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  • Interview: How this Customer Saw 'Drastic Results' from Her Waist Trainer—Even When She's Not Wearing It

    Suzie Waist Training Transformation

    Like all interior designers, Suzie has an eye for fashion. She's conscious of how she looks, especially when she's meeting with her clients. She decided to try waist training to firm her stomach and emphasize her hourglass curves – but it did so much more than that. Read our interview with Suzie to see how wearing a waist trainer gave her the confidence and motivation she needed to achieve her long-term weight-loss goals.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself.

    I am an interior designer; my favorite hobbies are cooking and doing art projects at home.

    1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

    My goals were to firm my stomach while still having a rounder bottom half. I like to enhance my overall look.

    1. What garments did you use, and why?

    I’ve used both the Squeem cincher and Clasica Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery. I started with the Squeem because I wanted something basic to start off with. I had such great results with that, so I asked someone at Hourglass to let me know what they thought a step up would be.

    1. What were your first impressions?

    The first time I wore it, I really liked how snug it was – it kept me very warm (always a plus!). At first, it was hard to sit all day but I got used to it. I had no idea that it would help limit how much I ate. But I figured that out right away, which made me keep track of how much I was eating at every meal. For the Ann Chery cincher, it was shocking to see how different it was that the non-latex type, it was much tighter on my ribcage and looser around my lower stomach.

    1. What was your waist training routine?

    I wore the a Squeem cincher for about 4-5 months, pretty much all day, every day. The Ann Chery, I’ve worn for nine weeks, 5-6 days a week, all day (except when sleeping).

    1. Did the waist trainer meet your expectations? How so?

    I can see drastic results. My body has always been more of an hourglass shape, so it really helped emphasize that. I get so happy because I’ve had people tell me they really like how my waist is cinched, and that’s been when I’m not wearing one! I lost 4 inches more than I expected!

    1. What were your diet and fitness habits during your waist training journey?

    For work, I walk anywhere between 4 to 7 miles a day. I don’t work out in any other way. I try to eat healthy or at the very least make healthier choices in my every day. If I had a very active week, I will indulge because I love food.

    1. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss or fitness?

    My biggest challenge is staying motivated, I’ve signed up a few times to go to the gym, but I really hate working out. Also, weight loss seems like such a long journey when you start, and that is very discouraging. I know that it can be done because I’ve done it before. It’s just hard to gather up all of the courage and will power to stick to something.

    These garments have given me so much encouragement! I feel great every day and they gave me the confidence to pursue my fitness goals further! I am now looking in to signing up for workout classes. I smile every day because of the changes I'm seeing in my body, thanks to my waist trainers.

    1. When did you start seeing results?

    At first I didn’t really notice much – it wasn’t until friends started to tell me. At about week 4, I saw a photo of week 1 and week 5, side by side, and I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!

    1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

    Yes—friends and family members both say my results have been drastic.

    1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

    I would tell them to definitely get one, but to also be realistic. It’s probably not going to help you long-term if you’re not being active or trying to moderate your diet. Although, I think that with prolonged use you will see changes regardless. But if you’re looking for real changes, you have to have a three sided plan: diet, exercise, and shapewear. Make sure to use it for at least 6 hours a day and to avoid having huge meals while wearing them because it can feel very restricting. I’m not saying that it’s like that every time you eat, but if you have a huge meal, you will feel it. Also, apply lotion before putting it on because it can dry out your skin. It dried out my skin, but I have really dry skin to begin with.

    Shop her style - best waist trainers

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  • Interview: Full-Time Nanny Shows How Waist Training Shrunk Inches from Her Waistline

    8-Week Waist Training Journey

    Desire is a full-time nanny who has always struggled with the obstacles of losing weight and exercising. But all that changed when she tried her first waist trainer, the Clasica by Ann Chery. As it turns out, it was psychological hurdles that she needed to get over. Once she put on her waist trainer and saw what her waistline could look like, she was motivated to reach her weight-loss goals. In our interview with Desire, she shares her experience and shows what's possible when you stick to a consistent waist-training routine. 

    1. Tell us a little about yourself.

    My name is Desire and I'm 24 years old. I'm a full-time nanny for three boys, from ages newborn to 7 years old. Some of my favorite things to do on my free time are shopping, drawing, baking and exploring new places.

    1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

    Through daily posts on social media of women shaping their body through this practice led me to try out waist training. Once I began waist training I started noticing some changes in my waist, lower stomach and back. With my lower stomach being my trouble area I found that waist training helped a lot.

    1. What garment did you use, and why?

      My first garment was the "Classica Latex Waist Cincher" by Ann Cherry. I did a lot of research before I purchased my first garment. I found that a lot of women were using any latex garment due to the fact that it makes you sweat more. Personally, I love the latex feeling because it's tight and doesn't more around. I also love this cincher because it comes with 3 bracket levels. As you begin to lose inches from your waist, your cincher becomes looser. With the 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures, I was able to find more use it in rather than purchase a new cincher every couple of months.
    2. What were your first impressions?

      Putting the garment on for the first day was the biggest struggle at first. My first thought was "oh great, I ordered the wrong size." When putting it on I found it helpful to buckle the first button on the top. I then fold up the bottom half of the waist trainer and buckle it from there. Once it was completely buckled I would then fold down the bottom half. After finally putting the trainer on, I felt like a million bucks. I loved how it enhanced my waist and how much slimmer I felt.
    1. What was your waist training routine?

    When I first started waist training, I only used it at the gym for about 1-1.5 hours a day. As I got comfortable I started using it 8 hours a day. During my 9-hour work days I would wear it under my clothing.

    6. Did the waist trainer meet your expectations? How so?

    My Classica Latex Cincher met my goals in just 2 months. In those 2 months I was ready to drop down to the level 2 bracket. My lifetime goal is to have a smaller waist. I mean, who doesn't want that? I found that using the cincher daily helped me reach those goals quicker.

    1. What were your diet & fitness habits during your waist training journey?

      My eating habits during waist training didn't change that much. I'm currently working on eating clean and watching what I put into my body. No fried foods, junk food or candy. I noticed when I first started this practice that I couldn't finish my food. After a few weeks of wearing the cincher my body started getting used to eating smaller amounts then I was used to. I also made sure that I was getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. That would include Zumba, walking, or weight lifting. I found that drinking lots of water helped too!

    2. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss or fitness?

    My entire life I struggled with weight-loss and fitness. I never was one to pay attention to portions or find a way to be active. My first garment mentally helped me feel better about myself. I started loving what I saw in the mirror when I had the garment on. It was like I couldn't go anywhere without my waist trainer on.

    1. When did you start seeing results?

    I started to see results in just 5-10 weeks. My waist started shrinking in inches and I noticed I was having better posture in my back. I also found that my lower stomach had less of a sag.

    1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

    I have had people comment on my change. They've said many things like "Have you lost weight?", and "Your waist is more curvy."

    1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

    For anyone who is thinking about trying out waist training I would encourage them 100% to do it. I know a lot of people who are unsure of this practice but you never know what something could do until you try it. There is as many critics as there are supporters. You can choose to be a critic and not see the results, or become a supporter and see the results on your own body. It's never too late to work on reaching your goals.

    Get started waist training

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  • 3 Daily Rituals to Stay Committed to Your Goals

    Stay committed to a healthy lifestyle with these motivating daily habits.

    It’s one thing to have a New Year’s Resolution that you half-heartedly stick to for a month or two. It’s an entirely different thing to be ALL IN to your commitment to change your lifestyle.

    Whether you’re waist training, eating healthier or improving your fitness (hopefully all three), being motivated for long-term change can be a challenge. That’s why one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself as part of your healthy lifestyle is to focus on what motivates you.

    Building simple habits into your daily routine that will help you stay motivated and committed to your goals is practical and powerful. Whatever your healthy lifestyle goals are, do these three things every day:

    1. Post your goals in a visible place

    What do you want to accomplish in the short-term? Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or change the wallpaper on your phone. Seeing that message first thing in the morning and throughout the day will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s also helpful to be specific about what truly motivates you. Visualize the goal. For example, instead of just “I want to fit into this dress by the end of the month,” try “I want to fit into this dress by the end of the month so I can dance in it at the wedding!”

    1. Prepare your back-up plans

    What if it rains the morning of your run? What if you don’t have time to come home for lunch? What if you’re obligated to go out to eat? Plan out your days and your weeks with ways to keep you on track when the unexpected happens. Have a workout video ready if the weather is bad. Keep some healthy snacks and meals on hand at work. Eat your main meal at home and have something light at the restaurant.

    1. Keep a daily journal

    It’s helpful to track what food you’ve been eating and to keep an exercise log, but take it one step further. At the end of each day, take one minute to answer the question: “Did I give it my all today?” If you didn’t, write down how you can do better tomorrow.

    That’s it! These steps may seem simple, but they work like a charm. Try it and see how powerful the mind can be when it comes to reaching your goals.

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  • 6 Quick Steps to Feeling Confident and Sexy

    Boost your self-image with these tips

    What does it mean to be sexy? You might think that it has to do with looking like a supermodel…but in reality, it has more to do with a state of mind.

    Self-confidence and body positivity are directly related to sex drive. Think about it: don’t you just feel sexier when you’re feeling great about yourself? Anyone can be sexy with the right state of mind. Here are quick tips that can transform confidence, starting now.

    1. Set the right foundation with the right intimates everyday

    Why save the good stuff for special occasions? You can greatly boost your self-confidence with a great wardrobe that flatters your body type. And every great wardrobe starts with the right foundations. Even if no one sees it, you will feel great if you love what’s on underneath. It can be something frilly and flirty if that’s your style, or it can be something that enhances your figure. The point is: it should be comfortable and make you feel good about yourself!

    1. Enhance your curves with waist trainers and butt-lifting garments

    If the Kardashians aren’t shy about using waist trainers and shapewear, why should you be? Even if you’re not naturally an hourglass shape, it is so easy to enhance your curves with minimal effort. Just try it, and watch your level of confidence and sexiness skyrocket. Most shapewear can be easily hidden underneath a variety of outfits, so nobody has to know your secret.

    1. Embrace yourself

    You are already amazing, exactly as you are. Learn to love yourself now, as opposed to ten pounds from now. Toss negativity out the window and embrace every inch of yourself, even if you are trying to get more fit.

    1. Accentuate the positive

    Do you know your best features? Choose outfits and accessories that flatter what you do have, rather than obsessing over what you don’t have. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

    1. Stay determined

    Focus on the long game. Remember that attitude is sexy, not a number on the scale. If you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, celebrate the small victories and don’t be discouraged when big changes take time. Focus on enjoying the journey rather than obsessing over your destination.

    1. Pamper yourself

    Nothing deflates the spirit more than constantly depriving yourself of the little luxuries in life. Have a cheat meal every now and then—and love every second of it. Give yourself permission to take time off and indulge in your favorite activities. Loving yourself—inside and out—is key to feeling great and portraying that sexy confidence. 

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  • Customer Favorites: Ann Chery Shapers / Hourglass Angel

    What people love about Ann Chery waist trainersWhy Everyone Needs Ann Chery in Their Closet

    When it comes to slimming down and particularly waist training, Ann Chery is the name everyone knows. This brand is a favorite among our customers for several reasons:

    • Quality materials and construction
    • Powerful slimming results
    • Wide variety of garment styles for outfit and occasion
    • Fun eye-catching colors and prints

    Ann Chery offers so many different shapers, it's hard to choose our favorites: waist trainers, workout bands, everyday cinchers, bodysuits, body wraps … the list goes on and on.

    Each of these styles will leave you looking sleek, slim and sexy in a snap. But don't take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying about Ann Chery:

    Ann Chery Workout Waist Trainer

    "I couldn't be more pleased with this item. I received it quickly and couldn't wait to put it on. I am 5'3" with not the longest torso. It fit perfectly. I wear it daily while working (under my clothes) and find it to be very comfortable, yet very very firm. The compression keeps things where they need to be. I have noticed it is becoming easier and easier to get this tight thing on. I have another row of hooks that will be the final phase of contouring my waist line. I can't wait. I love the results. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to minimize their waist. Not to mention the posture that you get when using a corset is priceless. I would order it again and again. Thanks Hourglass Angel."

    Great addition to my workout routine

    "This has been a great addition to my workout routine; not just because it makes me look so much better in my workout clothes, but it supports my back. I'm so glad that I made this purchase!" 

    Faja Deportiva 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer By Ann Chery

    Absolutely Worth It!

    "So I have been using this waist trainer for about 1.5 weeks and I have dropped 5 pounds already. I had been training for 2 weeks prior to that and I was not able to drop any weight. My waist is looking great! Definitely a must have!"

    Great product!

    "WOW what a difference this makes! It gives great back support for one; it also whittles my waist in. Right now I am up to 6 hours a day of wear. I am combining healthy eating and exercise as well."

    Ann Chery 2025 Clasica Waist Trainer

    Clasica Latex Waist Cincher By Ann Chery

    I love the latex cincher

    "I love the latex cincher 2025. It drastically holds everything in. It looks smooth under your shirt. And it gives me a shape that I never had. I've only had it for a week! I am certain if I continue wearing it, my waist will get smaller."

    Win Win!

    "I started with the work out waist trainer and moved on to Clasica Latex once my stomach slimmed down. I truly love this new waist trainer. I can wear it at night and wake up without any back problems and I can also wear it during the day to help my posture while I am working on the computer. It is comfortable and at the same time it is figure flattering!"

    Ann Chery Vest Waist Trainer 2027

    Love it!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

    "I got this because I have the exact same one without the straps and felt that with back and straps my back wouldn't show as wide. I've had the other one for 2 months but probably wore it for 20-25 days and this one for about 3 weeks. So far I've lost 6 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. I bought a workout Ann Chery waist trainer on eBay but it rolls down and doesn't stay firm like these. So now I'm only buying directly from Hourglass—that way I can ensure they're authentic."


    Do you have a favorite Ann Chery shaper? We want to know! Leave a comment below or add your review to the product page.

    Shop the collection

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  • How Customers Really Feel About Their Shapewear

    Does shapewear really work?

    How Customers Really Feel About Their Shapewear

    Honest Reviews on Waist Trainers, Shapers and More

    Thinking about getting into shapewear but not sure if you'll get dramatic results? Are you wondering what your waist cincher before and after pics might be like?

    Don't take our word for it. Here are genuine reviews from customers, describing what they love about shapewear and how these products works to enhance their curves.

    Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    A premium latex waist trainer that enhances any workout. It increases your perspiration while slimming the waist line at the same time.

    What our customers say:

    I love it love it love it!

    I put this on and instantly shaped my figure to the way I wanted it...I felt more confident and secure in my clothing. My muffin top wasn't visible any longer. My boyfriend gave me plenty of compliments which made it worth it even more.


    Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

     Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Amia

    An essential piece, giving everyday mid-weight shaping from the torso to the mid-thigh.

    Amazing product!!!!!

    This product is amazing! I put it on and it instantly took inches off my waist, hips and thighs! It allowed for the perfect slimming look for my formal evening wear and everyday wear! This product has made me a customer for life and I can't wait to try more items! I am so beyond pleased that I will never purchase shapewear from any other company and now my friends and family are hooked! Thanks Hourglass Angel for making me look as fabulous as I feel!

    —Shahana A.

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette

    Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette

    Offers the benefits of a waist-shrinking shaper while also boosting your backside. A special open-back design lifts and rounds your rear to make it look fuller and perkier.

    Well worth the money

    I've purchased a few products from this site and each product has delivered but this product delivered ON-TIME! I've been working out for months doing squat after squat to lift my rear. I decided to try the Alexandria because it was on sale and I figured if it didn't do the job I could use it as a shaper, well to my surprise IT WORKS. I haven't seen my butt this round and perky since my high school years.


    Celebrity Style Body Shaper By Leonisa 018674

    Celebrity Style Body Shaper by Leonisa

    This bodysuit ends just above the knee, taming the tummy and trimming the thighs and hips. It also provides control around the lower abdominal area and rear.

    Excellent Feeling

    I ordered my body shaper and it came just in good time I wore it the next day to a party it was so comfortable. I dance all night with it on.


    Vivian Strapless Boyshort Bodysuit With Front Closure

    Vivian Strapless Boyshort Bodysuit With Front Closure

    A stylish all-over shaper that slims the waist and hips while also lifting the rear.

    The Perfect Postpartum Shaper!

    I’ve had my bodysuit for almost two weeks and it works great! I just had my first child a little over three months ago and am in the process of trying to lose the excess weight I gained during my pregnancy. It’s been hard trying to find clothing to wear postpartum that’s not too baggy or too tight. I originally just wanted a corset, but realized that a corset wouldn’t necessarily cover my lower belly. I decided to try a bodysuit instead. This shaper cinches my waist perfectly! Before I made the purchase, I could not fit any of my pre-pregnancy clothes (only maternity wear which made me look frumpy). Once I got my shaper in the mail (just a few days after ordering) and tried it on, I could fit almost all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. About a week after wearing the bodysuit for 8-10 hours each day, I could fit those same jeans even without putting on the bodysuit (all without exercising or dieting)! Features that I love are the hook and eye front closure and the removable straps that allow me to wear the bodysuit with a variety of clothing styles. Initially, I was confused as to what size to order as my height/weight/measurements would put me under the L size, but closer to XL and my dress size is a 10 (XL). I ultimately went with size L and it fits perfectly. It did take a day or so to get used to the tightness of the shaper, but after wearing it for a while it became very comfortable. Overall, it was a great purchase as it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I love it and would absolutely purchase another!

    Does shapewear really work? What do you think? Let us know in the comments or leave a review on your favorite product to help other customers see the results they can experience!

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  • Hollywood Shapewear Secrets Revealed

    Celebrities Who Have Come Clean About Shapewear

    Do you ever wonder what celebrities' secrets are when they seem to defy nature and gravity on the red carpet? Celebrities are just as human as the rest of us, complete with bumps and dimples. You may be surprised to learn that celebrities regularly rely on shapewear, whether they're on the red carpet, filming or going on a family vacation! Here are a few notable celebrities who have come clean about their shapewear.

    Oprah Winfrey


    Oprah has admitted she loves shapewear panties so much she wears them every day. In fact, she's given up regular panties altogether!

    Jennifer Lawrence


    At the premier of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, this star wasn't shy about showing off a bodysuit under her stunning gown! She openly embraces the fashion magic that shapewear provides.

    Gwyneth Paltrow


    She's already incredibly slender, but Gwyneth Paltrow has openly talked about how she loves how shapewear can "squeeze you in." 

    Jennifer Garner


    In a word, Jennifer Garner simply calls it "Bra-lellujah." See what she says

    Tyra Banks


    Surprised that even a supermodel uses shapewear? Don't be! Tyra says, "You put ‘em on, it sucks you up, baby. No matter what red carpet, I got ‘em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it’s like, ‘palow!"

    Read More
  • The Brand New You! Show Us Your Before and After Shapewear Silhouettes.


    Confident. Cool. Smooth. There’s nothing like the boost you get when you put on your favorite piece of shapewear. Your clothes fit better and you feel better. You stand a little taller. You know for sure that you look your very best. That experience is the reason we started Hourglass Angel.

    Every day customers tell us how great they feel in our shapewear. Now we want you to SHOW US! Grab a camera and you favorite piece of shapewear. Show us your before and after looks. We want a peek at the confidence that you take with you when you wear your favorite garment. Submit your pictures to We’ll choose one VERY lucky winner to receive a surprise gift and feature your beautiful figure in our social media.

    We can’t wait to see the brand new you. So snap a pic and you could win a prize!

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  • The Hourglass Within: Curves For Every Body Shape

    A couple of posts on our Facebook page from this week sparked an interesting discussion. A study recently made the rounds in the press showing that there were far more shapes of women than often thought. Notably (and hysterically), broccoli and butternut squash were added to the list. It’s worth mentioning that we have always known that women come in sizes and shapes a lot more complicated than apple and pear. It’s also worth noting that no matter what shape of woman you are now, you contain within you the potential for an hourglass... your own special hourglass.

    We wanted to share an example of this idea of the unique hourglass. Check out this image of Nicki Minaj. Nicki is a natural pear shape. Her bust and waist are proportionally small compared to her hips and bottom: the classic beautiful pear. However, her shapewear inspired bodysuit (and, we suspect, cincher) enhance her figure, while following the lead of her natural body type. And this brings home a point that is crucial when talking about shapewear. Nicki isn’t changing who she is in this image. She is amplifying it. You needn’t completely erase your natural shape (whatever that is) to highlight your hourglass curves. Whatever your shape is, there is a body shaper that is perfect to find your beautiful curves and show them off.

    And that’s just what we’re here to do!

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  • Tyra Takes on Shapewear!

    We really like this video from which gives Tyra Banks' unique, funny and candid take on shapewear. If you're like us, you might feel good knowing that even models like Tyra utilize shapewear to sculpt their bodies and get ready for big events. Check it out!
    Shapewear -- powered by
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