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  • How to Waist Train for Your Wedding Day

    Waist training for brides

    Wedding season is upon us, and that means that brides and bridesmaids are going to be working hard to slim down and look their best for the big day. Waist training can absolutely be a part of your daily strategy for a healthier lifestyle and a slimmer figure.

    We get a lot of questions about how to best prepare for weddings. So as summer approaches, we decided to compile some of the best tips for effective waist training in time for optimal results for your wedding day.

    Let's get slim!

    Waist Training Timeline

    The first thing you’ll want to consider when planning out a waist training timeline before the wedding day is how long it will take to achieve the best results.

    Obviously, the more time you have to slim down, the better. We recommend waist training for six months or more. However, even if the wedding is only a month away, it’s better to do some waist training than none at all.

    Here are some recommendations based on how much time you have:

    The six-month timeline (ideal)

    • Month 1:
      Begin waist training! Be sure to take a “before” photo as well as waist measurements so that you can track your progress. Start out at just an hour or two a day and gradually work your way up to at least eight hours a day. For a daily commitment we recommend having at least two waist trainers in your wardrobe: one for everyday use, and one for workouts.
    • Month 2:
      By now, you should be aiming to be wearing your waist trainer all day, up to twelve hours. It should feel like a second skin, and you may even be able to tighten it to a different setting because of the results you are already achieving. If you’re not already, aim to be working out with a mixture of strength training and cardio, four to five times a week. Don’t forget to take progress photos and measurements!
    • Month 3:
      Are you noticing taller posture and more confidence in the way you look? You may have even dropped a pant size by now. Continue to strive for your goals with a nutritious diet and lots of water intake.
    • Month 4:
      How is that first waist trainer fitting now? If it doesn’t feel as tight as it used to, even when on the tightest setting, it may be time to size down! You’ve been working hard, so go ahead and treat yourself. If you’re planning on wearing a bridal corset under your wedding dress, take that into consideration as you pick it out (see more tips below).This is also about the time you’re going to have your dress fitted and altered. The bodice should be measured and the dress hemmed. Be sure to wear the waist trainer or shapewear that you plan to wear on your wedding day during your fitting for the most accurate measurements.
    • Month 5:
      You’re hitting the home stretch and it should be an easy and natural part of your routine by now. Keep tracking your progress!
    • Month 6:
      This is it! Aside from all of the last minute preparations and celebrations, you’ll want to be sure everything about your overall look is perfect. Break in your shoes as well as your corset if you’re going to wear one. Go in for the final fitting to make minor adjustments to your gown. Don’t forget to take your final progress photo and measurements of your waist! Then go celebrate in a big way! You’ve earned it.

    The one-month countdown
    Whether you’ve been waist training for months or you want to get serious at the last minute, this one-month plan that includes a core-strengthening routine will get you fast results:

    • Gradual waist training:
      If you haven’t been waist training regularly, don’t jump into it full force. You still need to work up your endurance. Wear your waist trainer for no more than two hours the first time and then gradually work your way up each day. You can take a break once a week if desired. You should be able to wear your waist trainer for up to twelve hours a day after a couple of weeks. If it helps while you’re adjusting, break up your training into two shorter sessions each day.
    • Core strengthening routine:
      By adding a little bit each day, you can focus on your core each day. Start with 15 crunches, 6 leg raises, and 10 seconds holding a full plank on day 1. Add 5 more crunches, 2 more leg raises, and 5 seconds to the plank each day. In addition to these exercises, we recommend doing cardio and additional strength training several days a week.
    • Want to try a different approach that focuses on strengthening and toning all over? Try this 20-Day Full-Figure Sculpting Challenge.
    • Nutrition and self-care tips for the final weeks:
      Avoid refined carbs, sugar, red meat and alcohol. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Eat tons of vegetables; they should represent about 50 percent of every meal. And try your best to get eight hours of sleep a night!

    What Results To Expect
    This is a big question that brides ask a lot, because of course they are going to be picking out a dress months in advance and are wondering how waist training might affect the fit. Here are some general hints and guidelines:

    • Everyone’s results are different. Factors that affect how drastically waist training will affect your figure depend on how dedicated you are to doing it, how long you do it, other lifestyle factors and how much you change them while waist training, your body shape and composition, and even your genetics!
    • Check out other women’s real results. While your results are going to be unique, check out these results from women who dedicated themselves to waist training to get an idea of what you might expect depending on your situation.
    • Waist training won’t change your natural body type. While you can get more of an hourglass shape while wearing one, it’s not going to change your body’s ratios so much that you fit into a different category altogether. That’s why it’s important to choose a dress that flatters your natural features. If you want to show off some cleavage or your backside, do it. Every body type benefits from a slimmer waistline.
    • Remember that you should do final alterations for a custom fit. This should be done a couple of weeks before the big day, so that if you have lost a lot of weight, the dress won’t be too loose. Remember that it is vital to bring the undergarments you plan on wearing to this appointment so that the alterations will be accurate.

    Finding the Perfect Fit

    Your waist training routine is only half of the equation when it comes to the perfect look on your wedding day. The other half is choosing a dress and the accompanying shapewear that flatters your features. While a waist trainer can also be worn as a wedding day shapewear, it might not be the best choice for every style. You can work with your dress stylist and use the information here to find the perfect pairings.

    The A-line dress

    This classic cut is flattering on every body type and accentuates the waist. It can pair well with a waist trainer. Alternatively, you might find that a shaping slip works well to smooth out your entire figure, while still showing off all the waist-slimming you’ve accomplished with your waist trainer before the wedding day. 

    The Mermaid Dress

    This figure-hugging style accentuates the hips and an hourglass shape. For the best results in this style, we recommend shapewear that perfects your butt and hips, while also smoothing your slim waist. Your best bet is probably going to be a bodysuit that provides all-over enhancement.

    The Ball Gown

    With the slim cut of the bodice and the flowing gown, this is the perfect dress to wear with a waist trainer to accentuate your waist. For an even more dramatic result, you might enjoy wearing a steel-boned corset, which can also be used in a waist training regimen. Just make sure you’ve broken it in before the big day.

    The Sheath Dress

    This elegant style of dress clings to your figure, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re flawless underneath. You’ll be able to ensure this by using a figure-contouring bodysuit. Be sure to check out backless and low-cut options if needed.

    Are You Up for the Challenge?

    We’re excited to see the results of many brides and wedding parties this season as they prepare for their dream weddings using waist training to achieve the look of their dreams. If you want to participate in a slim-down challenge, we’d love to see your progress and final results! Share with #BeTheHourglass on Instagram and Twitter and tag @HourglassAngel.

    As always, if you have any questions about finding the perfect waist trainer for your needs, be sure to check out our Waist Training Guide or contact one of our stylists.

    How to exercise with a waist trainer

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  • Best Shapewear for Wedding Dresses / Hourglass Angel

    Recommended shapewear for brides

    What Shapewear to Wear on Your Wedding Day

    Staff Picks from Hourglass Angel Stylists!

    You’ve found the perfect dress. Now, it’s time to make the perfect fit.

    Did you know your shapewear can make a HUGE difference when it comes to how well your dress fits (and how stunning it looks)? That’s why it’s so important to wear your wedding day shapewear when you get your dress fitted. But where do you begin? What style of shapewear is right for your type of dress?

    Here’s what our stylists at Hourglass Angel recommend most for each style of wedding gown:

    Recommended shapewear for brides

    The A-Line Dress

    An A-line cut looks flattering on just about everyone with its classic silhouette and subtle, balanced lines. Use a shaping slip to make it even more gorgeous on your body. Our bridal recommendations include the Body Slimmers Bust Shaping Body Slip by Nancy Ganz and Sleek Curves Shaping Slip by Hooked Up.

    Recommended shapewear for brides

    The Mermaid Dress

    This contoured cut emphasizes an hourglass shape, so you’ll want to create a smooth foundation. We recommend making your hips, midsection and rear perfectly shaped and smooth with a bodysuit. Our favorite selections for brides are the Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette and the Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia.

    Recommended shapewear for brides

    The Ball Gown

    Draw attention to your waist with a slim bodice and a flowing gown. Enhance the whole look with a waist cincher or corset. Our favorites for brides are the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia and the All Laced Up Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends.

    Recommended shapewear for brides

    The Sheath Dress

    Sheath dresses and others that highlight each and every curve on your body can be extremely sexy, yet you have to almost be as smooth as a mannequin to pull off this look. To make it work, try an all-over body shaper for control from your bust down to your thighs. We love the Braless Minimizer Bodysuit with Latex by Leonisa and the Cocoon Perfect Fit Strapless Full Body.

    As always, contact our service team if you need help finding the perfect shaping garment for your dress. We want your gown to look perfect on your special day!

    Shop post partum shapers

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  • Wedding Next Month? 8 Ways Get Your Figure Ready Fast

    Wedding waiting training plan

    June is just around the corner, which more than likely means you are getting ready for some big summer events! Whether you're a bride, in the bridal party or even a guest at a wedding or other formal event, you want to look incredible and confident for the whole event.

    It's not too late to start a waist training and fitness regimen to get your figure ready for the big day! Even if you only have a couple of weeks to slim down, try these tips to help you slim down and tone up:

    1. Cut out refined carbs: this includes sugar, pasta, white rice and most types breads. If you absolutely can't say no to bread, stick with 100% whole grain—try Spelt, rye or other grains besides wheat.
    2. Veggies should be the base of your diet: at least 50% of every meal. Get creative by replacing starchy carbs with versatile veggies like cauliflower or spiralized zucchini.
    3. Say no to read meat. Only consume lean, skinless meats like chicken and fish, or even better, go 100% plant-based.
    4. Ditch the alcohol. You can reward yourself by toasting on the big day.
    5. Drink TONS of water. We're talking about 12+ cups a day (at least eight glasses). To mix it up, try infusing your water with lemon, cucumber, or other citrus fruits.
    6. Work out 30+ minutes a day, five days a week, balancing cardio and strength training. We've got videos to help inspire you.
    7. Wear a waist trainer every day! Ideally, you should wear it 8-10 hours a day for the best results, but work your way up to that in small increments if you're just starting out. Don't forget to wear a workout band during your workouts!
    8. Get enough sleep! We know it's tempting during this busy time to sacrifice the night hours, but your body will respond so much more efficiently to when you are taking care of it. Plus you'll have more energy, and you'll be less tempted to reach for carbs for an energy boost.

    Have a fantastic event and let us know how your waist training goes! #BeTheHourglass.

    Get started waist trainingNude Sand Underbust Corset

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  • Wedding Day Countdown: Your Waist Training Timeline

    Wedding Day Countdown: Your Waist Training Timeline

    It's almost here: the big day! If you're two months or less away from your walk down the aisle, you want to make sure that your dress fits absolutely perfectly.

    Are you on a waist training regime? Even if you haven't had a perfect record, the last couple of months is the time to really focus on the discipline, so that you can look your best for your wedding day. Here's what to expect during the final countdown:

    6-8 Weeks Out

    Now is the time to schedule your appointment to have your dress fitted. Have the bodice measured and the length hemmed. It is very important to bring along your bridal shapewear to this appointment! Otherwise, it may be too loose on the big day. Don't forget your shoes as well, so your seamstress can adjust accordingly. You'll be fitted again in a few weeks to make any final alterations.

    Is your waist trainer not feeling as tight as it used to? Don't hesitate to order a smaller size so that you can continue to fine-tune your figure!

    You might be enjoying a bridal shower around this time. Wear a dress that really shows off your waistline.

    4-5 Weeks Out

    While you're waiting on the alterations, it is very important that you continue to keep up your waist training regime on a daily basis, as well as a healthy diet and exercise. For the next few weeks, you may want to especially focus on toning your arms so that you can show them off.

    If you have been waist training for a few months, you should be comfortable with wearing your garment 10-12 hours a day.

    2-3 Weeks Out

    If you haven't already, now is the time to break in your shoes. Practice wearing them for a few hours at a time. Your waist trainer will help you maintain good posture.

    Your dress should now be ready for the final fitting. Again, bring your bridal shapewear to wear underneath. At this appointment, the dress should fit perfectly or be very close. Bring along a friend who can help create the bustle.

    You might be feeling the stress of the upcoming event—don't let it get to you! Keep up your healthy lifestyle, especially getting enough water so you can really glow on your wedding day.

    1 Week Out

    This week will be a blur! Take lots of pictures, including an "after" picture so you can see your waist training results! Keep that waist trainer on hand—you'll definitely want it on for the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and any other special events.

    We hope you enjoy a very special wedding day, full of joy and confidence in your own skin. Waist training is just one part of the journey. If you're a bride or a bridal party member who has benefited from waist training, we want to know about it! Tag us and share it using #BeTheHourglass #HourglassBride #HourglassBridesmaid.

    Styles for the waist training brideAmia Active Band A110Ann Chery Clasica 2025

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  • Choosing the Right Shapewear for Your Wedding Dress

    Perfect shapewear pairings for different types of wedding dresses.So you've found it the perfect dress. Or at least you think so…but how will it really fit after alterations? You want it to look more than just "good." You want it to be absolutely stunning on the big day.

    We always recommend taking shapewear with you when you go in for dress fittings so that your final look will be flawless. After all, it's the foundation of your entire look. But which shaper is right for your gown? Use this simple guide

    Perfect Bridal Shapewear Pairings

    Strapless dresses

    Strapless Dress + Bustier

    You definitely don't want to be that girl who is constantly tugging at the top of her dress to keep everything in place. When it comes to strapless dresses, bust support is absolutely vital. That's why we have several options constructed just for the occasion. You'll want a bridal bustier or longline bra that provides firm support and lifts your bustline. These garments go further than a regular strapless bra because of the supportive and slimming boning in the bodice. Everything stays in place, perfect for a long wedding day.

    Mermaid dress

    Mermaid Dress + Bodysuit

    Ladies with curvy hips can look fabulous in a mermaid dress—but you want to make sure all those curves are in check. A firm compression bodysuit will accentuate all the right areas by flattening your tummy and smoothing out your hips and thighs.

    A-line dress

    A-Line Dress + Waist Cincher

    Pretty much anyone can look great in an A-line dress because it creates a waistline. Enhance that effect even further with a waist cincher that will draw in and flatten your midsection while providing the support you need under your bust. Your gown will fit and drape over your figure flawlessly.

    Seath dress

    Sheath Dress + Thong Shaper

    If you are tall and slender, you can turn a lot of heads with a sheath dress that drapes over your figure and delicately highlights your curves. Smooth everything out with a thong shaper that will keep your midsection in check without revealing a pantyline. Or, if you want more shaping for your butt and thighs, choose and open-bottom shaper that will give you a natural lift.

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  • Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

    If you're a bride-to-be, undoubtedly you're searching for THE DRESS. The perfect dress.

    Don't stress! You can make your search a lot easier by knowing which styles are most flattering to your unique body type. We've got all the tips you need, plus which types of shapewear are a must-have for each style of dress.

    Bustier or cincher

    Body Type: Curvy on Bottom

    Flattering dress type: A-line

    Shapewear pairing: Bustier or cincher

    You know you're curvy on bottom when you have a defined waistline and your hips are wider than your bust. In a wedding dress you really want to emphasize that waistline and choose a dress that flares over your hips. A bridal bustier or a waist cincher will pull in your waist dramatically and support your bust, giving you elegant balance in your figure.

    Body Type: Shapely on Top

    Flattering dress type: Modest scoop or V-neckline

    Shapewear pairing: Bustier or longline bra

    The mistake that a lot of busty women can make when shopping for a wedding dress is trying to conceal everything—which has the unintended effect of making your chest look bigger. Choose a scoop neck or modest V-neckline that shows a little bit of cleavage (but not too much) and opens up your face. When it comes to shapewear, bust support is key so choose a longline bra or bustier that provides a firm lift while cinching your waist.


    Body Type: Hourglass

    Flattering dress type: Mermaid

    Shapewear pairing: Bodysuit

    We'll bet you have fun trying on wedding dresses because you have a figure that you'll want to show off. A mermaid cut captures all of those gorgeous curves. Keep them in check with a body suit that pulls in the waist, lifts the bust and the butt, and keeps those hips and thighs smooth.

    Body Type: Round

    Flattering dress type: V-neck, textured A-line

    Shapewear pairing: Cincher or corset

    If you're a round body type, your midsection measures wider than your bust and hips so your main objective is to create a waist. When you shop for wedding dresses, select a style that cinches at the narrowest point of your waist and then flares into a gradual A shape. A V-neck will also draw eyes vertically instead of horizontally. Pick a fabric with texture like ruche or lace detailing, which will help camouflage your middle. Shapewear is also essential in creating that waistline—and a maximum control cincher or corset will work wonders in transforming your whole look.

    Body Type: Straight

    Flattering dress type: Sheath, low cut, backless

    Shapewear pairing: Plunge bra, specialty backless thong, or open-bottom shaper

    If you have a long and straight shape, you want to go for elegance. Choose a dress that drapes over your figure but is cut to emphasize curves—side seams, plunging neckline or backless and create this effect. Specialty shapewear designed for formal occasions like a plunging bra or backless shaper will smooth out your figure without exposing your undergarments.

    Follow these guidelines and you're sure to pick a dress that is a perfect match for your figure. Congrats and enjoy this special time!


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  • Prepping for Wedding Day Waist Training Regime

    Bridal Shapewear & Waist Cinchers

    The five-month waist training plan for brides and bridesmaids

    The weather's warming up and wedding season is right around the corner. If you're a bride-to-be, you're probably keeping busy with planning…and getting your figure ready for the big day!

    Aside from bridal shapewear that you wear under your gown, a waist training plan is a sure-fire way to make sure you're looking your best as you walk down the aisle (whether bride or bridesmaid!). For the best results, we recommend starting at least five months out. However, if it's a little late in the game, you can still start a waist training regime and see results in just a few weeks.

    Here's our five month plan: the bridal waist cincher slim-down.

    Month 1

    First and foremost, take a "before" picture! You might be surprised just how much your body changes in the coming weeks.

    For some extra fun, get the whole bridal party in on the challenge! You can hold each other accountable along the way and celebrate your results together.

    You'll want to ease your way into waist training during this month. We recommend starting at just four hours a day and gradually adding an hour each day until you're waist training 10-12 hours a day. If you start to feel uncomfortable, break it up into smaller increments throughout the day.

    Don't forget that an essential part of effective waist training is a healthy diet and exercise! We know you're busy, but trust us—if you can keep up the habit now, you'll thank yourself later. Be sure to have a workout band to make your workouts more effective.

    Month 2

    By now you should feel more comfortable wearing your waist trainer for long hours. You can expect to pull the cincher tighter this month, which is exciting because it means that it's working.

    You may be excited to start seeing noticeable results, but don't let that be an excuse to let up on your healthy lifestyle. Continue to stay hydrated around the clock—your body, skin and hair will benefit. How's the bridal party doing? Be sure to check in with one another.

    Month 3

    Waist training should feel almost second nature now! You'll notice that you're standing taller and feeling more confident because your posture is being corrected when you wear your waist trainer. This is great news for your wedding pictures! Keep up this habit and you'll naturally want to stand tall all the time.

    Month 4

    It's time to start serious countdown in the final weeks to the wedding! At this point, if you've been sticking to your healthy eating and exercise goals, you may have noticed that you need to size down your waist trainer. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new garment, which will likely be the one you wear on your Big Day. Make an event of out this milestone – celebrate a little bit with the girls!

    Month 5

    This month will be a whirlwind, so keep up the discipline with your waist training. Don't forget to keep up with your healthy diet and exercise in preparation for the big day! Be sure to have any final alterations on your dress (and the bridesmaid dresses!) completed so you can really rock it in your slim figure.

    And while you'll have plenty of wedding photos, don't forget to take an "after" waist training picture so you can see just how far you've come!

    We hope you find this timeline helpful as you prepare for your wedding! Make it a day you'll cherish forever…and hopefully you'll be in the habit of looking and feeling great no matter what the occasion.

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  • How To Find the Perfect Wedding Dress & Shapewear for Your Body Type

    Enhance your body type with your wedding dress and shapewear

    Bridal Gown & Shapewear Pairings

    If you're on the hunt for the dress, you have a lot of factors to consider. Before you even step foot into a bridal boutique, start by finding out the most flattering types of dresses for your body type. Then, go a step further and consider what kind of shapewear will work with your body and your dream dress.

    You'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle this way…so you can finally relax about the dress and move on to planning the rest of the wedding.

    Here are some suggestions that pair your body type with the ideal gown plus the ideal shapewear

    1. Rectangle Shape

    If you are tall and lean, with minimal curves, your ideal dress should help create curves. A gown with contouring seams can create an illusion of curves so that your silhouette looks more like an hourglass. You'll also benefit from a curve-boosting shaper like the Corselette by Amia, which pulls in your midsection while lifting your bust and your rear.

    1. Hourglass Shape

    With your coveted shape, you will want to emphasize that narrow midsection. Belts and other waistline details, as well as fit-and-flare looks can highlight your enviable curves. Your shaper should provide a smooth foundation for your midsection, rear and hips. The Vedette Gitta Strapless Bodysuit with Front Closure works beautifully with a number of hourglass styles.

    1. Inverted Triangle Shape

    If you have broad shoulders, the key to looking gorgeous walking down the aisle is finding balance in your shape. A voluminous skirt on your dress can do just that. If you're not interested in the ball gown look, you may want to try a flirty short dress instead. When it comes to shapewear, again focus on finding balance. Choose a garment that minimizes your waist and enhances your rear such as the Ann Chery Alexa High Compression Bodysuit.

    1. Apple Shape

    Your challenge as an apple shape is finding balance and creating more of a waistline. A-line cuts are always flattering, just be sure that the bottom half of your gown is balanced with the top. For shapewear, a waist-minimizing garment like the Satin & Lace Torsolette By Dominique will slim your middle dramatically.

    1. Pear Shape

    Curvy hips can look phenomenal in the right dress. Choose a cut that emphasizes your natural waist and draws attention to your top half for balance. You'll want shapewear that keeps your curvy hips and thighs smooth and under control, particularly if you choose a figure-hugging gown. We recommend the Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia.

    Remember that there's an ideal look for you. For more ideas, check out our bridal collection.

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  • Here Comes the…Shapewear

    Shapewear for wedding dresses.

    On your big day, the last thing you should be thinking about is what’s under your dress. You need reliable shapewear that supports, slims and smoothes so you can focus on what’s important. Here are 4 must-haves to keep you looking and feeling your very best.

    1. Goal: Conceal

    If your dress is on the slinky side, you need a lightweight layer that prevents show-through without adding bulk. This shaping slip by Va Bien smoothes your silhouette in barely-there style. Plus, it won’t bunch, shift or ride-up (especially key for the reception!) This must-have even lifts and enhances your bust.

    Smooth Solutions Slip by Va Bien

    1. Goal: Shape

    Shape and smooth from your torso to your mid-thigh with this sleek bodysuit. The underbust construction means you can pair it with your favorite bra. Adjustable and removable wide-width straps create a flawless fit and the feminine lace lays flat against your skin. Plus, it has a convenient bathroom opening—a critical detail, especially with full-skirt wedding dresses.

    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

    1. Goal: Style + Support

    This stunning style serves dual purposes: it creates a beautiful hourglass shape under your dress and doubles as jaw-dropping bridal lingerie for later than night. This longline convertible bustier is guaranteed to make you feel 100% sexy and look 100% unforgettable.

    Graceful Bride Longline Convertible Bustier by Va Bien

    1. Goal: Style + Conceal

    Hand-cut in Italy, this soft, low-rise microfiber thong provides minimal coverage for no panty lines. If you’re wearing a silky gown that clings to your figure, you'll want every inch of you to be flawless.

    Talco Low Rider Thong by Cosabella

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