall longer, leaner appearance. Likewise, the Squeem Compression Panty Shaper has the proper reinforcement to firm and flatten the lower abdomen while promoting long-term weight loss.



                                                  The struggle of shapewear is achieving a sleek silhouette without flattening a curvy bum. The Alexandra by Vedette can whittle your waist while celebrating your curves and giving your rear a lift. Don’t hide it – flaunt it! The Perfect Butt Thermal Pant by Flakisima is the ultimate rear shaper if you don’t want shaping control throughout the entire midsection. This lightweight rear shaper comes up just above the navel for lower abdomen support with its thermal tummy control panel, but the real treat comes from its open-back design that lifts and rounds out the derriere.




                                                  Thigh shapers are wonderful in that they typically shape the lower abdomen, hips, rear, and thighs all at once. If you’re looking to slim down your thighs without sacrificing your sexy shape, try The Catwalk Firm Control High-Waist Long Leg by Body Wrap. This ultra lightweight thigh shaper provides excellent control while remaining breathable all day. The Slimming Thigh Shaper by Lytess is also an excellent choice, especially if you don’t need the full coverage of the long leg, high rise Catwalk Firm Control shaper. The Slimming Thigh Shaper offers hip reduction up to 5.5 cm and thigh reduction up to 3.1 cm via caffeine micro-capsules that mobilize and reduce fat in problem areas.




                                                  Nothing completes an outfit like a great set of shapely legs and a confident strut. The High Waist Get Fit Tight by ShaToBu trims and tones while increasing calorie burn as you go about your regular day, as it incorporates the principles of resistance training with special bands woven directly into the tights. For less coverage with the same comfortable, firm support, try the Smooth Couture High Waist Tight by Va Bien. This high-waist, capri-length thigh shaper is equipped with a seamless control waistband, reinforced tummy panel, and Power Net control.



                                                  One place that most of us overlook when considering shapewear is the back. The back is subject to getting lumps created by restrictive bras and other clothing, and sometimes just needs some extra support during a long day. The SlimVest by Squeem visibly reduces the waist and tummy by one to four inches in the long-term while instantly slimming you down up to three sizes. The Diva Corselette by AMIA also supports your back, and it has the added benefit of a PowerLatex core and tri-layer slimming technology. The Diva Corselette is a step-through undergarment that also pays special attention to the hips for a smooth silhouette throughout.



                                                  Some women want to slim their curves, and others want to enhance them. The Hippie Hip and Butt Padded Brief by Bubbles Bodywear gives you a bit of oomph around your derriere. This shaper instantly enhances curves with two removable pads that reach from the hip around to the center of the backside. For those that would prefer to slim the hips, go for the High Waisted Shaping Shorts by MeMoi. This lightweight fiber hip shaper is perfect for daily wear, smoothing throughout the midsection down to the lower thigh for an overall bombshell shape.


                                                  All Over

                                                  What do all female (and some male) celebrities have in common? Body shapers! It’s Hollywood’s little secret, and now you can pull it off, too. For all-over control and a phenomenal figure, try the Celebrity Style Body Shaper by Leonisa. This airy, lightweight shaper utilizes PowerNet construction for great control and reshaping from the underbust to the mid-thigh. To look your best from head to toe, you should also go for the Sophie Braless Long Leg Bodysuit by Vedette. Vedette, a staple brand in the shapewear industry, has created a lightweight full body shaper that controls the hips, tummy, and love-handles with instantly lean legs and thighs.


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                                                    Prepare for the Holidays with a Body Wrap!


                                                    Have you been dieting and exercising, but you still don’t feel that you are ready to glow this holiday season? It happens to everyone – sometimes we hit a plateau or otherwise cannot change our condition. This may not be the best time for the stall with all of the holiday parties and holiday outfits, not to mention the endless stream of photos. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to take the next step to get the results you want. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and shapewear support, it’s time to think outside the box for great results in the knick of time.

                                                    Hourglass Angel proudly carries body wraps topical weight loss treatments. Simply Slender, one of the strongest brands in the market for body wraps has a diverse product line to satisfy everyone’s needs. The Simply Slender Body Wrap Kits have several elements that all work together to reshape your midsection. The Simply Slender Slenderizing cream is formulated from a special blend of herbs, clays, and minerals. Apply this formula directly to the body prior to wrapping with the High Quality Cotton Elastic Wraps. These machine washable wraps are reusable. A measuring tape and an inch-loss chart are included to help you track your results. The illustrated instruction book with step-by-step instructions guides you through all the steps to create a slimmer silhouette. This slimming body wrap also reduces water retention and smoothes the skin for a rejuvenated look while it instantly trims your body one to two inches in the areas of application.

                                                    Keep taking care of yourself and your curves, and try the wonderful instant weight-loss body wraps.

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                                                      Gimme Five! Five Tips To Trimming With Shapewear


                                                      1. Choose an underbust style garment with a strapless option: Underbust shapers like the Almighty Cincher by AMIA Shapewear rise to the area just below your bra. This style of shaper has several benefits that you might not have thought of. First, because you wear your own bra, you can adapt to a variety of necklines. This is a very versatile design! Secondly, the shaper supports your bust, giving lift. The result is an overall leaner and longer look.


                                                      2. For maximum curve creation, look for latex: Again, the Almighty Cincher or its counterpart, the Almighty Vest by AMIA, is a great place to start. The PowerLatex core of these garments creates maximum compression in your midsection. Of course, many garments also use varying amounts of latex to create shaping, so looking for this in the construction of a garment is a good place to start.

                                                      3. Flatter your fanny: Compression is a good thing, when you’re shopping for a shaper, but one area you may not want to compress is the bottom. In fact, many shapers feature special rear rounding designs that are meant to create lift in the area of the bottom, while trimming the tummy. The Alexandra by Vedette is one of our favorites


                                                      4. Built-in weight loss support: Love the way that latex shapes your silhouette? Choose the right garment and the shaping may last longer than you think. Garment with thermal latex panels or designs can increase thermal activity in the core, increasing blood flow and moving toxins. Studies have shown sustained loss of inches with long-term use. Check out The Ann Chery Chaleco Latex Vest.


                                                      5. Lose the lumps and bumps: Some of the most effective non-surgical treatments for cellulite come in the form of garments you can wear. Anti-cellulite shapers use techniques like micro-massage and enfused garments to smooth and create more even toned skin. The Dangerous Curves Capri Smoother Kit by Skineez Shapewear is a great place to start.



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                                                        The Brand New You! Show Us Your Before and After Shapewear Silhouettes.


                                                        Confident. Cool. Smooth. There’s nothing like the boost you get when you put on your favorite piece of shapewear. Your clothes fit better and you feel better. You stand a little taller. You know for sure that you look your very best. That experience is the reason we started Hourglass Angel.

                                                        Every day customers tell us how great they feel in our shapewear. Now we want you to SHOW US! Grab a camera and you favorite piece of shapewear. Show us your before and after looks. We want a peek at the confidence that you take with you when you wear your favorite garment. Submit your pictures to info@hourglassangel.com. We’ll choose one VERY lucky winner to receive a surprise gift and feature your beautiful figure in our social media.

                                                        We can’t wait to see the brand new you. So snap a pic and you could win a prize!


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                                                          A Complete Plan Of Attack: Combining Shapewear With Your Healthy Lifestyle



                                                          The time has finally come and you know that you’re ready to change. Your body. Your exercise plan. Your life.

                                                          What you may not know is that shapewear can play a huge influence in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and long term weight loss. Adding a shaper with support for weight loss is one of the most powerful tools you have at our discretion when you’re trying to make a commitment to changing your shape.

                                                          Let’s talk about how these work. Weight loss shapers use the science of compression to support a shift in your shape. Compression amps up thermal activity in your core, which has several important effects. Increased activity in the core means increased perspiration. When you sweat more you mobilize fat and toxins away from your midsection, which allows you to slim down faster.

                                                          Most shapers of this kind also encourage better posture. As you use your own muscles to sit up long and lean, those muscles are activated. When you slouch those muscles are not activated. Better posture leads to a stronger core overall.

                                                          Of course a shaper is only one piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle. Eating right with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits is essential. Lean protein is a must when you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat. Walking 10,000 steps a day with a pedometer to track your progress is a great move. But adding a shaper to your overall plan is a great way to insure success in the next stage of your plan!

                                                          Note: We do not advise working out in the garments mentioned above. Exercise in these garments will lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Garments damaged due to improper use may not be returned.

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                                                            Cellulite: You Don’t Have To Like It Or Lump It

                                                            The little lumps and bumps of cellulite. Yes, you have them…so do we. And thanks to supermarket magazines, we know that every female celebrity in the world has cellulite too! In fact, the vast majority of women, regardless of their size, will develop some cellulite in their lifetime.

                                                            Now that we’ve established that we’re all in the same boat, let’s get to the good news! In recent years, the first truly effective at home solutions for cellulite have begun to appear on the market. While these products may not permanently erase cellulite, they do reduce its appearance effectively.


                                                            Most anti-cellulite products fall into one of two categories. The first of these is topical treatments. Topical treatments are usually creams or oils that you vigorously massage into the skin to create a smoother look with time. One of our favorite topical treatments is the Cellufit Body Contour Oil by Mambino Organics. Mambino in an incredible company, offering a complete line of safe, delicious-smelling products for new moms, moms to be, or anyone who wants effective and safe skincare. Pair this oil with a handheld cellulite massager after a shower and massage the affected areas to reduce lumps and bumps and create more even toned skin.



                                                            But one of the most exciting developments in anti-cellulite technology is the creation of special toning garments that use their construction to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. These can work in several ways. Often massage is a key factor… or should we say micro-massage. For example, Wacoal, one of your most trusted brands, has developed their iPant line, which uses Novarel Slim® nylon microfiber infused with microcapsules of caffeine to micromassage and mobilize fat. Add in vitamin E, ceramides, retinol and aloe vera and you’re left with smoothed moisturized and firmed skin. Their iPant Anti-Cellulite Cupless Cami and iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper make a perfect set!


                                                            And if you’re looking to add anti-cellulite technology to your workout, one of the biggest breakthroughs in this field can be found in Delfin Spa’s activewear line, which uses Bio-ceramic material. This composite reflects your body’s Far Infrared Rays, the part of the light spectrum that generates heat. These rays are redirected deep into the tissues that contain cellulite. Increasing thermal activity in this layer of skin maximizes the work your muscles are already doing, improving circulation, breaking down toxins and mobilizing fat cells.

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                                                              7 Ways To Look Thinner When Sitting Down

                                                              Stand up straight! When we pose in front of a mirror, preparing for our day, we assess our look when we’re standing tall, looking our very longest and leanest. But for many of us, the majority of our day is spent sitting down. Sitting dramatically changes our shape. Often our posture shifts, as we sit in the most ideal pose in our chairs, spines lengthened. Sometimes when we sit, all of the sudden our beautiful standing shape takes a backseat too!

                                                              Fortunately we have some tools that can help create a better sitting shape, correct your posture support a slimmer midsection.


                                                              Looks 1&2 Power Up Your Back!


                                                              First, consider your back. Choosing a shaper with a high back will encourage you to sit straight in your chair, slimming you immediately. Many of our most popular products have this feature incorporated. In particular, our vest style garments are particularly effective in posture correction. For example, a maximum compression vest-style shaper like the SlimVest by Squeem or the Almighty Vest by AMIA supports the back, extending all the way over the shoulders, creating a gorgeous sitting shape. Both of these garments support weight loss when worn for over 30 days as well and may even help relieve back pain in some wearers.


                                                              Looks 3&4 Strengthen Your Posture!

                                                              Part-2If you like the control and posture correction of a maximum strength shaper, but want it packaged in something a little more pretty, consider adding a genuine steel boned corset to your collection. Start with something basic like the Silk Floral Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends. This piece can be worn under or over your clothes, trimming your tummy and supporting your back while sitting. If you’d like a splash of color in your curve creation, try the Purple and Black Silk Underbust Corset.


                                                              Looks 5&6 Reinforce Your Abdomen!


                                                              If a post-pregnancy poochie belly makes an appearance whenever you sit down is a concern, a body suit is a great place to start your search. The Diva Corselette by AMIA gives control from the underbust to the lower abdomen and comes with enough lingerie look detailing to make sure you feel as pretty as you look! And the pretty feminine detailing continues in the Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by Vedette. Adorned with Valencian lace, this bodysuit is a great option with full midsection control.

                                                              Look 7 Fortify Your Every Day Appearance!


                                                              But if a bodysuit is more shaper than you’d like to wear on a daily basis, a brief may be the best option for you. A high waisted shaping brief, such as the Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by Vedette, trims your midsection and lower abdomen, while raising high enough over the waist to encourage better posture while sitting.

                                                              Take your best shape everywhere, whether you’re standing at a concert or sitting in the office. With the right shaper your midsection will always look slim and trim!

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                                                                This Is Your Year: Add Power To Your Resolutions


                                                                This is your year. With the New Year comes new resolve, but you can strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and your confidence by adding the power of a shaping or weight loss garment.















                                                                If you’ve recently begun a workout regimen, we recommend the addition of shaping activewear to your wardrobe. Choosing a garment that shapes and slims you when you’re in the gym, is a wonderful way to increase confidence now and feel your best as you become fit. The Champion Shape collection is a great place to start.















                                                                For many of us the midsection is an area of particular interest. If you’d like support for long-term slimming, consider adding a Workout Band to increase thermal activity and fat mobilization in the core.















                                                                If cellulite is a concern, there are many shapers that help reduce visible dimpling in the legs, thighs and buttocks, but we love the Delfin Spa line because it specifically created for activewear. Its bio-ceramic construction uses your body’s own heat to fight cellulite and slim you.

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                                                                  Seriously…EVERYBODY has it: Truth and Tips for Cellulite










                                                                  Looking through the pages of magazines, you might find yourself momentarily convinced that cellulite is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to women’s bodies. But don’t be fooled. The first thing to know about cellulite is that from large to small, women of every size and shape live with the little lumps and bumps of cellulite. That’s right. Everyone from the voluptuous Kim Kardashian to the athletic Hillary Swank has what you have in one form or another. It’s a biological fact. The second thing to realize about cellulite is that there is no “cure.”

                                                                  But neither of the above facts mean that you have to live with cellulite the way that it is. There are many things you can do to address the visible appearance of this natural and near universal phenomenon. As cellulite is one of the most common complaints of our clientele, we offer many ways to address unevenness in the skin caused by this normally occurring process.

                                                                  One of our favorite companies is Mambino Organics, so when they introduced a cellulite treatment to their already awesome line of all natural, organic botanical solutions, we decided to try it without a second thought. And boy were we right to try it. The combination of their Cellulite Body Massager and their Cellufit BodyContour Oil was the one-two punch we were looking for. Use the serum and massage vigorously to reduce the look of dimpling.

                                                                  But cosmetic solutions are only the beginning when it comes to this shaping science. We are incredibly excited by the results we’re seeing with anti-cellulite garments. Lytess was a real innovator in this field and their active ingredient micro-encapsulated Corrective High-Waist Push-Up Shaper and their Slimming Leggings remain two of the most effective tools in the war on cellulite. Active ingredients like caffeine and shea butter have been shown to treat the look of lumps and bumps. Simply wear the garments and the combination compression, micro-massage and the active ingredients in the fabric do the work.

                                                                  And if you like Lytess, you’ll love the Thigh Slimmer Kit by Skineez. This complete treatment includes an infused garment that treats the look of cellulite (while helping you to lose inches in the thigh area) as well as a re-charger spray so that your garment will always be its most potent.

                                                                  While there is no cure for cellulite, we are pleased and hopeful about the breakthroughs in cellulite reduction and adding more tools of the trade as they are innovated.

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                                                                    Out On the Town: The Shaping Apparel Revolution






                                                                    At Hourglass Angel, we often talk about wearing shapewear as outerwear. We love creating a sexy silhouette and showing it off with a bustier top or letting a bit of a longline bra peek out from a shirt. But sometimes shapewear is outerwear! We call these kinds of garments “shaping apparel” and they’re one of the coolest ways to create curves without wearing an additional shaper. They’re also quickly becoming one of the most popular kinds of garments we work with. So let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from our shaping apparel selection to find out what the buzz is about.

                                                                    The brand that really kicked off the shaping apparel movement was Yummie Tummie. This brand exploded in popularity when they introduced their original, classic Yummie Tummie Tank. Looking like a layering tank, but working like a body shaper, women loved the ease of this garment. The Yummie Tummie technology has been expanded to encompass a whole line of shaping garments.

                                                                    It might be said that hosiery is one of the originators of shaping apparel. Women have long loved the lean look a great pair of hose gives their legs. And of course, you may have guessed that a brand like Calvin Klein Hosiery makes some of the finest garments of this kinds. We love the Matte Sheer Total Shaper Pantyhose by Calvin Klein 544N for the way it gives great shaping under dresses and skirts.

                                                                    One of the real breakthroughs in shaping apparel has come along with a style of garment that shapes with ruching rather than compression. These are garments that create a lovely silhouette visually, flattering your figure. The Essential Womens 3/4 Sleeve Slimming Shirt by Slimmerz by Terri Gillespie® is a great garment that works in this way. This versatile piece is perfect for the office and travels beautifully with its no wrinkle fabric.

                                                                    And lastly, “bringing up the rear,” as it were, we have the South American sensation, Verox Jeans. Denims like their Heartstrings Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox 7047 have the rear rounding built right in without the use of additional padding. The secret is in the seams, which are shaped to create lift so your behind always looks its best.

                                                                    Check our our entire selection of shaping apparel here and find out how you can add a lot of shape without adding a shaper today.

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                                                                      Summer Skin Is In!









                                                                      With another hot month ahead of us, the dare to bare temperatures of summer bring an added emphasis to skincare. Radiant, rejuvenated skin is the one accessory no woman should do without. But where to begin? From your face to your feet, we have the perfect solutions (and serums!) for summer skin. So let’s start at the top and work our way down! Without a doubt, the can’t-live-without-it skincare line that you will find in the desk drawers, purses and medicine cabinets of the staff at Hourglass Angel is Mambino Organics. While this is a line that was created to meet the pregnancy pampering needs of new mamas and moms to be be, the appeal and effectiveness of this line immediately eclipsed their target audience. Put simply, we love this stuff! All Mambino products are organic, non-toxic and positively delicious smelling. And our standout favorite from this line is their facial serum, Youth Glow. If you’ve read about facial serums and rejuvenating oils, but fear a greasy-looking face, this is the product that will win you over forever. Use it before makeup and before bed to reveal dewey, renewed skin. And if you love what Youth Glow does to your face, you won’t believe what Mambino’s all-body Moisture Me does to the rest of you. Rich with nutrients from avocado and pomegranate (and at least a dozen other wonderful ingredients), this toning oil creates beautiful, more even looking skin and smells outrageously good.

                                                                      Yet another crossover from maternity skincare is the Novena line. While Novena was created to address the special needs of pregnant and post-partum users, they have found fans in women from every walk of life, whether they’re moms or or not. Again, as with Mambino, additional attention has been paid by Novena to the safety of the ingredients. One of the stars in the Novena line is most certainly the Organic Cucumber Cranberry Eye Gel. While dark circles are absolutely the bane of moms on the move and missing sleep, they aren’t exclusive to them. The brightening and firming effect of this gel is the perfect primer for concealer and a relief for any pair of tired eyes.

                                                                      And last, but certainly not least, we can’t talk about summer skin without mentioning a line that we think is the bees knees: Burt’s Bees! And one of the coolest summer-approved products from this produce enriched line is the Rosewater and Glycerin Toner. If you have a tendency to get oily when the thermometer rises, you’re not alone. But many toners overdo it and strip your skin of their natural, age-fighting oils. This is not one of those toners. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and strong enough for sizzling heat, this is your go-to toner for glowy, clean looking skin.

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                                                                        Light Shapewear Looks for Summer

                                                                        Even if you love the look that comes with a great shaper you may not love the idea of adding another layer on a long hot day. Fortunately there are many options for shaping and sculpting curves that ensure you won’t be sweltering in these hot months. Choosing the right lightweight shaper for summer fashions will help you keep your confidence and cool no matter how high the thermometer rises. Here are a few of our favorites!

                                                                        Proving that shaping can be sexy and easy-wearing, the Glamouflage Luxurious Shaping Slip by Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers 7070, is a perfect piece for smoothing out little lumps and bumps under your favorite sundress. It’s pinup pretty styling and airy mesh make it a fan favorite in any season.

                                                                        When temperatures rise, many of us turn to sheer fabrics to beat the heat. If you want all-torso smoothing without worrying about show through, the Bodysuit With Thong by SlimMe MSM-120 is a wonderful option. This seamless shaper is light enough to wear comfortably and eliminates lines under delicate fabrics.

                                                                        Need a little easy trimming up top? The Braless Seamless T-Shirt by Co’Coon 2477 is a tank style shaper that’s perfect for warm weather. Its underbust style design allows you to wear your own bra and makes it the perfect accessory for a variety of necklines.

                                                                        And last but not least, the feather light High Waisted Thigh Shaper by Slim Me MSM-108 is a shorts style shaper that would work beautifully under anything from a breezy skirt to a delicate linen pant.

                                                                        Don’t skip the shaper when it heats up. These airy accessories are all you need to smooth and slim no matter what temperature you’re in.

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                                                                          Body Language: Middle Management

                                                                          At Hourglass Angel, the products we are most frequently asked about address our customers’ desire to shape and sculpt the midsection. In fact, that’s where our name Hourglass Angel comes from: the hourglass shape of a woman’s body that is created when the midsection is highlighted. So we wanted to dedicate a special edition of the blog to this style of product, as there are many kinds of shapers that work on the midsection and choosing the right one to suit your needs is essential to achieving the effect that you’re looking for.

                                                                          The essential item to consider if you’re looking to combine dramatic results with long-term support for slimming in the the area of the waist is the SlimVest. This runaway best-seller utilizes compression to create thermal activity in the midsection. That means wearers look visibly slimmer the moment they put on their SlimVest and often report sustained loss of inches with extended wear. Follow the instructions to achieve the best performance from this garment and see why so many of our customers rely on this garment on a daily basis.

                                                                          If you’re a post-partum mom the Belly Bandit is a must-have. This adjustable band wraps around your waist as you recover your pre-pregnancy shape. The pressure created by the Belly Bandit benefits wearers in many ways, from reducing the long-term appearance of stretchmarks and extra skin to aiding in recovery.

                                                                          If you want to integrate your shaping into a garment you’re not afraid to show off, you will love the Glamouflage Cupped Shaping Cami with Lace by Skinnygirl Smoothers n’ Shapers. It’s glamorous look and pretty detailing makes it an accessory to style and slimming.

                                                                          Fans of tight-lacing absolutely must see the Silk Floral Brocade Corset. This is a maximum control garment. When you put it on you will see and feel the dramatic results that come with a genuine steel boned corset. If this is the item for you, give yourself a few extra minutes to dress, as the lacing may take a moment to master. But when you get comfortable with your corset you won’t be able to resist the over the top hourglass shape it creates.

                                                                          And last but not least, why only enjoy the visual look of a slimmer figure when you can make your shaper workout for you. The High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper by ShaToBu actually increase the amount of calories that your body burns as you do the normal activities that make up your day. Just pull on your shaper and watch as it encourages sustained slimming.

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                                                                            Say Hello to Spring with Strapless Slimming

                                                                            Maxi dresses are one of the most comfortable and figure flattering fashions for spring, but they may cling to little lumps and bumps. Using a strapless shaper like the High Waist 3/4 Leg Shaper by Dr. Rey SMLS5 ($17.50) as your foundation will slim and trim from under your bust to mid-calf. Now you’re ready to layer a chic leather jacket over your new silhouette. Top it all off with signature accessories for a look that is both lovely and lean!

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                                                                              Cellulite Solutions that Stick

                                                                              The Best and Brightest Brands That Actually Work

                                                                              We’re going to let you in on a secret: we ALL have cellulite. Big and small. Short and tall. Like it or “lump” it, women are almost universally and genetically predisposed to develop the little dimples and dents in our skin that look like orange peel. Almost every woman will experience cellulite to lesser or greater degrees. If you’re one of the majority we describe, you know how difficult it is to reduce the appearance of this stuff. With its resistance to diet, exercise (and wishing), you may have tried one of the off the shelf solutions that are commercially available.  And, there are many. But the real question is, among the fakes and phonies are there any cellulite treatments that work?

                                                                              Being in the business of beautiful bodies (of all sizes and shapes) we’ve had the opportunity to test an unimaginable array of products, potions and lotions that promise to cure cellulite. From the outrageous to the outlandish, virtually every theory of cellulite control has come across our desks. Here’s the truth: while there is no “cure” for cellulite, finally there are some very effective ways of reducing its appearance. After years of searching, and trying just about everything, we’ve finally narrowed down the field of candidates that, when combined with diet, exercise and proper hydration, are great tools that can help you look your best and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite.

                                                                              These are the products that we rely on to smooth us out and supplement an overall healthy living plan:

                                                                              Lytess: When we started exploring anti-cellulite products to meet the requests of our customers, Lytess was one of the first brands that actually verified their claims with real clinical data. As this French brand added new items, each was supported with positive evidence for smoothing and reduction of inches by scientific study. The line, which uses ingredients like shea butter, mango and caffeine in the fabric of their garments, has grown in popularity as a result of word of mouth. Lytess customers are loyal and report great results from their microcapsule infused tights, leggings and shapers. This is a great place to start if you want to try an anti-cellulite garment.

                                                                              Moisture Me by Mambino: Like all Mambino products, Moisture Me was originally formulated for moms, with special attention to their unique skin needs. We suspect this serum’s popularity grew from new mamas who continued using it long after giving birth. Moisture Me is now as popular with non-moms as it is with their original clientele, proving that your smoothest and most radiant skin starts with moisturization. We love this product in our office and can’t keep samples of it in stock, as they always seem to find their way home with our staff!

                                                                              Delfin Spa: Here is a truly cutting edge anti-cellulite line. Harnessing the technological breakthrough of Bio-Ceramic fabrics, this revolutionary set of workout garments directs your body’s own heat and energy back into the layer of skin that contains cellulite. Earning an incredibly loyal fanbase, we heard about these items from you and had to see what all the buzz was about. We have not been disappointed in their performance and highly recommend all the Delfin items to anyone who is serious about reducing the orange peel effect while you workout or just go about your regular day.

                                                                              iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal: At Hourglass Angel, we love Wacoal….generally. Amongst our staff, we adore Wacoal’s intimates for their comfort, style and performance. So, when we learned they had created an anti-cellulite shaper, we knew we had to have it. The iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper is every bit as good as we expected. If you’re Wacoal fans like we are, this is an absolute must-have.

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                                                                                Strengthening Our Resolutions

                                                                                Turning a New Leaf This New Year

                                                                                At the beginning of the new year, our thoughts naturally turn to renewal, change and fresh beginnings. A poll of the staff at Hourglass Angel revealed a common thread in our resolutions. One of our new moms, Rosie, like so many of us, resolved to finally achieve her weight loss goals. Mary resolved to eat better. Marge decided to take a yoga class.

                                                                                Every year we make resolutions to change our bodies. With that in mind we ask: What can we do this year to make the promises we make to ourselves become a reality this year?

                                                                                At Hourglass Angel, we absolutely know that making progress towards a healthier lifestyle is possible. We’ve been supporting changing bodies since we opened our doors. We know that healthier, stronger bodies are possible for everyone. Like Rosie, many of our clients are new moms, working hard to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. If you have a resolution to bounce back from your post-baby body, you may want to consider supplementing your workout and eating plan with a belly band or maximum compression garment. Many of our our mamas have seen great results with products like the Belly Bandit, SlimBand or SlimVest. This technology, while cutting edge, stems from thousands of years of practice. Women have been wrapping their bellies before, during and after giving birth to assist in recovery and reshaping. Now it’s easier than ever for new moms to benefit from the support of a shaping garment.

                                                                                If your resolutions include a new workout regimen like Marge, you may benefit from adding the technology that is built into some of the new athletic shaping apparel that we carry at Hourglass Angel. Products like the Workout Band, the Delfin Bio-Ceramic Shorts or Capris or the anti-cellulite garments made by Lytess can maximize the work you do in the gym, decrease the visible appearance of cellulite and reduce inches from the midsection.

                                                                                Whatever your resolutions are this year, we hope they include the most positive vision of yourself that is possible. We wish all of luck. Don’t forget that we believe in you and are here to support you as we enter 2012.

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                                                                                  A Month for the Cure: Join the Movement

                                                                                  Ready to Run

                                                                                  Many of you may already know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bright pink lights dot our Chicago skyline to raise awareness about breast cancer.  Here at Hourglass Angel we are proud to participate in Chicagoland’s 2011 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

                                                                                  That’s right! Yours truly huffed, puffed and hugged our way through the 5 kilometer course along with thousands of survivors and supporters. The distance was daunting, but we were encouraged by the brave women that stepped forward in the survivor’s parade to share their stories. It was a difficult run -admittedly harder for some than others- but we all made it to the finish line. Completing this race is something we are so proud of.  Participation was our distinct honor and we were lifted by the experiences of the survivors we saw and survivors that we have had the pleasure of serving here at Hourglass Angel.

                                                                                  Women of all ethnic, geographic and social backgrounds are affected by breast cancer, it knows no boundaries. Breast cancer is the leading cause of deaths in women and takes the lives of over 500,000 people worldwide every year. Whether we become survivors, know survivors or lose someone to breast cancer, this disease will probably become a part of all of our lives, if it hasn’t already. As a company comprised largely of women and proud to serve women, we could not ignore any opportunity to fight breast cancer.

                                                                                  There are so many ways to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Contact your local Susan G. Komen organization or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Whatever you do, JOIN US! Get educated. Get involved. Together we can cure breast cancer forever.

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                                                                                    Healthy Office Snacks

                                                                                    Working in an office can wreak havoc on your diet. It’s bad enough that you sit at your desk for eight hours – many of us also tend to eat junk, especially during those tough afternoon hours, when blood sugar levels often drop, causing us to reach for sugary snacks.

                                                                                    The problem is even worse if your office has a kitchen filled with temptations such as cookies and crackers, or if your office building has a vending machine. When hunger strikes, it’s very difficult to say “No” to sugary snacks, even if you really do want to minimize your consumption of white sugar and flour.

                                                                                    But there IS hope! With some planning, it’s possible to work in an office, eat a healthy diet and avoid gaining weight. The secret? Bring healthy snacks from home! If you rely on whatever the office, or the vending machine, has to offer, you will most likely eat junk.

                                                                                    Instead, plan your day ahead and bring a healthy, low-calorie snack from home. Plan to eat it around 3pm, a time when most of us feel tired and sluggish. Your snack should contain complex carbs and protein – this will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and will help you feel fuller for longer. The ideal snack will be around 200 calories.

                                                                                    Here are a few healthy office snack ideas:

                                                                                    1. Fruit and cheese. Enjoy an apple or a pear with an ounce of cheddar cheese. This snack is tasty, healthy, rich in protein, and just under 200 calories.

                                                                                    2. Nuts and dried fruit. One of our favorite office snacks here at Hourglass Angel is an ounce of almonds (pre-measured and placed in a plastic reusable container) mixed with a mini box of raisins (14 grams). A yummy sweet and salty combination, this snacks contains about 200 calories, fiber and antioxidants.

                                                                                    3. Greek yogurt, honey and fruit. Half a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and half a cup berries, or a small banana. Filling and delicious, this snack provides you with lots of protein, a full serving of fruit and antioxidants. It contains around 200 calories.

                                                                                    In addition to planning each day’s snacks, you should also bring a reusable water bottle and sip from it throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to always have a 200-calories energy bar in your desk drawer, so that if you forget to bring a snack one day, you won’t have to resort to getting something from the vending machine.

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                                                                                      Workout Tips for Pear Shaped Bodies

                                                                                      squatsLet us start this post by saying that whatever your body shape, we feel strongly that the best thing you can do for yourself, and for your daughters if you happen to have daughters, is to ACCEPT YOURSELF and learn to love yourself just the way you are.

                                                                                      Have you noticed that when we women look in the mirror, we tend to focus on our “bad” parts? Instead of looking at ourselves as a whole, or focusing on what we love, we focus on what we dislike about our bodies.

                                                                                      For years now, the fashion industry and the media have been telling us that we should be thin. And we have listened! The diet industry is flourishing, most of us are on a constant cycle of dieting, breaking the diet, then dieting again, and the vast majority of us are unhappy with how we look!

                                                                                      How do we break that vicious cycle? The first step is to accept ourselves just as we are, and in this regard, role models such as Michelle Obama are inspiring.

                                                                                      The second step: instead of trying to be THIN, we should aspire to be HEALTHY and FIT – as healthy and as fit as we can be. Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk, and treat our body with respect.

                                                                                      Of course, exercise is important too. 30 minutes, five days a week, of moderate cardiovascular exercise such as walking can make a huge difference in how you feel and in your health. In addition, you can target specific areas with exercises that are designed to make those areas more toned.

                                                                                      If you’re pear shaped, one of the best exercises you can do is squats. Squats are great for toning your hips, butt and thighs. They are simple to do and require no special equipment:

                                                                                      1. Stand with feet hip-width apart.
                                                                                      2. Bend your knees, and lower into a squat, keeping the knees behind the toes. Imagine that you’re sticking your butt out behind you, but keep the torso upright and contracted.
                                                                                      3. Press into your heels to stand up.
                                                                                      4. Start slow, building up to 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.

                                                                                      As in any exercise routine, it’s very important to start slow, and to consult with your doctor if you have any medical condition or any other concern.

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                                                                                        Diet Tips For The Holidays

                                                                                        Christmas CupcakesDecember is a tough month for most of us. Whether we would like to lose weight or to simply maintain our current weight, the many temptations around make it very difficult not to gain weight during the holidays!

                                                                                        But do not despair. There are several ways you can enjoy holiday fare and parties without packing on the pounds. Here are our top five diet tips for the holidays:

                                                                                        1. Do Not Skip Meals! It may SEEM like a good idea to “save” calories if you’re going to a party at night, but if you arrive at the party famished, you risk losing control and overeating. Instead, eat a good breakfast, a light lunch, and a light snack before heading out.

                                                                                        2. Yes to Wine, No to Cocktails. Cocktails may feel fun and festive, but they pack a large amount of calories – equal to a small meal! If you must have eggnog, have a small glass, but the rest of the month, try to stick with a single glass of wine per event. Sip slowly, so it will last for the entire evening!

                                                                                        3. Wear Form-Fitting Clothes. This is one of the best ways to avoid overeating. In fact, wear a body shaper that compresses your tummy underneath your clothes, such as this waist cincher, and you will not just look fabulous in your holiday attire – you won’t even feel like stuffing yourself.

                                                                                        4. Drink Lots Of Water. This will not just keep you well-hydrated, it will also help you feel full and will help flush out toxins more effectively.

                                                                                        5. Don’t Deny Yourself. Enjoying rich food and sharing meals with family and friends are a big part of the holiday season. Don’t expect yourself to eat carrot sticks the entire month. On the other hand, don’t go off your diet completely. Balance is key, and one thing you can do is to decide that during the holidays you will maintain your weight, maybe gain a couple pounds, and that’s OK. Get a plate, put a SMALL sample of each of your favorite foods on it, have a SMALL glass of eggnog, and give yourself permission to enjoy the season – in moderation.

                                                                                        Happy Holidays!

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