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  • Stealth Corseting: Everything You Need To Know

    How to wear a corset under clothes

    Steel-boned corsets are growing in popularity now that waist training overall is becoming trendy, but one the questions we often get is: is it possible to wear a corset underneath your clothing?

    Latex cinchers with hook-and-eye closures are pretty easy to conceal, but what about slightly bulkier lace-up corsets?

    It is definitely possible to waist train with a corset while concealing what you are doing (although it can be a lot of fun to wear a corset as outerwear too!). The key is knowing what types of outfits to wear. Here is everything you need to know about stealth corseting so that you can keep your waist training routine a secret.

    The Most Flattering Waistlines

    Women have been corseting for hundreds of years, and they never had an issue hiding their corsets underneath their everyday attire. If you think about it, up until recently, women’s clothing always came in at the natural waist, making it natural to sport a corset underneath. This held true for a variety of gowns as well as pants and jeans when women started wearing them more.

    It got trickier over the last few decades, particularly when jeans started riding a lot lower. If you try to wear a corset with hip hugger jeans, you’re going to have a strange, bulky look around your lower abdomen.

    That’s why it’s important when you’re waist training with a corset to pick outfits with waistlines that come in at the natural waist. You should want to do this anyway, since if you’re waist training, you’re going to want to show it off! Luckily, high waist styles are coming back into fashion, so don’t hesitate to pair your steel-boned corset with some higher waist jeans, pants or skirts. Dresses and suits tend to highlight the natural waist more frequently, so try those as well.

    It’s All about the Fabric

     It should be obvious that the thinner the fabric, the more difficulty you’re going to have concealing anything underneath. If you’re having a hard time hiding your panty line or bra, then of course your corset is going to be pretty visible as well. If you want to wear thin, fitted blouses or dresses, you’re going to have much better results wearing seamless shapewear for those occasions rather than your favorite corset.

    Having said that, you just might be surprised about how many outfits you can pull off wearing a corset. Try tops and dresses with ruching, ruffles and other embellishments that not only draw attention away from whatever texture there might be underneath, but can also be used to highlight your hourglass shape.

    Even if you prefer wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you can still pull it off with a little trial and error. Remember to wear jeans with higher waistlines, and choose t-shirts in darker colors, prints or patterns. Just experiment with what you already have in your closet and you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Belts, Belts, Belts 

    We’ll let you in on this corseting fashion secret: belts are going to be your best friend. If you have a corseted waist, you’re going to want to show it off, and what better way to do that than with cute belt?

    Some of our favorite outfits to wear with corsets are long tops paired with leggings and finished off with a belt. Your tiny waist will look amazing, and the long shirt and leggings will help elongate your figure, giving you a longer, leaner hourglass shape.


    There are a lot of options when it comes to wearing dresses over your stealth corset. As with all of the outfits discussed so far, your results are going to depend on the fabric and the cut. Many dress styles come in at the natural waist, so it will be easy to wear your corset underneath. Where you may get into trouble is with any lightweight dresses that tend to show off every little curve. A belt can come in handy again; you might also do well pairing your corset with other shapewear like shaping panties, tights or leggings.

    For the best results we recommended dresses will frills and ruffles, with a stiffer structure, or with thicker fabrics. You’ll also do well with belts to draw attention to your tiny waist.

    And of course, we have to mention that corsets make some of the best bridal undergarments! They create a stunning silhouette for brides and bridesmaids alike. We especially recommend using them with A-line, ball gown, mermaid and strapless styles.


     Anything you can use to layer your look can go a long way in styling your stealth corset outfit. Aside from belts, jackets and vests also create some natural camouflage. You can also use cardigans and scarves to your benefit.

    Corseting is a little bit easier in cooler weather because you’re naturally going to be wearing loose-fitting sweaters, which pair beautifully with most corsets. But don’t worry; you don’t have to give up waist training in the summer months or warmer climates. Just choose loose-fitting or textured fabrics that can highlight a slim waist without giving away your secret.

    Does the Type of Corset Matter?

    Some corsets are more effective than others when it comes to invisibility under clothing. First, the color can be important. If you’re planning on wearing any light-colored clothing, be sure to choose a corset closure to your natural skin tone (like nude or black), rather than some of more colorful varieties. Second, some corsets are lighter than others and are easier to conceal.

    When It Just Isn’t Working

    There are certain styles that simply won’t work with a lace-up corset due to the cut and the fit of the materials. But not to worry—you can still enjoy the benefits of waist training even if you need to find an alternative to your favorite lace-up corset.

    While the results will be a little less dramatic, using a latex cincher in place of a corset when you just have to wear a certain outfit can solve your wardrobe problems. There’s definitely a benefit to having both styles of waist trainers in your wardrobe, depending on what you’re wearing. In particular you might want to have a no-closure cincher for absolutely seamless slimming. That way you can wear more figure-revealing outfits without getting set back in your waist training regimen.

    If you’re very committed to waist training, remember that it’s okay to take a break every now and then. You don’t have to wear your corset to the beach, after all. Just be sure to get right back into your routine whenever you’ve skipped it—or wear your waist trainer at odd hours in order to make up for lost time. Some women even like to waist train while they’re sleeping.

    Outfit Suggestions

    Here’s the fun part: getting inspired with corseted outfits! It's easier than you might think when you have the right inspiration.

    Outfit 1: Casual black dress with belt

    Not only will you look stunning with that tiny little waist in your corset underneath, but wearing a belt over a black dress will create a statement for your outfit. We told you belts would be your best friend!

    Outfit 2: Long tops with leggings (belt optional)

    This can be a go-to comfortable-yet-stylish outfit for pretty much anyone! Go without a belt for a more flowing look, or add the belt to emphasize that shaped waist.

    Outfit 3: Butt-lifting jeans plus t-shirt

    Our butt-lifting jeans are ideal to wear with corsets because the waistlines are cut higher and will fasten easily around a corseted midsection. You can wear these jeans with any number of tops. Wear your favorite graphic tee or printed top for a casual, sexy look.

    Outfit 4: Frilly summer dress

    If you choose a fabric that has lots of little ruffles or other texture, it will work beautifully with your favorite figure-slimming corset. We also recommend choosing prints and patterns, but experiment and see what works for you.

    Outfit 5: Fitted pantsuit or skirt suit

    Make a statement at the office by wearing a fitted suit with a corset. If you choose a blouse that has appropriate ruching, ruffles or thickness to conceal the corset, you can look sexy and professional.

    Outfit 6: Corset on top

    Okay, we know this article is about stealth corseting, but don’t forget that corsets double as amazing outerwear! See what new looks you can create simply by putting your corset on over your favorite tops.

    In conclusion, it is definitely possible and recommended to do waist training with a corset underneath your everyday attire. You just have to know what types of fabrics, cuts and accessories work best with your lifestyle and personal preferences.

    Do you already wear a corset under your clothes? We’d love to see some of your results and outfit recommendations! Give us a shout on social media and show us your stuff! #BeTheHourglass

    And as always, if you need additional styling advice, be sure to contact our team of experts who can help you find the perfect waist training solution for your needs.

    How to exercise with a waist trainer

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  • How to Wear a Waist Trainer Under Your Clothes

    Wearing waist trainers under clothing

    A waist trainer is a must-have piece of your holiday and winter wardrobe (actually, it’s a must-have for all year!). But can it work well under every type of outfit?

    To understand how to make the most of your waist trainer for everyday use, it’s important to have a good grasp on several factors that will help you enhance your look for any season:

    • How committed you are to a waist training regimen
    • Choosing the right waist trainer for your body type
    • Your personal style and fabric preferences

    Once you know your preferences and needs when it comes to these factors, working waist trainers into your wardrobe is much easier. Use this handy guide to see how these factors play a distinct role, and then find our specific tips for how to wear waist trainers discreetly underneath your clothing.

    Your Waist Training Commitment

    Knowing how often you’ll be wearing a waist trainer can greatly affect your wardrobe decisions. To wear a waist trainer under your clothes, it’s helpful to know how often you’ll be wearing one and thus how many you should own. Not all are created alike, and the more frequently you wear one, the more likely you’ll need to have multiple options in your closet.

    To get the maximum results from waist training, we recommend following a plan in which you wear a waist trainer for about 8–12 hours a day. This ensures that you’re getting maximum compression around your core, which stimulates thermal activity and contributes to your waist-slimming effort. (Not sure how to begin? Start here.)

    If you’re committed to an everyday plan, you will want at least two waist trainers to rotate through your wardrobe, in order to alternate them and let them rest. Giving your waist trainers a break allows them to contract and breathe for the best results—and you can also keep them clean. It also gives you the opportunity to try different colors and materials. At the very least you should have a workout band for when you’re exercising and then an everyday trainer for the rest of the time.

    On the other hand, if you’re not entirely committed to a daily waist training practice yet, you might only have one waist trainer in your wardrobe that you pull out for workouts or special occasions. In that case, you might want to make that selection carefully depending on when you want to wear it.

    Choosing the Right Waist Trainer for Your Body Type

    Do you know what your basic natural body type is?

    In order for your waist trainer to look its best under your clothes, it absolutely has to fit correctly, so that it enhances the curves you have. Otherwise, no matter what you wear on top, you’re not going to get the most flattering results. Knowing your body type when choosing a waist trainer is vital.

    Every body type is naturally beautiful, and each comes with its unique shaping challenges. But in general, every body type can benefit from wearing a waist trainer. If you need to create curves, cinching of the waist can better emphasize your hips and your bust. Conversely if you are already very curvy, a waist trainer can help you smooth and control those curves. And pretty much everyone benefits from a slimmer, flatter tummy and smaller waist measurement.

    Knowing your body type helps you select the best waist trainer for your needs. For example, if you need extra bust support you may want to choose a vest-style waist trainer. If you are on the short side you may choose a petite waist trainer; conversely if you’re tall, you may need a long torso variety.

    Once you’ve selected the ideal waist trainer for your body type, make sure you know how to put it on and that it fits correctly. Follow our sizing charts posted on the product descriptions. We have carefully curated each garment on our website and have adjusted the sizing charts accordingly. Make sure that you have measured the narrowest part of your waist, about two inches above the belly button, and that you’ve chosen the matching size on the chart. Choosing a garment that fits perfectly will ensure that your clothing falls in a flattering way over the top.

    Here are some trying-on tips for when you receive your order:

    • If you have a hook-and-eye closure waist trainer, start fastening from the bottom of the garment around the narrowest part of your waist. As you work your way up the cincher, pull it down over your abdomen.
    • If you are using a lace-up corset, use a mirror or find a friend to help you try it on. Make sure the front is clasped first. Tighten the laces in back by starting from the top and bottom and working your way towards the center.
    • Never force what doesn’t fit. While your waist trainer should be tight, you shouldn’t have to yank on it to put it on—otherwise you risk damaging the garment.
    • Be sure to break in your garment before you start a waist training regimen. Wear a latex waist cincher for an hour or two at a time for a couple of days before you start wearing it for longer hours. A steel-boned corset needs to be worn several times, loosely, for about an hour at a time, before you can tighten it all the way.

    Planning for Your Personal Style

    How you prefer to dress is a huge variable when it comes to how a waist trainer will work underneath your clothes. Some questions to ask yourself when pairing your clothes with a waist trainer include:

    • Fabric: will you be wearing thick or thin materials? Note that if you wear very light materials, the hooks on a waist trainer may show through.
    • Color: are you wearing light or dark? If you’re wearing light or sheer fabrics, a colorful print or dark colors on your waist trainer can show through.
    • Cut: are you wearing fitted tops or dresses, particularly those with lighter fabrics? It’s possible for the seams on a waist trainer to show. And obviously crop tops don’t pair well.

    If you have some clothing styles that might pose some problems with waist trainers, don’t worry. There are some ways to still make it work.

    Sneaky Tips for Wearing a Waist Trainer Discreetly

    If you want to commit to daily waist training, but some of your personal style doesn’t seem to work well, don’t despair. There are some ways to continue wearing a waist trainer without sacrificing your favorite outfits.

    • Use a shapewear alternative on the days when you are wearing thin or light-colored fabric in which a waist trainer might show through. We have a variety of seamless waist-slimming garments that will still provide compression around your waistline without showing. Try shaping panties, bodysuits and high-waist shaping leggings, to name a few. By wearing shapewear instead of a waist trainer on some days, you won’t set your waist training efforts back.
    • Try a no-closure waist trainer, which won’t have any of the seams and hooks that would show through your clothes.
    • Make sure you’re choosing a color and pattern that won’t pop through. Many styles of workout bands are designed for showing off at the gym with colorful prints, but they aren’t ideal underneath a white blouse.
    • As mentioned above, rotate several styles of waist trainers through your wardrobe. Nude and black waist trainers are ideal for everyday use.
    • Incorporate waist trainers into your personal style, rather than trying to conceal them! Many women are embracing the fun prints that you can show off at the gym or out on a run. You might also enjoy the vintage look you can get from a lace-up corset used as outerwear. Simply put it on over a thin lacy blouse.

    Wearing a waist trainer under your clothes can be a little tricky if you’re not accustomed to it, but once you’ve figured out how to make it work, it shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate it into your personal style effortlessly.

    Even if you discover that you’re not wearing certain styles of clothing as often as you used to, you might find that it’s worth it just because of the flattering benefits to your waistline. And don’t forget—it won’t completely set you back to skip a day of waist training every now and then, especially if you’ve been very committed to the practice. After all, why work so hard when you can’t show off your tiny waist off in swimwear or your cute little top?

    Finally, if need more specific style suggestions, particularly for special occasions or simply finding the perfect waist trainer, our customer service team is happy to help. Our expert stylists use waist trainers and other shapewear themselves and can give you the specific advice you need to perfect any look, no matter what your style. Contact our team – we're here to help!

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  • 5 Ways Shapewear Can Make You Look Hotter this Holiday Season

    Holiday shapewear options

    The holidays are known for a time of eating, drinking and being merry—so why not looking sexy? Unless you’re going to an "ugly sweater" party, all of these festivities with coworkers, friends and family are a perfect time to show off some curves!

    Whether your favorite holiday style is that hot LBD or that gorgeous fitted sweater dress, we’ve got everything you need to make sure you’re showing off your curves in all the right places this season. So stop hiding behind all the layers—and say hello to the life of the party. The secret is what’s underneath it all. You can build your confidence on the flawless silhouette, perfected by your shapewear foundation.

    Here are 5 easy ways to do it:

    1. Cool and confident: the mid-thigh shaper.

    Lower body curves don’t often get a lot of love in the wintertime, and it’s truly a shame. There are so many styles of dresses, skirts and pants that can be flattering to the curves of your butt and thighs; you just need the right kind of invisible control underneath.

    One of our favorite shapewear picks for holiday styles is the Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia A107. It provides firm and smooth coverage from beneath the bust to the mid-thigh, so no need to worry about saddlebags or cellulite showing up where they’re least welcome. The fabric also lays flat on your legs with an elegant lace finish. This prevents any rolling or riding up—not to mention you won’t reveal any panty lines.

    While any body type can benefit from the full-body control that this garment offers, this is especially flattering on women who are curvier on the bottom, meaning your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust. The mid-thigh shaper provides the optimal amount of shaping and control for your lower half, without flattening your naturally beautiful curves that are meant to be shown off!

    This is a favorite companion to the timeless little black dress. The straps are adjustable and removable, making this piece customizable with whatever your favorite dress style is. It’s also a great option for any kind of form-fitting dress or outfit—even those that hug the midsection. Plus you might be more motivated to lay off on all of the holiday treats when you see how sexy and slim your figure looks. And if you’re going a little more casual, this garment also provides an excellent, invisible foundation for leggings, giving a nice smooth shape to your butt, thighs and hips.

    1. Slim and sexy: the waist cincher.

    We just couldn’t imagine any holiday celebrations without an Hourglass Angel waist cincher, perhaps better known as the waist trainer. Some women save theirs for special occasions, like when they need to squeeze into a little dress or top. Others love to wear their waist trainers as a daily practice to help them on their slim-down journeys. While it might be tempting to skip out on your waist training regimen over the holidays, this is actually a great time to stick with your program religiously! Be one of those people who doesn’t go into the New Year full of regrets but feels like they had their holiday feasting under control.

    Whether you save the waist trainer for a special occasion or you wear it daily, it almost can’t go wrong. The instant you put it on, you drop at least an inch or two from your waistline and eliminate love handles and muffin top. This garment can be worn under pretty much anything. It’s a flattering look for any body type, whether you’re trying to slim down and smooth out your whole look or you’re trying to create more curves. We especially love to see the results on women with straight figures who otherwise don’t have a lot of curves to show off. They put on a waist cincher, and pop! All of a sudden, they’re an hourglass.

    Waist cinchers provide firm control for the waist with the added benefit of improving your posture while wearing them. Just that simple shift in body position can do wonders for your self-confidence, not to mention provide many hours of support for your back and your bust.

    Our top pick of the season is the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia. This customer favorite comes in nude or black and is one of our most versatile garments. It’s invisible under most attire and is a great foundation piece for dresses or dress tops. You might also enjoy trying it paired with your favorite pair of dark wash jeans and heels for a tall and slender look at your more casual events.

    1. Power curves: the full bodysuit

    Do you ever just want to go for a full-body makeover? That’s what’s amazing about all-over shapers like the Braless Minimizer Bodysuit with Latex by Leonisa 018433. Sometimes you’ve got to bring out the big guns and get firm control, slimming and shaping for all of your curves.

    The maximum compression of this bodysuit does not disappoint. It uses latex within a three-layer construction for complete tummy and midsection control. While minimizing, it doesn’t flatten the butt; special stitching ensures that your backside is round and lifted. It can be paired with your own bra so that you have a custom fit, but unlike many other styles it uses a high back to prevent any unwanted bulging at the top. To keep everything in place, the front fastens with hook-and-eye closures as well as a zipper over the top. Finally, it provides full coverage for the thighs, completing your sexy and confident look.

    This is the shaping garment you want to have on hand when you break out your fancy attire. We’re talking gowns and other formal apparel—or even pantsuits and dress suits if that’s what the occasion calls for. Whatever the event is, you won’t be disappointed with the easy control that this powerful curve-contouring bodysuit provides.

    1. Is that really shapewear? The sexy little panty shaper 

    Modern materials and manufacturing means that you don’t ever have to worry about looking like you’re wearing “grannie panties.” So many shapewear options don’t even look like shapewear; they look like lingerie! Yet they pack a punch and provide the shaping and control you need to look and feel great in your holiday apparel.

    We love the lacey look of the Vedette Scarlette Strapless Shapewear Body with Lace Trim. Don’t be fooled by its dainty appearance; it provides firm control throughout the midsection. It provides full coverage in the back over your bra line as well, making it a quite powerful secret weapon under almost anything. Wear it with straps for extra support or without, for the slimming support you need under any strapless style. It covers just below the bust so you can wear it with the bra of your choice.

    This shaper is another great option that pairs well with a little black dress (or any color), as it will create a slim and smooth silhouette throughout the torso. Anyone who wants shaping coverage throughout their torso will benefit from this piece, and it can be especially helpful if your figure is naturally rounder at the middle.

    1. Well, hello curves: the open bottom shaper

    Need a lift? Rather, does your backside need a lift? Now you can get the control of a mid-thigh shaper with super butt-lifting power—all without padding! Say hello to the Vedette Amelie Open Bottom Mid Thigh Shaper 914.

    This shaper really speaks for itself. It effortlessly enhances the curves you may not have known you already have! All while providing firm control for your tummy and midsection and smooth control for your hips and thighs. Not to mention supportive straps for an extra boost in your bustline. Who even knew it was all possible?

    This garment is a fan favorite among women with smaller or flatter curves at the rear because it seems to create a perfect butt out of thin air. If your body type is naturally straight or you tend to carry your curves on top, this can create perfect balance.

    An open-bottom garment like this works well with mid-length dresses and skirts, especially those that hug the hips. It also pairs well with pants and leggings—anything that you want to show off your new butt in!

    We hope you’re able to enjoy this holiday season with more sexiness and confidence than you’ve ever had before. So stash away those baggy pants and oversized sweaters and say hello to the hot new you! We’d love to see the way you’re showing off your sexy holiday style, no matter what the occasion and how you wear it. Share it with us on Instagram #BeTheHourglass. And as always, if you need help finding the ideal shaper for your body type and outfit, contact the expert stylists on our customer service team. Happy holidays!

    Shop customer favorite shapers

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  • Success UNDER the Dress: Shapewear for the Career Woman

    Top shapewear for work & beyond

    When you’re putting together your work wardrobe, what you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on top. Whatever you wear—blouses, skirts, dress pants, power suits—they only truly look their best when the foundation underneath is flawless.

    How you look at work can greatly affect your state of mind and your confidence—which is related to your performance at work. According to one survey:

    • 72% of women feel they are taken more seriously when they look their best
    • 44% of people feel that confidence is a key factor in hiring decisions
    • 52% are worried about "tummy bulge"
    • 95% admit to owning clothes that don't fit properly
    • 43% of all women try on more than one outfit each day

    What’s more, what you’re wearing underneath your work clothes can make a big difference in your physical health and comfort. Do you ever feel back pain from sitting all day, hunched in front of a computer, or from walking around in pumps? That pain may be related to poor posture. Wearing a firm compression shaper can hold your torso straighter for long hours. Not only can better posture prevent back pain, but it can make you look more confident.

    To sum it all up, your undergarments are foundational to how you look and feel every day! Are you putting as much thought into yours as you should?

    If your work wardrobe needs a makeover, check out these must-have shapers for any career woman. Each is designed to keep you slim, comfortable and supported all day, so you can look and feel your best on the job.

    Clasica Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery
    Keep that posture confident and that tummy flat all day. This garment is also ideal for waist training, and the best part is: it’s wearable under virtually anything.

    Arm Compression Cami By Body Hush
    This is another one of our most popular waist slimming options. Wear it to work (and beyond) every day, or keep it on hand for special events.

    Sculpting Vest Waist Trainer by Amia
    Many women love the extra support and coverage that this vest style waist slimmer provides. It covers your bra straps in the back and provides and extra boost for your bust.

    Twilight Lift & Sculpt Jeans By Amia
    If you’re looking to enhance your curves every day the Amia Lift & Sculpt collection is for you. These jeans are designed to gently lift your buttocks for a fuller, firmer appearance.

    Shop customer favorite corsets

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  • Do’s and Don’ts of Buying & Wearing Shapewear

    How to wear shapewear: tips and tricks

    Everyone from red carpet celebrities to working moms are using shapewear to look their sexiest, whether at home posing for Instagram or at special events. But there’s a difference between trying out shapewear without any knowledge about how it works and then totally rocking it like a Kardashian.

    To get the most out of your shapewear, it’s crucial to have some basic knowledge about what works…and what doesn’t. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.

    Do: learn how to put it on. This one is simple, but so important. Shapewear needs to be tight in order to work! Don’t stretch it out or warp it because you don’t know how to use it. Some general rules:

    • Step into it; don’t pull it over your head.
    • Be patient; don’t tug or stretch with excessive force.
    • Think about how you wear pantyhose: bunch it up, and then work it on slowly.

    That leads to the next point…

    Don’t: wear shapewear that doesn’t fit. Follow each garment’s sizing guidelines very carefully. Also make sure you’re knowledgeable about how to take your measurements. If the garment doesn’t fit, it is not going to be flattering—especially if it’s too small.

    Do: select shapewear for your body type. Not every piece will work on every body. You should be picking a garment based on your target areas. Know your body type and the solutions you should focus on.

    Don’t: expect to transform your figure without working on your fitness. For the best results, you absolutely have to work out and eat well! Wearing shapewear and waist training are supplemental to a fitness regimen (check out these tips for making it all work).

    Do: get advice from the experts for inspiration. Check out this post from one of our favorite fashion bloggers. You can also contact our customer service team for advice for your specific style and fitness needs. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for continuous inspiration, tips and trends. 

    Don’t: feel like you’re doing it alone! Thousands of women are on this journey already, so use our resources to connect and learn (and invite your friends!).

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  • When to Size Down Your Waist Trainer / Hourglass Angel

    How to know when to get a smaller waist trainer size

    4 Signs It’s Time To Size Down Your Waist Trainer

    So, you started waist training…and it’s working! Perhaps you’ve also been losing weight and your waist trainer isn’t feeling as snug as it did when you first started. So the question is…when are you ready to size down?

    First, you should know that the waist trainer is going to fit better with time—even after the first time you wear it. Part of the reason might be because your waist is naturally slimming down. But you are also breaking in the garment as your body becomes accustomed to it over time.

    You don’t want to size down too soon because one of the most important factors in waist training is using a cincher that fits correctly. If yours is too small, it will not give you desirable (or comfortable results). On the other hand, a waist trainer that is too loose won’t give you the maximum benefits.

    So how do you know that you’re ready? Here are the signs.

    1. The cincher isn’t as tight.

    If your garment is on the tightest fit and it just doesn’t feel as tight as it used to, it’s probably time. When you’re wearing it day after day with ease, or if the cincher is sliding around at all, it’s probably too big. It should be snug.

    1. You don’t feel the compression.

    One of the ways waist training works is by making you sweat more around your midsection because of the compression. If you’re not feeling the heat, it’s not working the way it should.

    1. You don’t feel the support.

    Are you able to slouch? You shouldn’t in a waist trainer that fits. Any time you’re wearing it, you should feel like your posture is straight and tall.

    1. There’s a visible difference in your figure.

    You’ll notice big-time when your figure has changed drastically enough for you to order a smaller size. Not only will the waist trainer be loose, but your clothes will be too.

    If you think it’s time, the sure-fire way to know is to simply take your waist measurement and check out our sizing chart! If you’re on the fence between two sizes, we recommend wearing the larger size for just a little longer. But if you’re comfortable within the smaller size range, go for it!

    Shop customer favorite corsets

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  • Shapewear Secrets from a Fashion Expert / Hourglass Angel

    Getting the Most Out of Your Shapewear with Fashion Expert Tatiana

    Shapewear Secrets from a Fashion Expert

    Today we’re thrilled to introduce a very special guest blogger: Tatiana from We Shop in Heels! She is a leading fashion and beauty expert, and she's the founder of her blog, which is a bilingual site that specializes in beauty, fashion, and personal style. Read her Tatiana's post below as she shares her insights into how to make the most out your shapewear:

    Spring is here, and that means it's time to start thinking about flirty dresses and wedding season. There are times when I want to wear a skin-thigh dress to go out with my hubby or girls-night-out, but that’s not all; I want to look perfect every day in my work attire or even in my favorite little black dress.

    Shapewear Secrets from a Fashion Expert

    I know the importance of having shapewear in a women's closet as the best solution to making each dress go from great to perfect. Shapewear is a great choice to slim out your figure, and to wear that beautiful dress with confidence. The great news is that there is an array of styles to choose from that adjust to your lifestyle. For instance: everyday use, night out, or back support. It’s proven that wearing shapewear is not vanity thing anymore, it has become an everyday need.

    Waist Training Secrets from a Fashion Expert

    Therefore, I'm going to mention a couple of tips to get the right shapewear:

    1. The right size matters: Getting the right size is crucial to get the most out of a shapewear piece. Keep in mind that trying to size down will only cause bulges and discomfort, and it make you look bigger. In fact, getting a size bigger won't get the most out of shapewear.
    1. The right style is important: You have to identify the trouble zones you want to smooth out. Look for versatile styles that you can wear with most of your garments, and focusing on the areas you want to shape to always look and feel your best.

    I show you two of my favorite styles from Hourglass Angel that adjust to my lifestyle and the zones I want to shape and enhance in my figure:

    Shapewear Secrets from a Fashion Expert

    The Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia gives me everyday mid-weight shaping from the torso to the mid-thigh (my trouble zone), finishing in feminine lace that lays flat. Due to the lightweight fabric, I usually wear this type of shapewear with sheer dresses and thin fabrics. This way, I avoid showing off my lingerie and smooth out my figure at the same time.

    The Perfect waist by Squeem is another one of my choices because it slims my waistline 2-3 inches. It’s a good fit for any lifestyle and needs waist training, back support, and postpartum to name a few. The smooth and well-constructed compression zones allow me to wear it underneath everyday clothes and even work attire. Discretion is one of the main concerns when wearing shapewear because you don’t want anyone to notice your slim-waist secret! ;) With Hourglass Angel shapewear, you can be sure only your confidence will show through. Check out this waist training guide if you’re curious where to start or how to find the right fit.

    Waist Training Secrets from a Fashion Expert

    It's not a secret that even celebrities on the red carpet take the benefits of shapewear; it's like Photoshop for your body, an instant makeover. Therefore, it's become one of the fashion essentials to accentuate your best features and hide imperfections to get more confidence when it comes to dressing up for a special occasion, professional attire, and everyday clothes. Who doesn’t want to look her best every day, right?!

    Shop post partum shapers

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  • How Waist Training Transformed My Post-Baby Body

    Ciera waist training fashion

    Today, we're excited to feature a special guest post by style expert and blogger Ciera Hudson from Ciera is known for her expertise on everything from fashion and fitness to beauty and hair styling. Read her post and check out the photos as she reveals her secret to looking incredible after childbirth. (Hint: she's wearing the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia!) Here's her story:




    While I was pregnant with my daughter Marloe, my mom told me that after her pregnancies she wore a girdle for weeks after giving birth to help train her stomach to go back to its normal state/size.

    I looked everywhere in stores and online for something. I bought a couple of girdles before giving birth and after I had Marloe and I used them right away. But, I honestly just wasn't happy with them. It felt like they weren't really doing their job. They were so bulky and uncomfortable, you could tell I was wearing one, and I couldn't stop itching from them too!

    That's when I discovered the Amia Classic Waist Cincher from Hourglass Angel. It's my little secret under EVERYTHING I wear! I love how it smooths down my post baby pooch, and it has tremendously shrunk down my waist size. The best part about it is that no one can tell I'm wearing it! It goes well under everything, and I got the nude colors, so that they don't stand out under my clothes. I even sometimes wear them to bed! :)

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  • Step Into Spring: Expert Style Tips From Fashion Blogger Favorites

    Step Into Spring: Expert Style Tips From Fashion Blogger Favorites

    Spring is here, which means it's time for flowy skirts and dresses, floral prints and other flirty styles of the season. Are you wondering how to transition from heavy winter wear to a light and carefree look this year? You can make the transition flawlessly with some great style tips, made complete with high quality shapewear!

    Some of our favorite bloggers and Instagram babes are talking about what to wear this spring. Take a look at their favorite styles and how to pair them perfectly with shapewear.

    How to wear shapewear under tight clothing

    Awed By Monica: New mom Monica looks incredible in her sculpting vest waist trainer. "A smaller waistline and flat stomach will definitely keep heads turning in your outfit of the day."

    New mom clothing tips

    KB Styled: Brooke knows exactly how to rock a flirty spring dress with help from the Amia Mid-Thigh Bodysuit. " What I love most about this particular style is that it shapes my waist all the way up to my bra line and it also has straps to help hold everything up."

    How to dress when you have gained weight

    Style Waltz: McKenna shows us how the Amia Corselette and Mid-Thigh Bodysuit are her go-to items for both casual and dress-up styles. "Not only is this suit super comfortable but I love how it pull everything together and made me look as if I had been hitting the gym!:)"

    Sexy clothing and shapewear

    We Shop in Heels: Tatiana is ready for spring dresses and wedding season with her waist trainer and mid-thigh bodysuit. "It's not a secret that even celebrities on the red carpet take the benefits of a shape wear, it's like photoshop for your body, an instant makeover."

    Butt lifting jeans

    The Samantha Show: Samantha loves using her waist trainer so much, she wish she'd discovered it sooner!  I SO wish I would have had this after having my kids because there is nothing worse than adjusting back to your pre-baby body and the feeling of extra skin just hanging there. This would have been perfect!" She also looks stunning in Amia Shape and Sculpt Jeans.

    Best fitting jeans

    The Fashion Fuse: Angie discovers how butt-lifting jeans can completely transform your look!. She has a thin frame, and she says, "It was fun to have a little more junk in the trunk!"

    Shapewear and fashion

    Yours Truly Ciera: This new mom reveals her secret: wearing a waist trainer under EVERYTHING! "I love how it smooths down my post baby pooch, and it has tremendously shrunk down my waist size! "

    Butt lifting jeans in summer

    Diary of a Debutante: Stephanie shares the easiest way to transition out of winter, even if you've put on a few extra pounds. " Shapewear, ie undergarments for women who want a flawless, bulge-free silhouette while rocking even the tightest of clothing, has become my go-to solution for making my favorite spring trends go from great to perfect, and their sexy, slimming effects help to highlight all of my best features even when I'm not actually feeling my best." Check out her look in Amia Lift and Sculpt Jeans and the Miracle Vest Waist Cincher by Squeem.

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  • The Complete Outfit for the Perfect Workout

    3 workout shapewear garments to help you get fit

    3 Pieces to Help You Get Fit Like Never Before

    When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, what you wear is vitally important. If you want to get the most results from your efforts while staying comfortable with maximum support, you'll need apparel designed for your body and goals.

    Women who work out are typically looking for three things: back support, bust support and shaping/support for the midsection and lower body. Compression workout shapewear is ideal because it stimulates more heat and perspiration for maximum intensity. Quality material is also important because it keeps you feeling dry even while you sweat hard.

    You can have it all during your exercise routines! If you need workout outfit ideas, try combining these three items:

    1. Faja Deportiva 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery

    No workout is complete without your gym waist trainer! This garment maximizes any fitness routine by increasing thermal activity in your core and ramping up your perspiration. You'll sweat more with minimal effort during exercise. Since it dramatically sculpts your waistline, you'll get an instant glimpse of your slim new figure, motivating you to stay on-track to your long-term goals.

    1. Supreme Support Back Posture Sports Bra by Leonisa

    This might just be the most comfortable bra you've ever owned. The X-shaped reinforcement on the back creates effective posture improvement and sturdy support for your bust. Leonisa's flexible Powernet fabric molds with your body to provide a perfect fit and lasting, comfortable support. Made of breathable microfiber, it also keeps you feeling fresh throughout your workout.

    1. Slimming Black & Pink Leggings by Bon Bon Up

    Slip on these sporty leggings and enjoy a slimmer tummy, fuller rear and a hot look for the gym and beyond. The high-waist design features an internal girdle to provide slimming power around your midsection, as well as butt-lifting benefits. And thermal reduction technology in the fabric helps to make your skin feel cooler when you're exerting yourself.

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