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    What Shapes Your Success?


    You could win $500+ in AMIA shapewear and other prizes!

    This month as the weather heats up and we begin to enjoy some of nature’s inspiration, we want to know: what shapes your success? We know that you are beautiful and passionate women. So take a moment to share some of your inspiration with us! You work hard, no matter what your goals are. What can be more rewarding than sharing what’s helped you succeed and inspiring others to do the same?

    Who are the women that inspire you? Celebrities, business owners, political figures? Perhaps you look up to a mother or a sister figure who represents strength, beauty and passion.

    Every great woman gets her inspiration from somewhere. Your role models likely have had a vision for what they could achieve. They held to their visions and went after them.

    Join us on Instagram during the month of May and share your Motivation for Success!

    Find us @hourglass_angel!

    Entering is simple:

    1) Capture an image of any object, person or place that embodies your motivation for success.

    -        Examples of objects might include a framed printout of an inspirational quote, your favorite book, a gift from your role model, a memento from your favorite place, or a dress you want to fit into at an upcoming event.

    2) Post your image to your Instagram account and share it by tagging @hourglass_angel and using hashtags #hourglassangel and #31daysofsuccess.

    Just for entering, you’ll instantly receive a 15% off coupon for your next order at Hourglass Angel!

    Plus, for every entry submitted, Hourglass Angel will also donate $1 to the Women’s Alliance on behalf of our AMIA line of shapewear. So by sharing your success, you’ll contribute to the successes of other women. At the end of the month we’ll let you know just how big of a difference you’re making by reporting how much we’ll be giving to the Women’s Alliance.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily motivation and ideas of what inspires us at Hourglass Angel!


    At the end of the entry period, the contestant who submits the most images will be eligible to win. If there is a tie for the same number of entries, the winning contestant will be selected at random. The winner will receive our complete line of AMIA shapewear (10 items), valued at over $500!

    Official Rules

    We’re excited to see many creative and inspiring images on Instagram. So get your camera phones ready, ladies, and let’s cheer each other on to success. Take the challenge and try to submit something every day!

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      Ahead of the Curves: New York Fashion Week runway debuts shapewear


      This year’s New York Fashion Week kicked off with Spanx taking over the runway. Models strutted their shapers up and down the runway, showing off boy shorts, Wonderbras, and other shapewear. Some fashion and news sites have shown shock that traditional models were chosen to market shapewear, but this event goes to show that shapewear is for anyone regardless of body type. Movie stars love their shapers, and now so does the couture scene.

      This comes as a surprise to some, but shapewear has been an important part of a polished look for a long time. Shapers can be used to provide a tuck and lift, but can also be used to create a smooth, fresh canvas for clothes. It’s like applying primer to your face before applying makeup. Shapewear was the best kept secret in Hollywood and among the fashion elite, but not any more. Designers, actors, celebrities, musicians, models, and fashionistas alike are publicly recognizing that shapewear makes an outfit pop, and has its own place in fashion.

      Lingerie and intimate lines have long had a presence in the fashion world and now shapewear is boldly joining them on the runway. Hourglass Angel was ahead of the curve, selling beautiful shapewear for every body and lifestyle for years. Shop our extensive inventory of elegant and comfortable thigh, waist, butt, leg, and tummy shapers – from the runway to your home, before they were even on the runway!

      Shop featured styles;
      Top left Supreme Thong Shaper by AMIA
      Top right Diva Corselette by AMIA
      Bottom left Marylou Shortie by Yummie by Heather Thomson YT2-027
      Bottom right Almighty Vest by AMIA


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        Our Boo-tiful Halloween Picks

        Are you showing off your silhouette this Halloween in a spooky and sexy costume? You’re not alone. Halloween has become a time to slip into another world of costume and fantasy. If you’re looking for a playful look that’s a treat for the eyes, you may want to simplify the process with a complete costume look. Hourglass Angel stocks a wide variety of these looks. Let’s take a tour so you can find a set that’s boo-tiful and perfect for you.


        The French maid is a classic look that could fit nicely into your Halloween holiday plans. Start with the Maid In Paris Costume by Seven Til Midnight. This set includes a stretch bodysuit, miniskirt, mini apron, ruffle choker and maid’s hat. And don’t forget the detachable garters! You’ll want to pair this set with a perfect sexy shoe and a sexy thigh high or tights if the weather is cooler where you are.


        Or maybe you want to show off your heavenly body with an angelic look. The My Baby Angel Costume by Seven Til Midnight is a sexy twist on the classic angel look. This set features a lace up bodysuit, tutu, feather trimmed wings and halo. The detachable garters make this one ideal for thigh highs too.


        And last but not least, you will love this look that makes pulses race. The Drive Me Crazy Costume by Dreamgirl is a versatile piece that reverses, creating a 2-in-1 look. Pick your color, red or yellow and become a taxi driver or a racecar diva. This one includes a belt, a taxi driver’s hat and a sporty striped headband.


        And don’t forget, we have a wide variety of the costumes, corsets and accessories you need for Halloween, so shop now and find your special fantasy look!


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          Rounding Your Rear With Jeans

          Blog-PostWhether it’s back to school time for you or just cooler weather, the fall always signals a new crop of curve enhancing and eye-catching styles. Signature denims are back this year, but if you’ve touched on this trend before, you’ll still want to get a peek at some particularly eye-popping looks.

          Butt-enhancing denims. Butt lift jeans. Levante cola. There are many ways to say it but, they’re all the same idea and what they accomplish is something special. Butt lifting jeans support, shape and lift your bottom without the addition of a shaper or padding. They perform this magic trick with a heart shaped seam that rounds around the top of the rear, tapering diagonally towards the thighs. Most of these jeans have a slightly high waist, which brings a slimming effect, accentuating your new hourglass figure.

          But that’s only half of the fun! Brands like Verox bring a lot of flair with their curve enhancing power. Look for highlights like buckles, jewels, zippers and other sparkling details that set your pair of Verox jeans apart. This season we will be adding tons of new looks and dazzling colors, but you better act fast! These  fresh seasonal style move quickly and new styles are introduced, so if you see something you love, you won’t want to miss out!

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            The Season’s Ups and Downs: What To Wear When The Weather Is Changing


            In these last days of summer, when the thermometer seems particularly indecisive, it’s hard to know what to wear. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pieces that are versatile enough to take you through the transition from summer to fall.

            When a warm summer day can turn to a chilly night, leggings are the look you need. One of our favorite pairs of leggings is the Tight Ankle Legging by Lysse. This shaping legging can be paired with a dress during the day and dressed up with a jacket at night.

            Add a little flair with the signature look of the Corduroy Leggings by Hue. This fit for fall style can layer under almost anything to add a little warmth when you need it. Whether you top them with a sweater dress or a lighter tunic and sandals, this is a look that goes well from season to season.

            In late summer where a full legging may be a little heavy for the heat, you can transition from a warm day to a crisp night with a sheerer piece of legwear such as the Women’s Opaque Control Top Tight by Hue. These go well with shorts or skirts. Find the look that’s right for you.

            And if you want to turn up the volume on your legwear style, add the Mesh Super Suspender Tights by House of Holland for Pretty Polly. This eye popping design has showed up on celebrities all over the world and is a great transitional piece for the season.

            And last but not least, the Bodyslimmers Firm Control Slimtastic Camisole by Nancy Ganz can be a starting foundational piece that you cover with a layer once the temperature drops. This a garment that definitely goes from the warmth of the sun to the cool of the night.

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              Cellulite: You Don’t Have To Like It Or Lump It

              The little lumps and bumps of cellulite. Yes, you have them…so do we. And thanks to supermarket magazines, we know that every female celebrity in the world has cellulite too! In fact, the vast majority of women, regardless of their size, will develop some cellulite in their lifetime.

              Now that we’ve established that we’re all in the same boat, let’s get to the good news! In recent years, the first truly effective at home solutions for cellulite have begun to appear on the market. While these products may not permanently erase cellulite, they do reduce its appearance effectively.


              Most anti-cellulite products fall into one of two categories. The first of these is topical treatments. Topical treatments are usually creams or oils that you vigorously massage into the skin to create a smoother look with time. One of our favorite topical treatments is the Cellufit Body Contour Oil by Mambino Organics. Mambino in an incredible company, offering a complete line of safe, delicious-smelling products for new moms, moms to be, or anyone who wants effective and safe skincare. Pair this oil with a handheld cellulite massager after a shower and massage the affected areas to reduce lumps and bumps and create more even toned skin.



              But one of the most exciting developments in anti-cellulite technology is the creation of special toning garments that use their construction to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. These can work in several ways. Often massage is a key factor… or should we say micro-massage. For example, Wacoal, one of your most trusted brands, has developed their iPant line, which uses Novarel Slim® nylon microfiber infused with microcapsules of caffeine to micromassage and mobilize fat. Add in vitamin E, ceramides, retinol and aloe vera and you’re left with smoothed moisturized and firmed skin. Their iPant Anti-Cellulite Cupless Cami and iPant Anti-cellulite Hi-Waist Long Leg Shaper make a perfect set!


              And if you’re looking to add anti-cellulite technology to your workout, one of the biggest breakthroughs in this field can be found in Delfin Spa’s activewear line, which uses Bio-ceramic material. This composite reflects your body’s Far Infrared Rays, the part of the light spectrum that generates heat. These rays are redirected deep into the tissues that contain cellulite. Increasing thermal activity in this layer of skin maximizes the work your muscles are already doing, improving circulation, breaking down toxins and mobilizing fat cells.

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                Summer Day Dilemma? Staying Cool In This Season’s Shapers

                The heat is on! Summer has finally made a splash on the scene. But if rising temperatures and hemlines have made you feel you’ve got to choose between your summer looks and the beautiful curves you create with shapewear, we have something to tell you. The good news is that with the season’s sexy fashions come a crop of shapers that are sure to smooth and shape your silhouette without a breaking a sweat or showing under summer looks.


                One of the best ways to slim your figure under a look that dares to bare is an underbust style shaper with a short bottom. The Virginia by Vedette is a great place to start if you want a look that won’t show through and which will also accommodate the plunging necklines that follow this season’s trends. Wear your own bra with this piece and its boyshort bottom is perfect under short skirts or shorts.


                If breathability is key, it’s time to turn to something with a delightfully airy construction. One of our favorites is the Full Body Control Slip by Slim Me. This breezy piece gives moderate slimming and would be perfect under sheer and delicate fabrics. You’ll look cool and curvy as you dance the night away in comfort!


                Another great underbust shaper for anyone working with a plunging or challenging neckline is the Sydney by Vedette. This piece feature a perfect panty bottom and would work nicely with even the most mini of mini-dresses! Wear your own bra and make this look your own. This seamless piece is your little secret in sultry months.


                And if you’re looking for a waist-slimming look that packs a lot of pow, the OMG High Waist Padded Panty is a nice balance of breathable and beautiful with its booty boosting design. Eliminate muffintop without adding a lot weight under your clothes. This garment is perfect with jean shorts and slimming tank for a summer fun-day look!

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                  Butt Enhancing Denims in Blooming Color!

                  Spring is an exciting time for fashion full of change and new possibilities. While winter often inspires us to reach for the rich, warm jewel-tones in our closets, the blooms of spring often show up in pastels and bright blossomy colors. Don’t let that fresh palette stop at a flirty top or darling dress. A bold pant in a signature color can show off your sense of style and your curves. And what better way to work this look than a shaping jean?

                  No matter the season, denim is always in. And when the denim shapes your silhouette, it’s all the better. Now the flowery colors of the season have come to one of our fan-favorite lines, Verox Jeans. We love Verox because this line of denim lifts and shapes the rear without additional padding, creating an irresistible perky shape without a shaper. Here are three of our favorites from the spring collection of this exciting brand!

                  The Island Fantasy Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox bring a fresh wash of teal to a classic look. These bottom lifting beauties boast a high rise waist and skinny leg for a look that’s modern and fun to wear!

                  The Cherry Blossom Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox recall the first blush of spring and the buds of a beautiful cherry tree. You’ll love their diamondette embellishments at the back pocket and the way your curves shine when you wear them!

                  And last but not least the Lavender Blossom Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox are a feminine and flirty color that you could dress up or down. Casual or dressy, the sparkling accents at the belt will add a twinkle to anyone’s eye!

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                    Valentine’s Day Delights

                    Valentine’s Day is one of the most delightful holidays because we celebrate and spend time with the one we love the most. While candy and flowers are often the symbol of the season, the most important gift we give is ourselves and our affection. So it is natural that we turn, during this time, to our favorite figure flatterers so that we can make the most of our romantic time with our sweethearts. Lets take a look at some of our favorites in lingerie and shapewear so you can start this sexy holiday off the right way!

                    If you have a big date night ahead of you, you may want to drop the neckline a little to turn up the wow factor. A plunge bra like the Natori Sheer Convertible Ultra Light Contour Plunge accommodates a variety of necklines and looks. Stockings are a classic when it comes to seduction.

                    The Stocking with Lace Garter by Calvin Klein is a great place to start when it comes to sexy hosiery.

                    Corsets are the ultimate in shaping lingerie. Whether you prefer a genuine steel-boned corset or something with a lighter touch such as the Red Hot Romance Bustier and Thong Set by Hourglass Angel , you can’t go wrong when you add a corset to your curve enhancing collection.

                    And if you want to start with a perfect shape, the Almighty Vest by AMIA promises to flatter your figure.

                    Finish it all off with a silhouette shaping dress like the Mesh Panel Asymmetrical Dress and you’ll have a night to remember with someone you love this Valentine’s Day!



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                      Slim and Sexy Without Shapewear

                      We love the way shapewear makes us look and feel, but there’s more than one way to slenderize the silhouette. Slimming garments are a great way to re-shape your figure without an addition garment or body shaper. These kinds of garments utilize several techniques to trim and tone. Ruching can emphasize the waist and create a visually slimmer midsection. Strategic draping draws the eye to areas of interest, such as the bust and shoulders.

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