11 Women Who Slimmed Their Waists (and the Secrets They All Share)

Posted by by hourglass angel on Dec 14th 2017

11 Women Who Slimmed Their Waists (and the Secrets They All Share)

Posted by by hourglass angel on Dec 14th 2017

Waist Training Results

One of the things we love about helping women is seeing their transformations. Over the past couple of years some of the waist training customers we have worked with have agreed to track their stories and share their progress. If you haven’t seen them, we highly recommend that you check out their before and after transformations! It’s inspiring to see women of different shapes and sizes finding success in losing inches, flattening their tummies and toning up.

At a glance it might look like these women have little in common other than waist training. But if you look a little closer at their stories, you can see some repeating trends. These commonalities are the key to what makes a successful waist training experience.

So if you want to make the most of your own waist training experience and get the best results, be sure to follow their example!

They Researched Their Waist Training Options 

Not all waist trainers are made alike. Some are constructed for workouts; some are for everyday use. There are corsets and there are cinchers; there are vest styles and even a variety of colors and lengths to choose from! Which waist trainer is best for you depends on multiple factors including your size and shape, personal goals and even fabric preferences.

When asked, the women we interviewed were all able to explain clearly why they chose the waist trainers they did and what they liked about them. They did their homework and found the best options based on their needs.

If you’re considering waist training, we highly recommend doing your own homework. A good place to start is our blog; also be sure to check out the reviews on the products you are looking at. If you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for but need some more personal guidance, our expert stylists are here to help.

They Tried Different Styles

You may notice that several of the women tried more than one waist trainer. For example, Gina is a model who started out with a latex cincher for her workouts and saw great results. But she wanted to take her results a step further and decided to also start using a steel-boned corset. As a result, she experienced a noticeable boost in her posture, the tone of her midsection and her overall confidence.

Denice is another example of someone who got hooked with a popular workout cincher and has since tried several different waist trainers so that she would have multiple options to work with in her wardrobe. Another reason she needed some new ones is because she sized down out of her first ones! That’s a goal we hope everyone can experience success in.

They Took Action Based on Their Goals

Most people have health, fitness and weight-loss goals and dreams. But when it comes down to it, many of us struggle with following through.

Several of the women we interviewed struggled with their weight and fitness prior to waist training. In particular, several of them had trouble losing weight following pregnancy. But what set them apart from many of us was their determination to try something different and then follow through with it! In other words, they didn’t let past defeats define their current actions. They made a choice to change and it paid off.

We love what Lillian had to say following her decision to try waist training: “If I can achieve the results I did, then I believe everyone can. I am so much more confident now and for the first time in my life, I love my body. Everyone deserves to feel that way, and if waist training helped me find that in myself, then I recommend others try it as well. My posture is improved, my clothes fit and look better, and I walk with my head held higher.”

They Followed a Plan

There’s a bit of a misconception out there that if you just put a waist trainer on whenever you feel like it, you’ll magically get fast results. You might be tempted to think this when you see celebrities posting their teeny-tiny waists on Instagram, but know that they worked hard to achieve that look! And so did the women who showcased their before-and-after transformations.

It is best to do it daily. It takes discipline, but most of the women we interviewed said that it got easier after about the first week. Once you experience the way a waist trainer can make you feel, it’s easy to feel motivated to want to wear it for the eight or more hours a day we recommend.

For example, Desire was brand new to waist training. She started with a workout waist trainer for short periods every day. Then, once she saw the effectiveness, she decided to give all-day waist training a try. So wherever you’re at, you can start with what you’re most comfortable and build from there. The most important thing is to get a plan and stick with it.

They Understood the Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone who saw results with waist training was also making efforts to eat clean and exercise. Some women like Ana were already in the habit of daily exercise, so waist training provided the extra boost they needed to get the results they wanted. For other women, like Jessica, waist training helped provide them the motivation they needed to improve their lifestyle habits. Since wearing a waist training immediately makes you look slimmer, you can visualize your goal. This can be an effective motivator; not only will you want to stick with daily waist training, but you’ll be inspired to kick up your diet and exercise habits to the next level as well. As Suzie put it, “These garments have given me so much encouragement! I feel great every day and they gave me the confidence to pursue my fitness goals further! I am now looking into signing up for workout classes. I smile every day because of the changes I'm seeing in my body, thanks to my waist trainers.”

The point is, not a single one of these women ignored the lifestyle factor when it came to slimming their waistlines. Waist training is just one piece of the puzzle.

They Inspired Others

One of the questions we asked everyone was whether other people noticed their waist training result, and they were all unified in their answer: yes! Siblings, spouses, coworkers and friends all noticed their transformations, and some even decided to try waist training themselves.

Denice, who was struggling to slim down after having babies, shared, “My husband has noticed my results and he loves them. He actually said ‘I didn’t think that waist training thing was going to work, but you look amazing!’ My mommy friends and sisters-in-law always ask what I’ve been doing. As a matter of fact one of my in-laws asked if I got lipo! I laughed and lifted my shirt to show my ‘mommy pouch’ and told her it’s my waist training routine!”

We believe it’s not a coincidence; part of what makes waist training effective is precisely that it does inspire other people! When the people in your life start seeing your changes, it can be a huge boost to your confidence and motivate you to keep it up. Not to mention, when multiple people you know are doing it, you can effectively be each other’s cheerleaders and stick with it together.

They Didn’t Give Up

Most of the women reported that it was a bit of a struggle getting started, as it takes some time to get used to the way a waist trainer feels. Some of them also weren’t following the best diet and exercise patterns at the time they started. But wherever they were starting from, each of them stuck with it. They wore their waist trainers daily and tracked their progress. They grew increasingly motivated as they got into the habit, increased their confidence and saw their results.

What These Women Didn’t Have in Common

It’s also worth noting that there are several things that these women didn’t have in common. They didn’t all use the same garment. They weren’t the same age or ethnicity. They covered a wide range of sizes and natural body type. They weren’t in the same life circumstances; some worked full time, some had kids, and one was even in the military!

It goes to show that anyone can be successful with waist training.

If you want to try it out, we hope that you are inspired by these examples and follow them so that you can experience your own personal transformation. But don’t take our word for it. When asked “What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?”, here’s what they had to say:

“I would absolutely suggest they try it! Keep hydrated, work out, and eat right and you will definitely see results!”

“I would say that they should definitely try it! And find the right garment for them, because that is so important.”

“I always tell my friends and family to go for it. Waist training really works if you do it the right way.”