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  • What to Expect When Wearing a Postpartum Waist Training Corset


    Postpartum waist training tips

    New moms are discovering a secret to slimming down their post-baby bodies quickly and effectively: daily waist training.

    Celebrities and everyday women alike are showing off their post-baby figures at the gym, on social media, and even dressed in casual clothes.

    Note that your body should be completely healed from childbirth before you start wearing a high compression waist trainer (prior to this we suggest a gentler post delivery girdle or even a post-surgical girdle). A good indicator is when your physician gives you the go-ahead to start exercising again.

    Your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy, so reshaping your figure is going to take time and dedication to a healthy lifestyle and wearing a corset every day. If you think waist training is a good fit for you as a new mom, here are several things to expect when you get started.

    It Will Feel Very Tight

    Many women can be quite surprised when they try on a waist trainer for the first time. It should feel very snug, will trim a couple of inches from your waist measurement, and will hold your back in a very straight posture. You may even be tempted to think that it’s too small. However, these are all signs that it is working just the way it is supposed to.

    A waist trainer that is too small will be very difficult to get on. When you try on a waist trainer, fasten it at the narrowest part of your waist, working your way from the bottom up and pulling the garment down over your lower abdomen as you go.

    While it will feel tight, you shouldn’t have to yank on the hooks or pinch any part of your body. Severe discomfort is not normal. If you have trouble breathing, take off the garment. Otherwise, if it fits and creates a flattering hourglass silhouette, you’re good to go!

    It Will Take Time to Adjust

    After seeing the results for the first time, you may be tempted to keep your waist trainer on forever. But we recommend that you ease your way into a routine gently. Your body will need some time to adjust to the way it feels, and the garment will need to be broken in as well.

    Start out wearing your waist trainer for just an hour or two, and then slowly add a half hour to an hour every day after that. Once you’re up to several hours a day, you may even want to break it up into a couple of sessions. You should be comfortable with wearing your waist trainer every day for at least eight hours once you’ve been incrementally adding more time for a few weeks.

    Everyone’s Results Vary

    Women want to know: how long before they see results? That can largely depend on where you start from. If you’re still just a few weeks out from birth and still have a lot of baby weight to lose, you might see some drastic results in just a few weeks. If it has been a few months since you delivered the baby, or if you’ve already shed a lot of your baby weight, your results might not be as drastic.

    There are a variety of other factors that affect your results, including your lifestyle. If you are working hard to stay active and eat nutritious food in sensible portions, you can be sure your hard work is going to pay off. Other factors that can affect your results are your natural body size and shape, your skin’s elasticity, and how dedicated you are to your waist training practice.

    We strongly encourage everyone who tries waist training to keep track of their own results—so you’re really only competing against yourself. Take photos of yourself as you progress, as well as waist measurements. When you compare where you are to where you’ve been, it can be very motivating to see your progress. Remember it’s not a race; be proud of however far you’ve come!

    You Can Customize Your Fit As You Go

    We get a lot of sizing questions about waist trainers, which is great because using the right size is critical if you want to get the best results. Some women wonder if they should order a smaller size if they have drastic goals.

    Our answer to most sizing questions is this: take accurate measurements and follow each garment’s sizing chart. Do not ever get a size smaller than you measure. As you progress towards your slimming goals, remember that most waist trainers are designed to be able to size down with you; in fact, that’s part of the fun. Being able to tighten your waist trainer to the next row of hooks is a reason to celebrate, and ordering a whole size smaller once you’ve sized down is a reward in itself.

    If you plan on losing a significant amount of weight during your waist training journey, you may want to consider a waist trainer that is even more customizable. Three rows of hooks give you more rooms to be able to tighten the same garment; while lace-up corsets and even Velcro closures can be adjusted as tight as you need them.

    If you’re considering the ways you can work on working off the baby weight, waist training might be just the thing you’re looking for.  Not only will it help you stay motivated and help you reach your goals in the long run, but you’ll start looking slimmer immediately, as waist trainers pull in your waist and eliminate muffin top and love handles simply by putting them on. While you will undoubtedly be busy and tired taking care of your new little one, we think that waist training is a no-brainer for the new mom. You’ve worked hard to bring life into the world and care for it; do yourself a favor so that you can look great, feel great, and be the best mom you can be.

    Be sure to ask our team of expert stylists if you have any questions about sizing or style. We’d be happy to help!

    Styles for the waist training mom

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  • A New Mom's Guide to Shapewear & Waist Training

    Shapewear Guide for New Moms

    Creating a new life is a beautiful thing. But unfortunately, most women are unhappy with their bodies—and a lot of times it’s because of the weight gain, the stretch marks and other changes that come with pregnancy.

    A lot of new moms turn to shapewear and waist training after pregnancy as a way to boost their confidence. Obviously, we are in favor of that and we want to provide you with the inspiration to feel great about yourself. But before we delve into some ideas to inspire you, there’s one caveat: true confidence and beauty starts from the inside out. We hope you love and embrace your post-pregnancy body no matter what stage you’re at, because your body has done a miraculous thing. True beauty has no size or number on the scale.

    Having said that, shapewear and waist trainers are a fast, simple and effective way to enhance your natural beauty and confidence—not to mention be a part of your health and fitness journey after baby.

    So if you’re ready to take control of your health and feel great about yourself, here are the best tips to help you get started. We’ve included inspiration from celebrities who embrace their post-baby bodies and have unabashedly used shapewear to help them do it. Use this guide to inspire and motivate your personal journey.

    Crash Course in Postpartum Waist Training

    If you’re not up to speed on this method, a waist trainer is a waist-cinching garment that instantly slims your waistline while you wear it and can be used in conjunction with your post-baby weight loss journey.

    New moms love waist trainers because they conceal the “baby pooch” while they get back into shape—they also improve posture while you wear them and provide great motivation to eat well and work out.

    For a waist trainer to be most effective, you should aim to wear it daily for at least eight hours. While we recommend the gentle compression of a postpartum belly binder for the first several weeks postpartum, you can switch to a firm compression everyday waist trainer once the initial swelling following childbirth has decreased (check with your doctor).

    If you’ve never worn a waist trainer before, you might be surprised by just how tight it feels when you first put one on. But as long as there’s no pain or pinching, there’s no cause for alarm—it just means that it’s working! The firm compression will stimulate thermal activity in your core and help your midsection sweat more.

    Daily waist training requires an adjustment period, so we recommend that you start out wearing your garment for an hour or two a day at first, slowly adding a little more at a time. You should be able to wear a waist trainer for 8–12 hours a day after about 3 or 4 weeks of dedicated wear.

    We also recommend using a workout band during your fitness routines in addition to your everyday waist trainer. You’ll find that you’ll maximize the effectiveness of your workouts by sweating hard—which is what you want in order to effectively lose weight! Be sure you’re doing extensive core-strengthening exercises to make the most out of your workouts.

    Most waist trainers are constructed with 2–3 rows of hook-and-eye closures so that you can size down as you slim down. If you’re in the early postpartum period and still have a lot of weight to lose, you might prefer three rows so that you have more room to size down. Always make sure that your waist trainer is properly sized. If all goes well, you may need to order a smaller one after a few months.

    Get the Look: Celebrity Mom Waist Training Inspiration

    The stars are unashamed when it comes to waist training, and why wouldn't they be? In additional to all the belly-shrinking benefits, waist trainers are seriously hot! Here are our favorite looks (and how you can imitate them).

    1. Kim Kardashian and the Workout Band

    Kim Kardashian Waist Training Ann Chery

    This pic is almost iconic now: the blue workout band on this mama with those incredible curves. You can imitate Kim’s look with the Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026

    1. Jessica Alba and the Waist Cincher

    Jessica Alba waist training corset

    Jessica wasn’t shy admitting that she loved wearing waist trainers to help her maintain that tiny waist after baby. You can get her look with the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia.

    Other big names rumored to love their waist trainers after pregnancy include Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Crash Course in Postpartum Shapewear

    In addition to waist-slimmers, new moms also love the variety of body-shaping options available. Unlike waist training, you don’t need to follow a regimen to get the most out of other shapewear. Instead, we recommend you understand your body type and focus on getting shapers that target your specific trouble spots. Here are some suggestions for different target areas:

    1. Tummy-slimming: besides waist trainers and corsets, you can create a smooth midsection with shaping camis.
    1. Butt-enhancing: to add some more curves to your backside, try butt-lifting shapers and panties.
    1. Bust support: to enhance and support your breasts, try cincher vests, which also work as waist trainers. You might also enjoy braless shaping tanks and camis.
    1. Thigh-slimming: Control your thighs and hips, while eliminating muffin top with thigh-slimming shapers.
    1. All-over enhancement: for special occasions you might love the all-over support and slimming you get from full-body shapers.

    Get the Look: Celebrity Mom Shapewear Inspiration

    It’s no secret that celebrities loooooove their Spanx. Here’s how you can pull off some of their stunning styles:

    1. Tyra Banks: “You put 'em on, it sucks you up, baby.”

    Tyra Banks in shapewear

    Try these: High Waist Spandex Shorts by Spanx

    1. Carrie Underwood: Her secrets? “A stylist and Spanx!”

    Carrie Underwood in Shapewear

    Try these: High Waist Control Panties by Spanx

    1. Tina Fey: “Spanx are a gift from God.”

    You may recall her hilarious strip-down to her Spanx as she said farewell to David Letterman. No shame!

    Tina Fey in Shapewear

    Try these: Tummy Control Shorts for Everyday Wear by Spanx

    We hope this guide has gotten you motivated and inspired to embrace your post-baby body and boost your confidence! Be sure to check out more tips on our blog or contact our customer service team to guide you through your post-baby slim-down journey.

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  • It’s Possible: Postpartum Slimming Secrets from Real Moms

    How to slim down postpartum using belly binding wraps

    Okay, mamas: belly binding—have you done it? This is an ancient practice that is used around the world, so it’s a little surprising that many modern women aren’t even aware of it.

    It’s pretty simple: using a specially designed wrap, you provide gentle compression around your abdomen in the days and weeks following childbirth. It provides support as your body heals and also helps you get your figure back!

    Don’t take our word for it; check out these real stories from real women who used Belly Bandit products postpartum.

    Post partum slimming review

    “This is me 5 days after giving birth vs. today, 19.5 weeks later. I honestly felt really good about myself in the first two pics! I felt sexy and confident and that’s what matters as you let your body heal from the crazy and amazing transformation it’s gone through. I used a belly Bandit which helped a lot and started out walking right away - but more importantly, I maintained a positive outlook on how my body looked after giving birth. I am thrilled with how I look today but I was also grateful for where I was at then.”

    Post partum weight loss secrets

    “39weeks pregnant VS 1 week postpartum. I’m using Bamboo #BellyBandit belly binder which helps me survive my first week of recovery.

    It helps lessen the pain soooo much as it keeps my incision safely compressed so I don’t use much of the muscles when I move about. It feels completely different without one and wearing one.

    I’d say it’s a post-pregnancy essential!”” Getting your pre-baby bod back

    “This is me at 37 weeks pregnant on the left and 1 month postpartum on the right. I swear by the Bamboo Belly Bandit and would recommend it to any of my friends who are expecting!!! It helped with my abdominal separation and I just loved the support it gave me and I didn’t feel so loose around my mid section…”

    New mom weight loss

    “This is the photo that I show every mom who is considering purchasing a post partum wrap. I truly believe that using the belly bandit didn’t only help support my abdomen after giving birth to my son, but it helped my muscles come back together quickly. I love how it held everything in. I used the belly bandit BFF every day and night for 6 weeks, and had spectacular reslults. Pic 1 was after 3 weeks of using the belly bandit, #2 was 20 weeks post partum!! So happy with my results. I can’t wait to use Belly Bandit products for my next baby, due in 5 weeks!”

    Weight loss secrets

    “This is the photo that I show every mom who is considering purchasing a post partum wrap. I truly believe that using the belly bandit didn’t only help support my abdomen after giving birth to my son, but it helped my muscles come back together quickly. I love how it held everything in. I used the belly bandit BFF every day and night for 6 weeks, and had spectacular reslults. Pic 1 was after 3 weeks of using the belly bandit, #2 was 20 weeks post partum!! So happy with my results. I can’t wait to use Belly Bandit products for my next baby, due in 5 weeks! “

    Post partum journey

    “ My name is Becca and I ( like other ladies before me) am super grateful for the belly bandit wrap! The results left me completely floored! The middle picture I sent was my pregnancy shot at 38 weeks. I had my (third) daughter a week later. I really wish I had known about the belly bandit when I was pregnant with my first. It took me months to get my belly back, whereas this helped me get my belly back just a few short weeks later! The top picture is my 7 weeks post baby shot. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I’m telling all of my pregnant friends about this!!!”

    Shop the collection

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  • 12 Must-Do Postpartum Waist Training & Fitness Tips

    Hourglass Angel postpartum fitness and waist training advice

    Ready to get back in shape, mama? If you've been wondering how to use waist training as part of your postpartum shape-up, then look no further. Here are twelve simple ways for new moms to get back in shape after baby.

    1. Start with a postpartum belly wrap after birth.

    You can begin postpartum belly binding almost immediately after childbirth, even while you're still in the hospital. A postpartum belly wrap provides gentle compression as your body heals. Women have been using this practice around the world for centuries to provide support during the recovery process.

    1. Drink lots of water.

    Following the birth, your body will be flushing out all the extra fluid it has been carrying, but it will still need to take in a lot. In fact, a lot of women find that they're very thirsty after birth! You might be tempted to grab the caffeine when you're so exhausted, but try to resist the urge. You should keep up staying hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water a day throughout your postpartum recovery — and beyond!

    1. Try to rest.

    Everyone knows that it's really difficult to get rest with a newborn around, but you should at least try. Nap when the baby naps and get a lot of help. Don't push yourself too hard for at least the first 6 weeks postpartum.

    1. Start exercising when you get your doc's approval.

    Once you've passed the 6 week mark, ask your doctor if you are approved to start exercising. You may have to wait a bit longer if you've had a C-section.

    1. Eat well from the start.

    Even if you're trying to lose weight, your body needs nutritious food during this period. Get a healthy balance of carbs, proteins and fats—and don't hesitate to ask your doctor for guidance! Stock up on small, healthy whole food snacks like unsweetened yogurt, fruit, raw veggies, nuts, etc.

    1. Use a workout band.

    Once you're healed up and you get the go-ahead to exercise, a workout band can provide slimming and support during your workouts. Here are some exercises to get your started.

    1. Work up your intensity.

    Start out slow in your workouts—you know your body best. Slowly increase the intensity while you build your strength and stamina. In the long run you should aim for workouts five days a week, 30 minutes each day. Get a good mix of cardio and strength training.

    1. Wear a waist trainer daily.

    In addition to your workout band, you'll love the shaping and support you'll get from an everyday waist trainer. You can wear one under just about anything and conceal the baby weight while you're working it off.

    1. Increase waist trainer use gradually.

    Start out wearing your waist trainer for an hour or two the first day, and then gradually add a little more time each day. You can break it up into smaller sessions if desired. For the best results we recommend you aim to wear your cincher at least 8 hours a day.

    1. Get active with your baby.

    It can be difficult to meet your fitness goals with your little one in tow, so get creative about how to bring them along. You can do a lot of stretches and workout mat exercises with your little one right next to you. Invest in a jogging stroller and go for walks and runs. See if there are any stroller fitness classes offered in your community. Or you can always find a gym that offers childcare.

    1. Size down your waist trainer!

    One of the most exciting parts about a waist training journey is the day when you discover that your first waist trainer is too loose, even when it's fastened its tightest! Celebrate by treating yourself to a smaller size and keep up the good work.

    1. Take progress photos and share them.

    If you stick to a healthy lifestyle and a dedicated waist training plan, you are going to love the results and should share them to inspire your friends! We'd love to see your stories as well so be sure to tag us on Instagram @hourglass_angel #BeTheHourglass.

    Styles for the waist training bride

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  • How and When to Start Postpartum Belly Binding

    Postpartum belly binding for new moms

    How and When to Start Postpartum Belly Binding

    If you're pregnant or you've recently had a baby, you're probably wondering: "When am I going to get my body back?"

    Don't be misled by a few celebrities who appear to bounce back the next day. It took nine months for your body to change, so it will take time to go back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

    Fortunately, there is a way to get that pre-baby silhouette back after childbirth, while also ensuring your body is healing naturally and comfortably on its own. Whether you deliver naturally or by C-section, belly binding and waist training are time-tested ways to help you regain your tummy's shape.

    Postpartum belly binding is often considered another form of waist training. It all depends on who you ask and which garments you're using. In general, we don't recommend using an ultra-high compression corset in the days immediately following childbirth. It can be very uncomfortable and put a lot of pressure on your abdomen. What's more, you will probably size down very quickly in the first few weeks as your body naturally flushes out the fluids it has been retaining, so you would need to get a smaller size garment relatively quickly.

    Instead, we recommend that new moms use belly wraps and everyday waist trainers that are designed especially for the postpartum body. Here are the features of postpartum girdles that differ from waist trainers:

    • Gentle fit: you can adjust your girdle or waist trainer to a perfect and comfortable fit, whether you're one day or several weeks post delivery.
    • Gentle compression: A postpartum waist trainer provides enough pressure to support your weak abdominal muscles as they heal, without restricting your breathing or putting two much pressure on delicate areas. This is especially important if you are healing from a C-section.
    • Comfortable materials: Postpartum belly wraps and waist trainers are soft to touch and typically use a cotton so you'll enjoy maximum comfort.

    Wondering how and when to start postpartum belly binding? You can do it from day one following your delivery. You may find that it provides immediate comfort and support during an otherwise uncomfortable time when your body is adjusting post-pregnancy.

    In the weeks that follow, adjust your garment so that it is always providing compression as your belly shrinks. Speak to your doctor about when you should start working out again – in many cases, you don't want to do any abdominal exercises during those delicate weeks when your core muscles are healing and regaining your shape.

    Not only will a postpartum belly binder support your body as you heal, you'll find that you start fitting in to non-maternity clothes much sooner! That can be a huge confidence boost during a period when you're probably going to feel exhausted taking care of a newborn.

    Generally, once you get the go-ahead from you doctor, you can start exercising again at about six weeks after childbirth. We recommend that you continue wearing the garment until you're feeling more like yourself, about two or three months after childbirth. By then you might not have lost all of the baby weight, but the postpartum girdle will be looser. This is a great time to then switch to a high-compression waist trainer.

    As with waist training, postpartum belly binding is most effective if you're eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and staying active—again, with the approval from your doctor.

    Remember, after childbirth, the female body needs many months to get back to its pre-baby shape. But by wearing the right postpartum shapewear, you can create the appearance of an instantly slimmer waistline and increase your comfort, too.

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  • How To: Waist Training After Pregnancy | Hourglass Angel

    Tips for waist training after pregnancy

    How to Waist Train After Pregnancy with Postpartum Trainers

    One of the burning questions new moms face is, "When am I going to get my body back?"

    Your body has worked hard growing a baby for nine months, and it's only natural to want to regain your pre-baby fitness level and shape. Waist training after pregnancy is a simple way to get you on track to getting into the shape you want to be in.

    Here are our top tips on how to use postpartum waist trainers so that you're feeling like yourself again in no time:

    1. Start with gentle support.

    Following a natural birth or a C-section, your body has been through a lot of trauma. Now is not the time for a super tight steel-boned corset! We recommend using a postpartum wrap designed especially for those tender weeks following birth. It will provide the support your midsection needs as your abdominal muscles heal. Compression shorts also feel great, as they will help support your hips and pelvic floor muscles.

    1. Support your workouts.

    Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor (usually around 6 weeks postpartum), exercise is essential to strengthen all of those weakened muscles in your core, as well as to burn away the extra fat that your body accumulated during pregnancy to support your growing baby. Using a workout band is a fabulous way to intensify those workouts and help you maintain good posture. Be sure to balance strength training with cardio (we've got some great videos that can help you get started!)

    1. Gradually increase your time waist training.

    In addition to a workout band, we recommend using an everyday waist trainer that you can wear under your outfits. These can especially be a huge help if you're going back to work so you can fit into your pre-baby clothes sooner!  Start with just an hour or two a day and slowly increase the time you wear your waist trainer each day—up to about 10 hours a day.

    1. Size down when needed.

    Cinchers are designed to adjust to your changing body. As your midsection sizes down, pull the clasps tighter. Eventually you will probably need a size smaller—and that is cause to celebrate!

    1. Complement waist training with a healthy diet.

    We hope this goes without saying, but you're really working against yourself if you're not eating well during your waist training. Plus, you're not doing your recovering body any favors. We know it's hard when you have a newborn to care for, but make it a priority to prepare healthy meals with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Use whole ingredients and avoid processed meals; limit caffeine and alcohol as well. Before long you'll be looking great and feeling great—helping you be the best mom you can be.

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  • Gift Guide for the New Mom—Hourglass Angel

    New mom gifts: Hourglass Angel fitness products will be adored and used by the new mom-to-be.


    Baby Shower Gifts for the New Mom

    New mom gifts are a lot of fun to shop for—after all, those little onesies and socks are so adorable! But have you thought about what mama herself might want? Besides a backrub…get her something that will help her regain her figure (and her self-confidence) after pregnancy!

    Shapewear is the perfect way to mix it up and help her feel great after birth. Here is our most popular postpartum shapewear at Hourglass Angel, which is sure to be a hit:

    Post Delivery Girdle by Underworks

    1. Post Delivery Girdle by Underworks

    Following childbirth, new moms need gentle support as their bodies heal. Postpartum belly wrapping is a time-honored tradition practiced in cultures around the world (it's surprising that not everyone does it!). This twelve inch elastic band provides gentle pressure to the abdominal area and fits easily around post-baby bellies. The Velcro closure panel allows you to adjust it as your body changes.


    1. Classic Waist Cincher by Amia

    Once past the initial postpartum period, new moms will want to start providing firmer compression as they continue on their journey to their pre-pregnancy shape. We recommend regular use of a waist trainer like the Classic Waist Cincher by Amia. This best-selling waist-shrinking garment is the ultimate everyday midsection shaper. Wear it under almost anything with the bra and panty styles of your choice.


    1. Ann Chery Latex Waist Shaper Vest

    For extra support, especially for breastfeeding mamas, a vest-style waist trainer is ideal. This latex shaper vest uses firm compression shapewear technology that smooths your figure and visibly reduces inches from the waist, abdomen, and the back while you wear it. It is supported with two reinforced columns of hook and eye closures down the center of the abdomen.


    1. Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia

    Of course, and active lifestyle goes a long way in helping mamas regain their shape! This workout band is designed especially for use during exercise, to maximize the intensity and help you reach your fitness goals. (Can we add that it pairs perfectly with a jogging stroller?)


    1. Corselette by Amia

    Sometimes a mama just needs to look glamorous. This beautiful shaper will instantly make you look and feel sexy—perfect for boosting confidence at any special event. The Amia corselette hugs your hips, supports your bust, and slims your waist, all in one elegant package.


    1. Amp Your Curves Waist Training Gel

    New moms can see dramatic results with daily waist training—but you can assist that process even further with this specially formulated gel. It targets imperfections around your waist, hips, and thighs with powerful, clinically proven body contouring ingredients, so moms can feel more confident in their own skin.

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  • 3 Must-Have Postpartum Shapers

    Essential Shapewear for New Moms 

    Summer is just around the corner, and if you're a new mom that means it's time to get lots of fresh air and some pool or beach time with your little one. This is definitely not the time to feel insecure about your post-pregnancy body.

    Here are three must-have shaping items every new mom should have in her closet. Having these on hand will help you get that pre-pregnancy body back and help you feel comfortable and confident no matter where you go this summer.

    Essential shaping garments for new moms

    1. Original Belly Bandit

    Postpartum wrapping is a no-brainer way to visibly reduce a swollen belly and aid your body in its recovery. Designed exclusively with the postpartum body in mind, the Belly Bandit provides gentle, adjustable compression to reduce water retention and help pull in loose tissue. It looks great under almost anything – making everyone wonder where that baby belly went.

    Look and feel great for summer with postpartum shapers

    1. Post-Pregnancy Hip Slimming Corset by HipSlimmer

    If you're eager to fit back into your normal size pants and shorts, losing the baby weight isn't your only obstacle. Thanks to the pregnancy-induced hormone called relaxin, you may find that your hip joints got pretty loose during the pregnancy and your stance is a bit wider as a result. This hip compression belt helps gently guide your hips back into place, taking advantage of the relaxin that remains in your system postpartum, keeping your joints malleable. Get back into your favorite clothes (in comfort) in no time.

    Look and feel great for summer with postpartum shapers

    1. Stretch Nursing Tank Top By Yummie By Heather Thomson

    A great shaping cami is essential in every woman's wardrobe, whether you're new mom or not. So if you're a nursing mom, this is the perfect garment as it provides support for your breasts, slimming and smoothing all over, and easy access for nursing or hands-free pumping. It's the natural choice whether you want to layer over it or use it on its own.

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  • The Truth About Waist Training and Pregnancy

    Maternity shapewear tips

    Shaping and Supporting Your Midsection Before, During and After

    Do you love waist training, but are concerned about how safe it is before, during and after pregnancy? The time you're trying to conceive, the pregnancy itself, and the postpartum period are all vital times for your health and your baby's health. Learn the truth about waist training and your reproductive health so that you can feel confident about your shapewear decisions at every stage.

    1) Waist training before pregnancy

    Whether you want to get pregnant in the near future or later, there is no evidence that waist training causes any difficulty with conceiving. Have you ever heard it promoted as an effective method of birth control? Of course not. Consider the Western women of the 19th century who wore corsets regularly from the time they were adolescents. Many of them had no problem getting pregnant 10 or more times over the courses of their lifetimes!

    You can safely wear a great waist trainer like the Cincher by Amia for your routine, even if you want to get pregnant at some point. For optimum health, be sure to continually eat nutritious foods and do regular core-strengthening exercises. When you do become pregnant, you'll be in the habit of taking care of yourself and will have a strong body ideal for carrying a baby.

    2) Shapewear during pregnancy

    Once you confirm that you're pregnant, we recommend switching out your favorite waist trainers for maternity shapewear. You'll want to give your belly room to expand, but you can still wear garments that will support your abdomen and back and help you look smooth and fabulous. Maternity bands, tops and shaping panties are all safe options for this exciting stage. And while you're at it, don't forget to get some quality maternity bras!

    3) Postpartum belly binding

    Once you've given birth, you might be eager to get back into your waist training regimen. Women have been using postpartum binding techniques for centuries in cultures around the world. Binding can help reduce swelling and may help guide your uterus and internal organs back into their proper place. Talk to your physician to get the green light before trying postpartum binding, particularly if you had a difficult delivery or c-section.

    For effective and safe postpartum binding, choose an adjustable garment designed to provide comfortable compression during those tender weeks following childbirth. The Original Belly Bandit is a great option to help you heal. Once you've completely recovered and you've cleared your follow-up appointment with your physician, you can safely transition back to your regular waist trainers once you're ready.

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  • Tame Your Midsection Once and For All

    Get The SHAPE


    If you're like a lot of women, some of the most frustrating problem areas in your figure are probably around your waist. This is especially true if you've been pregnant, but even if you haven't, you might still battle with your midsection, day after day.

    Few things can be more frustrating than trying to look fashionable and attractive when you're combating an uncooperative tummy, sides and back! But you don't have to give in to "love handles" and "muffin top." We have four fabulous midsection garments designed to shrink your waistline, so you'll always look smooth and slender around the middle – and maybe even drop a couple of sizes!


    1. Cincher by Amia

    There's a reason this waistline-targeting garment is one of our bestsellers. Wear it and instantly benefit from a flatter tummy and a smooth and trim midsection all the way around, from below the bust to your hip bone. You may be able to wear a size or two smaller just by putting it on. Using Amia's signature PowerLatex fabric, it provides all day firm control, while FlexiBoning ensures unbeatable comfort. While you're wearing it, compression technology works to stimulate thermal activity and perspiration.

    2. Black Cashmere Underbust Corset

    When it comes to controlling your waist, it doesn't get much more classic – or effective – than a corset. This customer-favorite corset provides maximum compression all the way around the torso for an all-day tall and lean look. Adjustable lacing ensures a perfect fit every time, while steel boning keeps your figure firmly in place all day long. Customer's favorite garment to use for waist training, simply tighten the laces as you size down.

    3. Vest by Amia

    Unbeatable compression technology meets ultimate comfort and support with Amia's popular vest. Slim your midsection dramatically in a snap when you put on this maximum strength shaper, complete with PowerLatex fabric. The vest's design ensures full coverage and support up the back and over the bra line. As with all of our maximum strength midsection shapers, instantly notice a reduction of 1-3 inches in the midsection.

    4. Compression Panty Shaper

    For no-fail tummy flattening, this panty shaper provides slimming and coverage from above the waist to down over your pelvis, which is particularly effective at taming your lower abdomen or love handles in the back. Maximum compression ensures that you'll enjoy a smooth and slim silhouette from from your hips up to below the bust.

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