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  • 10 Ways to Support Your Breasts

    Bras, bustiers and breast-supporting shapewear

    Breast Support with Bras, Bustiers, Shapers and More

    Think a bra is just a bra? Think again! Any woman who's gone through dozens of bras to find the perfect fit knows that there are endless ways to comfortably support and shape your breasts underneath all of your outfits.

    If all your wardrobe contains is one or two types of bras, you're limiting yourself. But don't get overwhelmed about the different types of bras that are out there. When you break it down, most bras have just a few variances. Take a few minutes to learn about your options; then choose bras based on what you need for any occasion, any style, and any level of comfort.

    1. Basic soft cup

    This is your starting point for all bras. Soft cup bras provide support using the strength of the underband beneath your bust, along with comfortable straps. They provide minimal shaping, but enough lifting and support to feel comfortable in your casual attire.

    2. Underwire Support

    A step up from a soft cup is a bra that uses an underwire in the cups to provide more rigid shape and support. Some women find the rigidity of an underwire less comfortable than a soft cup, but the lasting shape of the bra cups is unbeatable.

    For the best of both worlds, the Ahh Divine Underwire Leisure Bra by Rhonda Shear provides the shape of an underwire bra with the support of a soft cup, as the underwire is knitted.

    3. Bustier

    Special occasions like weddings and formals require some special support. A bustier provides the "wow" factor for special occasions where you want a tall and slim torso and a boosted bust. A bustier is strapless because it carries the weight of the breasts in the body of the garment rather than in the straps.

    The Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier by Va Bien lifts and shapes for any special occasion.

    4. Straps

    If there's one variable you need in your bra collection, it's different types of straps! There's no need to worry about showing your straps when you can select from racerback, criss-cross, halter, traditional and even strapless bra styles. Many bras also come with convertible straps for maximum versatility.

    5. Padding

    There's an amount of padding ideal for different attire and breast sizes. Use minimal padding to conceal the nipple and provide a smooth shape, like a t-shirt bra, or use lots of padding to enhance your cleavage, like a push-up bra.

    6. Cup Coverage

    Bra cups provide varying amounts of coverage. Full coverage cups offer the most comfort and support, while demi cups, which cover about half of the breast, produce the most cleavage and are ideal for low-cut styles.

    7. Underbust Design

    Some support and shaping garments don't cover the breasts at all! The Bodysuit by Amia is an example of a body shaper designed to be paired with the bra of your choice, so you can customize your ideal shape and support.

    8. Built-In

    If you're wearing a form-fitting strappy or strapless top, it's almost impossible to wear a bra underneath without showing straps or seams. That's why quality tops will utilize a built-in shelf bra.

    9. Bra Shaper

    Sometimes you just want an all-in-one garment that supports your breasts, minimizes your midsection and shapes up your rear. The Wacoal Try A Little Slenderness Hidden Wire Body Briefer is a shaper that does it all comfortably.

    10. Support Levels

    Some bras are better than others at providing lasting support for a full day of wear. Full-support bras generally provide full breast coverage, use wide straps and are designed for everyday use. They may be more comfortable than push-ups, demi cups and various strap designs, particularly if you have a full bust. Sports bras are also very supportive and can make your exercise routine much more comfortable.

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  • Say Goodbye to Regular Panties Forever

    Our Top 5 Shaping Panties That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

    Have you ever wondered why some apparel that looks perfect on the mannequin at the store doesn't quite fit the same way on a real person? It's because most women are not naturally shaped like mannequins! Not even celebrities are perfectly shaped and smooth under their finest designer clothes.

    Looking attractive in any outfit starts at the foundation – what's underneath. Your undergarments can make your outfit look fabulous, or they can make you look awkward. The best underwear will shape your body into a smooth shape, so the fabrics fall and fit in just the right way. And it all starts with your panties!

    Forget about those cotton panties you buy in bulk or even the lacy ones from the department store. To truly bring out the best in your shape underneath your favorite apparel, you need high-quality shaping panties.

    Here are five of our customer favorites, which provide various shaping solutions:


    1. Enhancing Panty Girdle Leslie 203 by Vedette

    This panty works double duty to flatten your tummy and trim your midsection while lifting and sculpting the hips and butt. It provides moderate hip reduction while enhancing your rear instead of flattening it. This panty is ideal for everyday use as well as special occasions with a comfortable boy short design.


    2. Ultimate Gold Everyday Shaper by Bodyhush

    Say goodbye to the muffin top, love handles and your tummy in a snap with this comfortable everyday panty. It's a high-waisted bellyband and a panty in one that keeps your entire midsection in check. Made in Italy, the innovative fabric is lightweight yet firm and even has a fresh scent built in.


    3. Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by Vedette

    Combine firm control for your waistline with a butt-lifting design and you've got a garment that's perfect for showing off your figure all the way around. The waistband and control panel on this panty work to trim inches off your midsection while creating volume in the rear to fully enhance your natural shape.


    4. Everyday 365 Control Panty by Bodyhush

    You'll never go a day without feeling sexy and confident in every outfit when you're wearing one of the most versatile panties we offer. Enjoy the comfort of a normal panty with powerful figure shaping. With this panty's waistline-reducing control panels on all sides, you can enjoy looking a size or more smaller every day!


    5. Caboost Padded Panty

    Never suffer from sagging pants again with an instant booty boost from this padded panty. It's like a push-up bra for your behind, with two inches of padding that create a full and round look. This panty also provides ultimate comfort and can be ideal as maternity and postpartum wear.

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  • What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


    On your wedding day, all the attention is on you, the gorgeous bride! You want to look your very best, from your hair and makeup to your accessories and shoes. And of course THE DRESS. In order to look the best in your dress, you need to have the perfect foundation underneath.

    We have an extensive selection of bridal lingerie uniquely designed for the special day. Trying to determine what lingerie you need can be a confusing task, so here are some tips to help you find the perfect garments based on your dress.

    Fitted Around the Midsection

    A lot of wedding gowns are designed to cling to your midsection, which is why many brides find themselves exercising like crazy! You'll have nothing to fear if you have a midsection shaper like a corset, girdle or bustier, all of which will keep your tummy flat and your torso smooth. If you struggle with your lower abdomen, choose a girdle or high-waisted panty with extra support for that area.

    Plunging Neckline

    Got a low-cut gown that shows off a bit of cleavage? It's important to find a garment that invisibly gives your bust the support it needs. Choose a bra or bodysuit with a u-shaped plunge design in the front.

    Strapless Neckline

    Don't skip out on a great bra for the big day! Choose a strapless bra or bustier that fits, possibly with some padding for an extra boost if you're small-chested. You can also use a longline bra, which extends like a corset down towards the abdomen to stay in place and provide additional support.

    Tight Around the Hips

    If you have a mermaid cut or another style that highlights your hips and rear, choose a shaper that provides shaping and lifting for your hips, butt and thighs. Try a bodysuit, shaping panties, or rear-enhancing pant.

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  • How to Prevent Your Shapewear from Rolling Down


    Getting the Most Flattering and Comfortable Results

    When you're dressed to impress the last thing you want is your figure-enhancing shaper to migrate out of place! If yours is rolling, bunching or sliding, you're either not wearing the right size or you're not using the ideal garment for your figure.

    This problem can easily be prevented when you know what types of shapewear works best for you. Equip yourself with some basic shapewear knowledge and you'll never have to battle with roll-down again.

    Wear the Right Size

    While it might be tempting to try a size too small in order to slim down a bit more, you'll find that it has the opposite effect! If your garment is rolling down or compressing you in an unflattering way, it might be because it just doesn't fit correctly. For the best results, use a shaper true to your size; if you're in between sizes, then go a size up. You'll still achieve smooth and slim results, without bunching and discomfort.

    Choose an Ideal Control Level

    Shapers come in several levels of control. Maximum control garments use up to three plies of fabric, heavy support stitching and/or boning. If they fit correctly, they're not going anywhere. Strong control garments are a step down from maximum control, typically with two plies of fabric and sometimes boning. Likewise, they are unlikely to shift out of place with the correct fit. Where you can run into more problems is in light control garments, which typically use one ply of soft, stretchy fabric. If your light control shaper isn't staying in place the way you want it to, it might not be the ideal level of control for you. But if you prefer the level of comfort and flexibility that light control garments provide, try a different size or style.

    Choose Your Most Figure-Flattering Style

    There is no one-size-fits-all shaping solution, which is why it's important to determine what style of garment is going to enhance your figure the most. In particular, if you're trying to shape your midsection, you'll want to use a garment designed to prevent muffin top. Try a shaper that provides coverage all the way up to your bra line, which either uses strong control or shoulder straps to keep it in place. Bodysuits, cinchers and high-waisted panties are all great waist-shrinking solutions, but you might prefer one over the other for your body's needs.

    Shop according to your shape!

    Try a Variety

    It might take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your body, so we recommend trying a variety of solutions! Worst case scenario, if you're dissatisfied with a shaper's performance, send it back and try something else. But chances are, you'll find several styles that are ideal for you that you'll want to regularly rotate through your wardrobe.

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  • The Best Activewear for an Active Life

    Fashionable & Effective Apparel in the Gym and Out

    If you're an active woman, what you wear during your workouts is just as important as your professional, dressy, or casual attire. Activewear that effectively enhances your performance is essential, and it's all the better if it's stylish and highlights your body's best features.

    We've got what you need to be fashionable at the gym as well as at the park, on the trail, or anywhere else you want to show off a sporty look. Plus, you'll be working your muscles to their fullest potential and targeting stubborn body fat.


    Sweat It Off Anti-Cellulite Tank by Delfin Spa paired with Ultimate Performance Racer Back Sports Bra by Game Gear HT260

    A good workout can turn into a great one when you have upper body support that aids with your form and posture. This anti-cellulite tank helps you amp up your perspiration so you can make the most out of your workout, while the sports bra keeps your chest area feeling dry and your back muscles uninhibited. Together they provide ultimate shaping and support for your torso so you'll look hot no matter which way you move.


    Bio-Ceramic Calf Sleeves by Delfin

    Are you envious of women with great calves? These sleeves will help you maximize the effectiveness of your calf workouts by creating compression and thermal activity. These are a great option whether you're an avid runner or gym-goer and you want to improve your performance.


    Curve Appeal Black Body Shaping Leggings by Bon Bon Up

    Your collection of activewear wouldn't be complete without a pair of great leggings. These shaping leggings discreetly sculpt your waist, hips, butt and thighs so you'll feel confident and attractive. They're ideal whether you're lifting, running, doing yoga, or even running errands.


    Mineral Motion High-Waisted Capris by Delfin Spa

    Boost your workout with mineral-infused fabric! The unique compression technology helps you sweat, which can improve circulation. You'll also look smooth and shapely from above your waist down to mid-calf, making these capris ideal for casual wear as well.


    Toning Shorts by Amia

    Work out harder and increase your caloric burn with these cutting-edge compression shorts from Amia. You'll feel the burn and look fantastic by shaping your waistline, butt, hips and thighs.


    Essentials Crop Shapewear Pants Plus Size by Miraclesuit

    If you're tempted to go to the gym hiding your figure in baggy clothes, these pants were made for you! Enjoy a smoothly contoured body including your waist, butt, hips and thighs, while benefiting from compression fabric to increase caloric burn. The control waistband keeps everything in place so you've got no worries no matter which way you bend and twist.


    Weather Endurance Compression Pants by Game Gear

    If you're inspired to work up a sweat when the outdoor elements aren't so inviting, these compression pants are a must-have. They'll keep you warm and dry while improving your circulation. Rain, snow or shine, you'll be ready to gear up and enjoy the weather.

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  • Date Night!


    Look Hot In Our Top Shaper for Summer Styles

    Summertime is an exciting season for fashion and romance. It means lots of straps, lots of skin and light and flirty fabrics. And when you're going out in the hot weather, you don't want to be wearing much bulk or sweating through heavy materials. Shapewear is an essential part of looking hot in summer styles!

    Got a big date coming up? Look even more amazing in our top pick for summer: the High Waisted Panty by Amia! You can incorporate this versatile shaper into all of your warm weather outfits so you will always look slim and smooth in this summer's top trends. Here are a few ways you can look your best on date night (or every day):


    Short shorts are sexy and draw attention to long legs and a nice bottom. The high waisted panty provides a firm lift for your rear, so there's never a worry about how your backside looks in your cutoffs. It provides control for your midsection too, so you don't have to worry about muffin top either!

    Midi Skirts

    Enjoy this sophisticated look that highlights your waistline and makes your legs look longer. Your midi skirt will fit smoothly like a glove over the panty shaper.

    Matching Suits

    For your lightweight business attire, the panty shaper will create a perfectly shaped midsection and rear. Fitted pants and skirts will fit smoothly and comfortably, so you'll look professional and chic.


    Who doesn't love a summery sundress? You'll feel confident in flowing fabrics because your figure will be a smooth hourglass underneath. The panty shaper is also practical for more formal gowns and dresses, as it holds your midsection in its ideal slim shape.

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  • The New Rules for Party Dressing


    Dressing Your Best for Any Night Out

    It used to be that when you went out to party, you could only wear sexy apparel if you had the right body type. And unless you were a runway model, your selection of party wear might have been limited (unless you simply chose to wear an unflattering outfit!).

    These days, more people recognize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and shapewear enhances all of them! No matter what your body type, the key to sporting a fashionable party outfit is setting the perfect foundation with the right shaper. Here are some rules you should follow every time you dress up.

    1. Choose the Right Shaper According to Your Outfit

    Some of your sexiest apparel naturally isn't going to work with every type of shaper. For example, if you're wearing a halter-top, a shaper with straps isn't going to work. If you're going low back or backless, you may run into to problems with a lot of midsection shapers with back coverage. But don't give up on that cute dress yet! Many shaping garments are specifically designed for wearing under those fashionable types of apparel. For your more revealing outfits, try shapers that are backless, thong, plunge bra, or strapless.

    2. Try Different Materials

    Modern shapers utilize a variety of different materials, and not all function the same way. For maximum shaping effectiveness you might want to try a garment with high compression material and side boning for extra shaping and support through the midsection. If you would rather have more comfort and flexibility while you make your moves on the dance floor, a light compression cami or high-waisted panty might be better suited for your needs. If you're planning on wearing a tight outfit, one quality you'll always want to look for in the fabric is a "seamless" design, so nothing shows through.

    3. Find the Right Color

    No matter what type of shapewear you're using, you'll always want it to be invisible. You wouldn't wear a black bra under a white t-shirt, so don't sport a black cincher under a light-colored top. If you're wearing a separate bra and panties, wear a shaper of the same color. You usually can't go wrong with nude-colored undergarments if you're trying to be discreet.

    4. Enhance Your Best Assets

    Know yourself and learn which of your features you can show off! Shapers aren't just made for hiding your less flattering features; they're made for enhancing what you've got. Match the shaper that features your curves with an outfit that emphasizes those curves. Use cleavage-boosting undergarments for low-cut tops, butt-lifting shapers under tight skirts and pants, and torso-lengthening midsection shapers for dresses that emphasize the waistline.

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  • Ten Coordinating Shapers for the Perfect Hourglass Figure


    Surefire Combos for Your Ideal Shape

    Sometimes, obtaining the ideal figure for that special dress or those form-fitting pants requires a little thoughtful preparation when it comes to your shapewear. While many garments are versatile and work well on their own, they work even better when paired with another body shaping product. Try some of these combos for the perfect look in your most flattering outfits. You can also mix and match for your own custom shaping solution!


    High Waisted Panty by Amia with Vedette Ivana Torsette Waist Cincher

    With these two garments you can enjoy moderate control and shaping for your lower abdomen, hips and butt, in addition to firm cinching at your waistline. This combination is ideal for creating a tight and toned look from below the bust down to your hips. Both pieces are seamless, so they'll fit together without a problem.


    Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts by Delfin with Body Slimming Anti-Cellulite Gel by Co’Coon 

    For your smoothest, firmest skin, sometimes you need to take out the big guns. Delfin's compression shorts will enhance your workouts by increasing perspiration in your cellulite target areas, while the body slimming gel firms and improves the appearance of the surface of your skin. You'll enjoy the confidence of having tight and toned skinned in all of your leg-baring attire.


    Dana Mid-Thigh Buttock Enhancer with Front Closure by Vedette with Strapless Longline Bra by Dominique

    Want a full-body makeover without pulling on a whole suit? Vedette's buttock enhancer does wonders for your lower half, resulting in a shapely bottom with smooth thighs and hips. When paired with this strapless longline bra, you'll enjoy extra slimming and support for your waist and torso with a nice boost to the bust. It's a perfect solution for the little black dress or any form-fitting attire.


    Vedette Amelie Open Bottom Mid Thigh Shaper with B.Wowd Push Up Bra by Wacoal

    Sexy perfection from top to bottom starts with an incredible bra like this push up bra by Wacoal. Flexible, seamless design creates a lovely lift in the cleavage. Pair that with this mid thigh shaper and you'll get a smooth hourglass from the bust all the way to mid-thigh, including a head-turning lift in the rear.


    Toning Shorts by Amia with Workout Band by Ann Cherry

    Your workouts just got a huge boost with cutting-edge compression technology from Amia and Ann Cherry. These shorts with this waistband will maximize your perspiration in your target areas, ensuring that your workout is working for you!


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  • Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe

    10 Essential Shaping Summer Tanks

    Does your summer wardrobe need a lift? If you're hiding behind baggy tops or you're finding that your standard tanks provide a squeeze in the all the wrong places, then you need to revamp some of your warm-weather style!

    All it takes is the right tank top to pull off a look that is smooth and attractive. We've got ten essential pieces for your summer wardrobe, so you'll look hot (and feel cool) all season long. You can wear most of them on their own, or use them as a foundation for some stylish layering.


    All About Lace: Glamour Shaping Camisole by BodyHush

    You can look elegant, long and lean with this gorgeous lacy cami. Enjoy a flat tummy and a smooth midsection under fabric that won't slip. This looks very sexy on its own and also layers beautifully under other tops.

    Midsection Taming: Girlfriend Shaping Tank Top by Yummie by Heather Thomson

    This simple yet versatile top will be your go-to every time you need to head out in hot weather. Enjoy superb support and midsection shaping with a spandex tummy panel along, along with comfortable breath ability.

    Go Strapless: Ava Convertible Shaper Slip by Cass Luxury

    Why reveal bra straps or seams under your strappy and strapless tops when you can use this slimming shaper? Wear it underneath any of your feminine favorites, on its own, or layered underneath a jacket.

    Scoop Neck: The Scoop Skinny Shaping Top by Cass Luxury

    This soft and stylish design emphasizes your bust while providing seamless slimming of the torso all the way around. Light and breathable, it's ideal even on summer's hottest days.

    Underbust Design: CocCoon Perfect Fit Braless T-shirt

    Sometimes it's hard to beat the comfort and support of your favorite bra. If you want to wear that bra with a shaper, pair it with this underbust design for custom comfort, support and midsection control.

    Strappy: Yes Please Firm Control Tank Top by Flexees

    Don't want to go completely strapless but want to show off your shoulders? Enjoy comfortable but firm control and slimming around your midsection with some stylish thin straps.

    Push-Up Combo: Candace Custom Lift Camisole by Flexees

    Summer style sometimes includes a bit of cleavage, so bare it comfortably and confidently with graduated push-up support in this one-of-a-kind tank. It also comfortably shapes and controls your tummy, midsection and back.

    Bodysuit Support: Mia Invisible Bodysuit by Cass Luxury

    This looks like a sexy, strappy tank and has added support for the lower abdomen and back. Wear it on its own or layer, with or without a bra.

    Comfortable Non-Underwire Support: Veronica Cami Shaper by Julie France

    On those hot and humid days, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. This ultra-stretch tank provides superb bust support without and underwire while targeting the waistline, tummy and lower back.

    Wear it Two Ways: Stephanie 2-Way Tank by Yummie by Heather Thomson

    Why have two tanks when you can just use one? This reversible top has a V-neck on one side and a scoop neck on the other and provides superb tummy and torso slimming.

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  • Tame Your Midsection Once and For All

    Get The SHAPE


    If you're like a lot of women, some of the most frustrating problem areas in your figure are probably around your waist. This is especially true if you've been pregnant, but even if you haven't, you might still battle with your midsection, day after day.

    Few things can be more frustrating than trying to look fashionable and attractive when you're combating an uncooperative tummy, sides and back! But you don't have to give in to "love handles" and "muffin top." We have four fabulous midsection garments designed to shrink your waistline, so you'll always look smooth and slender around the middle – and maybe even drop a couple of sizes!


    1. Cincher by Amia

    There's a reason this waistline-targeting garment is one of our bestsellers. Wear it and instantly benefit from a flatter tummy and a smooth and trim midsection all the way around, from below the bust to your hip bone. You may be able to wear a size or two smaller just by putting it on. Using Amia's signature PowerLatex fabric, it provides all day firm control, while FlexiBoning ensures unbeatable comfort. While you're wearing it, compression technology works to stimulate thermal activity and perspiration.

    2. Black Cashmere Underbust Corset

    When it comes to controlling your waist, it doesn't get much more classic – or effective – than a corset. This customer-favorite corset provides maximum compression all the way around the torso for an all-day tall and lean look. Adjustable lacing ensures a perfect fit every time, while steel boning keeps your figure firmly in place all day long. Customer's favorite garment to use for waist training, simply tighten the laces as you size down.

    3. Vest by Amia

    Unbeatable compression technology meets ultimate comfort and support with Amia's popular vest. Slim your midsection dramatically in a snap when you put on this maximum strength shaper, complete with PowerLatex fabric. The vest's design ensures full coverage and support up the back and over the bra line. As with all of our maximum strength midsection shapers, instantly notice a reduction of 1-3 inches in the midsection.

    4. Compression Panty Shaper

    For no-fail tummy flattening, this panty shaper provides slimming and coverage from above the waist to down over your pelvis, which is particularly effective at taming your lower abdomen or love handles in the back. Maximum compression ensures that you'll enjoy a smooth and slim silhouette from from your hips up to below the bust.

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